Hindi Week: Hindi Saptah or Rashtrabhasha Saptah

Many people observe the Hindi Divas events just for fulfilling the formality and forget it all the very next day. So instead of celebrating Hindi Day, Hindi week is being celebrated. This week is known as Rashtrabhasha Saptah so that the message can be conveyed effectively and impactfully and can be remembered for a long.

Hindi Week illustration of Hindi learning motivation on Hindi Saptah Diwas: Hindi speaking humans helping each other to learn Hindi language near a tree with Hindi letters on Hindi Language Day during Rashtrabhasha Saptah
The celebration of national language — "Hindi"!
Illustration: Hindi Week celebrating people helping each other in learning Hindi language during Hindi Saptah (Rashtrabhasha Saptah)


Hindi Week: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Hindi Saptah, Rashtrabhasha Saptah
Also Spelled As
Hindi Saptaah
Promoting the Hindi language at national and international level
Event Type
National (India)
Observed By
Nation-wide in India
Healthy competitions (Essay, singing, quiz)
Events, Award functions
14th September onwards (14th to 21st of October)
Hindi Week in Various Years
14 September 2021 to 21 September 2021, 14th September 2022 onwards
Annual (For a week)
Other Correlated Events

Hindi Week Celebration

The National Language Week or Hindi Week is celebrated for one week from 14th September onwards. This entire week is celebrated by organizing the different kinds of events, programs, awareness drives, and competitions. Search organizations happen in both offices and institutions.

Why is Hindi Week Celebrated?

These are organized with the sole motto of driving passion into the hearts of the people so that they do not think of developing this language only on Hindi Day but also on other days.

Significance of Hindi Week

This one-week-long observation ensures to strike the roots of the people's minds so that the impact of the programs last long.

It aims to make space in the hearts of the mass to build up a strong connection, indeed unbreakable relationship with the Hindi language.

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