Positive Attitude Meaning: 20 Upbeat Qualities of Positivity

What is positivity and how to become positive energy for others too? Know the answer with examples in detail to understand the real meaning of positivity and positive attitude.
Abstract illustrative image on negative vs positive titled Meaning of Positive Attitude: 3 Simple Rules of Positivity
Negativity vs positivity illustration (Dark vs Bright side)
Illustration: Two minds growing thorns and flowers depicting "It's up to us what we choose, the thorns of negative thoughts or the flowers spreading positive energy"

How to Cultivate Positive Attitude: 20 Qualities to Learn for Growing Positivity


The meaning of being positive or carrying a positive attitude is nurturing and presenting yourself as a happy soul so that you can become a source of enthusiasm and good energy for yourself and others.

The definition may sound as if you need to fake your happiness all the time as no one can remain happy all the time, every day. Yes, it is sometimes, but it is for good reasons for you and others living in your surrounding.

Think, you have two persons as your options to spend your time with. One is an always smiling person as if he is the most contented soul who has no worries and so he is always up for enjoying the moment with a spark. Another person is mostly seen with a long face which gives hints of how depressed he is and how badly he has no hope from his life. Who will be your choice? Not hard to guess, right? Who will not want to spend time with the first one who is happy as his happiness can lift up your mood too?

This is the mark or identity of a positive person. He is the one you want to live with or want to spend time with. He is the one you want to be like. As who doesn't want to be happy?

Thanks to the Almighty for such a beautiful gift, "positivity" and also for making it contagious! Not only positivity but all the aspects related to our attitude is also contagious and we all should always keep this in mind while presenting ourselves to someone. Attitude spreads from one to another person. If you are happy from the inside, you can bring smiles to the lips of a sad person too. If you have a negative attitude and approach, you may send the same person in depression too.

Traits of Positive Attitude: How to Define a Positive Personality?

Image of Positive resonance with universe for titled 'Meaning of Positive Attitude: 3 Simple Rules of Positivity'
Girl brain growing flowers of positivity and spreading the same positive energy in the form of flowers around. The abstract illustration shows the connection between the brain and the surrounding (universe) through vibes of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The secret rule of the universe says, “What you give to the universe, the same comes back to you.” So watch what you say and what you grow inside. It doesn't matter how difficult are the situations, never lose hope and positivity. Showing the same in your words, actions, behavior, and approach is what makes you a positive personality.

Below are those 20 signs of a positive person which can be said the qualities or traits that define a positive attitude:

  1. Laugh or smile even when there are adversities around.
  2. Enjoying every situation, even those catastrophes, regardless you wanted or expected them or not.
  3. Spreading positive words for giving hope to all the people around you. It doesn't matter how fearful you are feeling inside about the unfavorable situation.
  4. Donning a happy smile that ensures others that everything will be alright.
  5. Exhibiting friendly behavior towards strangers and those whom you don't like in reality.
  6. After tasting the failure many times, again giving it a try with the same enthusiasm that you had at your first attempt.
  7. Energizing the lazy souls with your enthusiasm, energy, and lifted mood.
  8. Giving priority to relationships over materialistic things.
  9. Being happy and satisfied, regardless you have less or much.
  10. Not compromising on having a good time every day, your day goes however tedious or losing.
  11. Being optimistic about your future; doesn't matter how bad is your 'now'.
  12. Gracefully accepting whatever you are getting, no matter it fits or not.
  13. Always visualizing a positive future, a "dream come true" state. It doesn't matter how impossible it seems today.
  14. Paying compliments to people around and even to strangers.
  15. Appreciating others, they get success or not. Making them realize that every effort is worth congratulating, not just the winners. Meanwhile, instead of quitting, they try to find out the loopholes in their idea of ensuring success next time.
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  17. Making an ordinary day special to someone. Remember everyone loves surprises, age doesn't matter. Presents or pampering are not for children only, you can offer them to adults elders too.
  18. Not complaining or criticizing when someone does wrong, unfair, or unexpected to you. Sometimes, in some situations, taking a stand is a waste. Instead, let the time fix and heal.
  19. Not getting affected by how negative others think about you, your plans, ideas, and efforts. Taking others' negativity as their opinion that they deserve to put, but never let them bring your spirits down.
  20. Remaining honest and true about yourself and whatever you do.
  21. Giving more than others expect from you. Doing good deeds and making extra efforts for others without any expectations from them. Do it in the name of your God and forget. It might not give you something tangible, but surely will give you a sense of pride for being a good soul and will make you happy and satisfied with your core. This is the most soothing and pleasant feeling of the world, let yourself feel it often.

The above are the key features that if someone practices, can become a positive personality. These are the sure-shot ways to have a positive attitude overall. Inculcate them and see their amazing effects on your life.

The Inside Tale: What is Positivity? How to Be Positive?

Positivity is a very simple trait and easy to practice attitude, yet sticking to it might not be easier when the situations are draining and not in favor. To deal with negativity this time and to hold positive vibes, let's dive deeper and meet below-surface aspects.

Positivity is not just ‘thinking’ good, good, and only good. It needs to be present in the approach, process, and in all the emotions. Here, ‘emotions’ is referred to every feeling that you can sense: the feeling of love, gratitude, serenity, or even amusement. It may be in the relations that we share directly with a person or to his known people.

All that we are talking about here is how convincingly and deeply we can be hopeful about any aspect. It is also about being optimistic about what is happening around. Living positively means living happily because you have faith in the universe and Almighty. It is about being firm and confident that whatever way your life is being designed and shaping, it is for your good. It doesn’t matter situations are on your side or adverse.

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So does this mean we are avoiding thinking about the negative consequences of any situation or aspect? If we will not think about unfavorable possibilities, how will we get ready for them?

Understand Where We Go Wrong!

Whenever we reach a conclusion or take any decision, we take them as per the best of our skills, knowledge, and learning from past experiences. Once we have done it, then learn to remain firm on what we are doing and where are leading. Negativity comes to light when you remain skeptical all the time. Once you have given your best efforts as per your best knowledge skills, what is the rationale for fearing failure or adversities? What is the profit of doubting yourself by doubting the consequences?

Understand Positivity with a Case-Study

For example, you did a job where unfortunately you couldn’t complete your targets and you eventually had to quit that company. Now you have joined a new company and you are doing pretty well, but what you exhibit all the time is insecurities, such as you keep thinking: “Would I be able to continue reaching my deadlines?” “What if I couldn’t complete my targets?” “I tasted failure in my previous company, what if the same happens here too?”

Such concerns lead you nowhere. They will make you under-confident and affect your performance for no reason by diverting your focus.

The fact is- you are doing well because you learned from your previous experiences. You are working with more polished skills and a better understanding of the job this time. And this is why everything is going good and will go well. There is no rationale for being skeptical about your own skills, performance, capabilities, and results.

Whatever you do, be hopeful, be positive about the consequences. Remember even if you fail, that will give you a new lesson, new learning. So you are only going to add something in your pocket, no matter what.

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3 Simple, Easy Rules of Positivity

Now when you are introduced to a positive attitude, and you indeed know positivity deeper, let's know the three basic, simple rules of positivity.

  1. A Mind Can be filled with Only One at a Moment: Positivity or Negativity
  2. Illustration image for door of mind chamber with positive energy | titled 'Meaning of Positive Attitude: 3 Simple Rules of Positivity'
    The mind is a room for one, then why not reside positivity in it?
    Illustration: The bright coming out through the door of mind chamber with the tag of 'For 1'

    A mind can allow several guest thoughts to come, reside, and go; but if you want to declare the owner of this chamber, remember that only one can reside in it- positivity or negativity.

    They say two swords can’t reside in one cover; it is the same in the case of positive and negative vibes. Once you introduce even a hint of negativity in your thought or approach, it will take you to a different zone of insecurities. Negativity knows how to spread like a web and tangle one into it for long. And if there are negative vibes inside, you can’t halt them from reflecting outside too. It reverberates in all that you belong to.

    “Mind is a Room for One. Then why not to reside positivity in it?”

    Think positive; speak 'positive'; behave and act positively. Do it so that you can exhibit positive behavior and spread positive energy towards others too.

  3. If You Want Love around, Irrigate Your Feelings and Emotions with Positivity
  4. Image titled 'Meaning of Positive Attitude: 3 Simple Rules of Positivity '
    A rose girl representing a human with good thoughts connecting to the water bucket depicting the universe. The illustration shows the exchange of love and positive energy from both sides.

    Love is a feeling, emotion, and state which is as mild as strong and moves throughout our whole like a weather pattern in the entire atmosphere. It is extraordinarily pleasant and good. It is the most positive emotion that two people can share and remain connected with, no matter what. This positivity may be about shared feelings, synchrony in the behavior, or motives.

    These positive vibes do not remain contracted to the person himself or herself but reflect through care, behavior, mutual understanding, and exchange of feelings in various actions. This unconditional care, concern, and efforts in love originate the ultimate positivity around.

    So in short, spread love to find positivity.

    In the same way, if you are positive enough about your surroundings, life, and people around, it removes insecurities, negativity, and feeling of being unsafe. Only a positive seed can blossom into the flowers of love.

    Both positivity and love are all about connections. They reverberate between two or more in different ways. They are interconnected and complementary to each other. Any hint of negativity is an obstacle that can directly hit your connection.

    So, spread positivity to find love and blossom relationships.

    If you want love, think positive about people around. If you want positivity, start loving people unconditionally.

  5. Positive Resonance is the Essence of Hope. Hope is the Essence of Life.
  6. Meaning of Positive Attitude: 3 Simple Rules of Positivity, love and hope
    "Spread the love and hope around to get the same from the universe"

    Who says we can’t change in terms of the way we think and the way we perceive. Yes, we do can. What fails us in any task, from reaching our goal and meeting our dream is the negativity that eats our hopes like woodlouse and makes us accepting failure.

    When we are on a task, pursuing any dream, or leading towards our goals (personal or professional), what keeps us going is hope. But the moment any negativity-driven insecurities visit our mind, we tend to lose focus. It affects our performance and productivity. The entire chain takes you to nowhere, but quit. This is how a single negative thread can disconnect you from what you aim for.

    The chain continues and connects your other positive threads too.

    Love and hope are the keys to sheer and true happiness. They can improve any mental or physical health state, enlightening life. Where they both can run your life vehicle smoothly, their deficiency can halt your growth and life's live-wire too.

    The key to winning the life game is in love and hope which can be resonated through the exchange of care and feelings wrapped in positivity. Love needs positive vibes, so the hopes. So don't leave the hands of the positive attitude.

    "Love, hope and positivity are interconnected and contagious."

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What Is the Power of Positivity or Positive Attitude?

If someone asks how does it feel to be positive, I'll simply say "awesome". Make it your swag and see how beautiful it can make you feel. It will emerge you as an excellent human being. Living it "being completely positive" or "having a fully positive attitude" is the most amazing way to survive. It will not only present you in front of the world as a wonderful personality but also will make you happier in all the states, comparatively.

What does positivity mean? Or what is the meaning of a positive attitude? Or what is being positive is alike? If you are also wondering for the answer to such a question, the answer is-

The state of being positive is like bursting energy balls around you whenever and wherever you go. It is like spreading a sweet fragrance which is sure to attract everyone around and make them all happy.

Expose yourself to the world with positivity and feel how it makes you go to the top of the world and on cloud nine. And trust me, it is as easier as enjoying your favorite ice cream or dessert.

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