Wear Your Pearls Day

If you think that you need to flaunt your real pearls to celebrate wear your pearls day, then probably you need to dive deeper to understand the significance of this day.

This day, which is annually celebrated on every 15th of December, is important from a religious and grooming point of you as well. Let's learn more interesting facts and aspects about both this day and the pearls.

Wear Your Pearls Day illustration of a king and queen wearing beautiful pearl necklace and pearl jewellery
Wear Your Pearls Day


Wear Your Pearls Day


Which three words come in your mind when you think about a pearl? Probably they are:

  1. Their bright white colour
  2. Useful in decorative or ornamental embellishment
  3. Regal beauty

These are the most common aspects that one can think about the beautiful pearls. Let's try to decode their qualities with respect to human beings.

White Color

The white color denotes peace so the idea of being a good human being.

If you are present in Iraq and exhibit peace around you with your nearby people, there is no better gift that you can give to your neighbor.

Decorative Embellishment

They say that communication is a skill. They also say that watch your words and let them be pleasant to others.

Have you ever thought that why a woman dons ornaments? Not hard to guess; they do it to show themselves as beautiful.

Do you know that there is one more way to showcase a better version of yourself in front of others?

Speak decorative, embellished, and beautiful. This pretty much does the job of wearing the pearls. They both present you as more attractive, beautiful, and pleasant.

Regal beauty

Gone are the days when the Regal word was used for the kings only. We are living in an era where we all are the kings of ourselves. If you can preserve your goodness, you are rich and not less than those kings. After all, this kind of prosperity is very hard to find in this end time.

The idea is to own the characteristics of a pearl and become one.

Yes, your qualities can make you shine like a pearl in front of others around you.

As mentioned above, you are the king. It's all about your will how you want to present yourself.

However, if you have got those real pearls in your Kitty, this is the best day to flaunt them as well.

But remember your qualities are the real pearls that you can live with forever.

Wear Your Pearls Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
National Wear Your Pearls Day
Marked for celebrating the inner beauty
Event Type
Global, National
Wearing pearls
Legend of the Day
DeAnna Bookert
Pearl flaunting
15th of December
Wear Your Pearls Day in Various Years
15 December 2020

Date of Wear Your Pearls Day Observance

15th of December.

History of Wear Your Pearls Day

As far as the history of using the pearls as an ornament has an interesting past. Though even history fails to justify the ancient story of pearls as it is an officially declared oldest gem. This is the reason that no one person can be attributed as its founder or the one who discovered it. However, the story suggests that it was first founded by those people who were searching for food near the source of the sea.

One more ancient story that has been sung from the oldest era belongs to its usages. It's long ago from when people have been wearing the balls as an ornament.

The oldest example of its use can be witness at the Louvre in Paris. It showcases on its display some fragment of Pearl jewellery that belongs to a Persian princess from the era of back to 420 BC.

If we talk about the era of around 2300 BC, it suggests the use of pearls as the gifts that used to be presented to the Chinese royalty.

The history of ancient Rome suggests the use of Pearl jewelry in flaunting the higher status.

1st century BC witnessed more exaggerated Stardom of the pearls as Julius Caesar had introduced a law regarding spiracle gems and pearls. As per this law, the pearls could have been used by the ruling classes only.

However Arab cultures present the most interesting history about the pearls. They believed that the origin of pearls belongs to Dew drops. They suggest that those dewdrops which were swallowed by the oysters are responsible for the formation of pearls. It is associated with that time when the oysters had fallen into the sea.

The abundance of oyster beds in the Persian Gulf also gave hints about how important were these pearls around the Arab cultures.

However, the significance of the wear your pearls day does not call for any religious affiliation. It is totally up to us how we perceive and celebrate this day.

We celebrate this day by wearing any Pearl ornament or try to make ourselves as precious as these pearls, this day is special in itself. Both religious and historical perspectives that are associated with the pearls, make them more precious.

They belong to whatever culture, history, or religious or origin stories, they are and will remain associated with our lives to add beauty in it.

Wear Your Pearls Day Celebration

Simply, Flaunt It!

If you love to wear your string of pearls but are not getting an opportunity to don that off then this is probably the right opportunity for you. Let that see some sunlight.

You can also flaunt a gesture of goodness and let your inner pearl shine.

Let Your Social Platforms Also Spark

Share about this day and make people aware of the significance of this day. Who knows, you might add some light into someone's bad time of life. Let people and counter their inner beauty.

Read, Learn, and Get Inspired

DeAnna Bookert's "I'm not broken, I'm better" talks about challenges, setbacks, and the way to success. Have a copy to lay their hands on it and get motivated for your new journey!

Significance of Wear Your Pearls Day

It's the Best Day to Celebrate Yourself

There are many ceremonies and anniversaries that we humans celebrate. We also celebrate our success stories and other important events of our lives.

But there are very few moments when we celebrate Being Human. And if humans are to celebrate, why not start with ourselves? This is probably the best day to ask yourself about your qualities. If you have developed some you can celebrate them and if you are up to grow some then also so you can celebrate to start your new journey with a bash. After all, these qualities are the ones that one develops as the richness of the inner being.

Who Doesn't Like to Celebrate Beauty?!

In the present era, beautification is not contracted to the women's society only. However, the market of females is still bigger and greater. It doesn't matter you have got the original one or the faux pearls; if you have one then you flaunt one. They both are going to give you a sophisticated and classy look. And why not?! Everyone, especially women, deserves to look depositing pretty.

If ornaments or embellishment don't give you a kick, the idea of growing us the perfect person is not bad in any case or way or mean.

How about These Distinguished Two Types of Ministries?

They say when you go to find God you find yourself and when you go to find yourself you find God.

It's not about being judgemental about yourself; it is just about opening your eyes and perceive Beauty in a different way.

Who Was the Man Behind the Wear Your Pearls Day?

DeAnna Bookert, the best-selling author is the one who proposed the idea of celebrating the wear your pearls day.

During 2008, DeAnna Bookert had been pursuing her successful career in a corporate office. But probably this was not the real goal of her life and her calling was waiting for her. She realized that what gives her happiness is sharing her love of Jesus Christ. Giving motivation and inspiration to two people through her writing and communication became more important to her. She finally decided to discontinue her successful career.

The national wear your pearls if they had got recognition in 2015.

Interesting Facts and Figures about Wear Your Pearls Day

From where the pearls are founded?

The naturally formed pearls, which are also known as Oriental pearls, are created out of the species of clam, mussel, or oyster. Some irritant is believed to be behind its formation which is quoted by this species from a secreted fluid. The mollusk performs this as a defence mechanism and it creates layers upon layers to make a coating. This deposition forms a llustrious pearl.

Which Type of Pearls Are the most expensive?

The South Sea pearls are the most expensive ones in terms of value in the market. They occur naturally in gold and white shades.

Where Do the Real Pearls Grow?

The real pearls grove in the freshwater of rivers, lakes, and ponds. Some areas of China are famous for the formation of the pearls. The most commonly formed authentic pearls are mostly found in white colour in various sizes and shapes. However there are also found in an array of pastel colours.

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