Mental Tension: 5 Unrevealed Facts

Have white ants of tension started assuming your mind the wooden stuff? Don't let these termites control and rule over you. Know 5 interesting eye-openers about mental tension.
Mental tension related unrevealed facts with quote and cartoon of shocked and stressed girl on computer by Sneha
Tension Quote: "Be mentally strong, otherwise tensions will make you strongly mental!"
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5 Myths and Facts about Mental Tension


When these termites start to rule on your brain and take your focus away, take this as an alarm and wake up to fight and change the situation.

Just like the maintenance of any wooden structure needs to be done time-to-time, we humans also need to take care of our brain if tension termites keep coming in to make it hollow from inside.

Tension is good only to some extent. We can’t let anything (especially a bug like tension) rule our brain completely as our entire body is controlled by our mind. The brain goes, the body goes. If you allow tensions to make your mind become its home, the diseases get an automatic pass to reside in your body.

Understand and know how to reduce tension in stressful conditions. Below are 5 interesting eye-openers to make you understand this mental tension that can invite dreaded diseases to your body.

Tensions and Stress Increase Capacity to Fight in Adverse Situation, So Aren’t They Good?

To understand the real fact about tension, one needs to know the mechanism of how our system responds when we are under stress. Know below, what this tension bug is all about.

What is Tension?

Tension is a way of responding to a state, feeling, or emotion of threat or damage. Our nervous system works differently when we are stressed, considering it an emergency situation. Our body produces hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, etc which helps us respond with more energy, focus, alertness, strength, and stamina. One fights or flights in such a state and performs mobilization. This works positively if one acts in a controlled way.

What is Chronic Tension?

If it gets difficult to control tension for someone or if a person starts to take stress in all small-small day-to-day problems, it leads to Chronic Tension. This is a harmful state where a person’s nervous system does not distinguish well between life-or-death situations and day-to-day stressors.

The Bottom Line: Taking Tension is Good or Bad?

The answer lays in the difference between tension and chronic tension.

Tension is a natural state that helps to fight actively in life-threatening situations. You can do nothing to remove it completely if it’s about such a critical case that can be addressed as an emergency situation.

Chronic Tension produces daily stressors and shows adverse effects. Its consequences might be related to both emotional and physical conditions. High tension or higher stress can give you both mental and physical health diseases and disorders.

Effect of Mental Tension: Does it Make a Heart Strong or Weak?

Some people say “Tension is killing me” and some “Tension can’t harm me because I’m used to it”. Who is right here? If someone has been living a stressful life for a while, does it mean he is Ph.D. in Tension and now it is so much in practice that it can’t cause any adverse effect on the body and brain?

Tension or stress can never benefit you in any way if you have started taking it in daily affairs. Its appearance in dreadful situations is obvious and natural. You can’t avoid it. Yet if every little problem has started giving you mental stress, it is an alarming state.

Stress or Tension Generated Health Problems

We all know that regular tension causes depression, heart diseases, sleeping problems, and digestive disorders. But do you know it can give you cognitive or memory problems too?! There are several other disorders like reproductive issues, some kind of pain, weight problems, immune diseases, and eczema kind of skin conditions that also can cause you troubles because of stress.

The long-term effects of tension and stress are more severe. So don’t take it lightly and work on removing it as soon as you realize that it has started residing in you.

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Tension You Didn’t Know

If you think mental tension can give just a headache, you need more awareness about what it can lead you to. Know some emotional, physical, behavioral, and cognitive symptoms that show you are caught by chronic tension. If you find these signs, it means you are overloaded with stress and it’s time to take it seriously.

Emotional Symptoms

Do you feel depression, agitation, and anxiety because of any small problem? Do you feel sad and hollow all the time without any major reason? If general unhappiness, irritation, and moodiness have become a part of your life, it might be so because you have been taking an excess load of tension which is causing you mental health problems. In such a condition, you tend to react overwhelmed or angry. The feel of isolation and loneliness holds you from the roots.

Physical Symptoms

If you are caught by higher tension, you might feel not only headache or chest pain but other kinds of aches and pains too. You can also lose your appetite and face diarrhea or constipation. Sometimes its severity causes shock, dizziness, and nausea too.

Other than the above, rapid heartbeats, flu, and frequent cold are some symptoms that indicate a state of higher tension.

Behavioral Symptoms

Are you eating more or lesser these days? Have you increased the frequency of using cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs for releasing stress? Are you sleeping too long, too much, or too little? Such behavioral disorders are direct symptoms of overstress.

If you have excess tension, then nail-biting, nervousness, pacing, shaking legs, etc habits also rise and start getting visible in your body language. One likes isolation more and escapes from others withdrawing them. You escape from even your responsibilities and behave procrastinating.

Cognitive Symptoms

Constant worrying is a terrible state that you feel during over-stressing situations. It reduces your focus and concentration. You tend to forget things and face memory problems. You keep worrying and your thoughts race with too many confusions and dilemmas. You start giving poor judgments.

The most critical aspect of this high tension is negative thoughts. Mostly we overcome the stressful feel by holding the hands of confidence, positivity, and hope. But when you are in tension, you see more of the negative side which increases the tension even more.

Tensions Eat Your Happiness: We Know, but How to Realize?

When you take tension, you fight your own brain, stretching and hitting it forcefully. Tensions spin all-around your mind giving your mind a strong thrust. It produces turmoil- a state of dilemma that has uncertainty and confusion. You worry and worry; this turmoil does its work eating your happiness and thinking capability. The stress leaves no space inside and freezes you, giving you an unhappy state.

Eye Opener about Tension

Taking tension is like pushing a wall continuously. It doesn’t matter how forceful you hit or thrust, can you shift the wall even 1 inch? Worrying gives you no output. You will lapse your entire energy but will get nothing. So don’t let any tension or worry eat your happy soup ever.

Quote on Tension: “Ask an old man that how many troubles that he worried about came into his life?”

“I Don’t Want Tension, Despite It Comes, Why and What to Do?”

Who wants tension or invites it knowingly? No one! Then how our brain makes space for it automatically? Is it a habit or mental illness?

Tension is majorly a state of mind that is created by you only. Everything comes from how you make your mind respond to a situation.

Interesting Philosophy about Tension

Even after knowing that removing tension from life is vital, we give it a lot of room in our minds. This space is created when we let the hopes and positivity go out from here. If we remain hopeful and optimistic about our strengths and circumstances, that space doesn’t get empty and let any negative vibes or tension come in.

What to Do for Removing Tension?

Deal easily, courageously, and strongly with a situation. Don’t let any pressure come on your head. Understand, tensions make you less focused and steal your energy, if practiced as a habit in daily life.

Identify the Root Causes of Tension

If you want to remove your tension completely, identify its origin. Know that any external factor is working in this case or it is an internal cause.

If it is because of any change in school, college, workplace, home, or life, find it out. You cannot find a solution until you know the problem. If it is relationship difficulties, speak out and sort. If it is any financial problem, make a sound plan for a safer tomorrow so that you can live happy and stress-free today. If the tension is because of family or associated with children, find out your insecurities and take action to remove them, instead of just thinking and worrying about the cause.

If it is an internal issue like rigidity in your thoughts, pessimism, negative approach, unrealistic expectations, less flexibility, craving for perfection, or stubborn attitude, work with yourself to overcome. Such traits or attributes become our characteristics or habit over time and might take longer than expected time. Don’t overburden yourself for bringing the change and improvising yourself completely right now. It is a modus operandi, so deal in a sophisticated way and patiently.

What to Do When Tensions Give You Stress

Be willing for moving on. Keep your senses engaged. Connect people around, meet friends, secure some time for relaxing, take a healthy diet, give yourself complete rest. More than anything else, be a self-motivator and boost your stress handling capabilities.

Way of Dealing Tension: The Best Approach

Learning stress management techniques is not rocket science. We already have it inside us. Where we go wrong is when we underestimate ourselves. Have confidence that you can face any problem. Be patient while dealing with a critical situation. Maintain a positive approach. Don’t leave the hands of those people, things, or habits that give you motivation and happiness. Make them your strength and use this strength as a stress buster.

Tension is nothing but a negative aura that we create around us. To come out from this overburdened shell is also in our own hands. Just show a little courage, don’t lose your grace, and move ahead in life being the king of your own kingdom. Do appreciate what you have and be hopeful about what you can have.

Look at the rising sun, feel the freedom in blowing air, breathe peace in the calm moonlight, and thank God for this beautiful nature. It is the coolest stress buster that can absorb all your tensions and worries. Spend some time with it to find peace within and let the tension evaporate in its beauty.

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