Mistakes in Life: 5 Foolishly Repeated Blunders

Mistakes are uncertain, untold, and uncontrollable which come without alarming you that is why one commits them unknowingly. Let's know such foolishly repeated mistakes in life so that we can get ready for the time when they visit us like an uninvited guest.
Mistakes in life: foolishly repeated blunders quote on mistake with rose flower illustration
Quote: “Mistake is not when you execute a wrong #idea. It is when you learn nothing and let yourself #follow the same idea again!"

Mistake Meaning: What Is A Mistake?

5 Foolish Mistakes behind a Mistake


Before we proceed to meet those unwisely committed blunders, let's know what is a "mistake"? And instead of going for a definition of mistake or meaning of blunder, let's understand it by breaking the steps of performing "an action".

Thus, instead of knowing the theory only, we will try to take an application-based approach to understand when, where, and how we commit a mistake.

There is an unnoticed process that we follow to perform any small or big action in our lives. No single action that we perform in life just happens. Let's try to break the events or steps that we perform while performing "an action".

  1. We sense the need for something.
  2. We search for the available options.
  3. We pick one of them if it meets the requirement
  4. If not, we proceed to find, invent, or create a new opportunity.
  5. We brainstorm to set a goal, vision, and mission.
  6. We conceive an idea to make a new beginning.
  7. We make layouts, plans, strategies, and a blueprint of the process to execute our idea.
  8. We collect the resources for the executions.
  9. We organize the belongings.
  10. We finally perform.
  11. As a result, we either succeed or fail. The judgment of success or failure is made as per the set goal or the level of satisfaction.
  12. If we succeed, we find a reason for being happy.
  13. If not, then here starts a whole new session of finding and fixing the mistake that is responsible to stop us from meeting our happiness.

This is how "an action" (which we think was 'just' an action) is performed.

We find that happiness back or not depends on how we react ahead. This is not just a reaction but also another action.

After this all, we perform as per various factors such as our mood, circumstances, temperament, and so on.

Mistakes While Finding A Mistake

  1. A mistake may happen in any of the above steps. There is a possibility that we revise any other step that did not cause the mistake, leaving the actual step.
  2. It is also possible that the mistake is being committed in more than one step.
  1. Do not make any random reaction after failing in an action. Do analyze.
  2. One should analyze each and every step to find out the possible errors. If one finds an error in the first step, the process should not be stopped there. Other steps must also be checked.

Here, instead of pondering upon the types of mistakes, we will encounter the traits of mistakes.

As we saw above, every simple action involves multiple steps in itself. Then what about the possibilities or types of mistakes while performing uncountable actions in our daily lives. A mistake can be done in any of the steps of any action. So, instead of trying to point them all (which is not feasible or possible to cover them all), we will try to create a formula process that will help us in:

  • Finding and fixing mistakes.
  • Indeed, not committing mistakes.

Realization-Points and Action-Plan

Let's know about the mistakes behind a mistake and prepare an action plan against them!

Brainstorm and Improvise

"They say nothing is impossible, but really is everything that we dream of is possible?
I am giving my 100% with all my heart, soul, and a lot of sweat, then why I am so far from success?
Isn’t working hard enough for success?"

If such brainstorming sessions are held every so often in your head, then halt once to understand where are you going.

Okay, you are very passionate about your goals and dreams, and you are giving your best, but are you going in the right direction too? Are you putting your efforts in the right place? Every time when you faced a failure, did you analyze the reasons behind that crash?

What is Happening with You?

Sometimes we keep going without thinking. A sort of madness drives us to reach our destination. We get lost so much in working hard that we even forget about what is our motto behind trying so hard. What all we know is that time is “working hard”.

The loop that we make is- we work hard; still, we taste failure; we work harder this time, but again get the same results.

Where We Go Wrong?

Well, we do not take a break in between for analyzing our mistakes and so unknowingly repeat them again.

What to Do?

  1. Revisit your vision and mission
  2. Check your steps that they are aligned with your goals or not
  3. Make a fresh strategy again
  4. Do the research of what other successful people have done in their journey. It is a good idea to learn from their journey and mistakes so that you do not repeat them again. Take hints from them and apply your own idea considering their key tricks.
  5. Don't hesitate in taking the risk of applying a new plan and strategy.
  6. Have courage and confidence. Don't get afraid of failures. Keep learning. Keep improving. Keep heading ahead.

Break the Magnet

An idea is like a baby to the thinker or innovator. When a person nurtures this idea, it becomes a dream, passion, companion of life, and the very reason to live. It also connects with the sentiments and becomes a part of life. With such an emotional connection, it becomes tough to accept that the core idea was wrong and the reason for failure.

Sometimes we keep improvizing the wrong idea. Check your idea again that it is aligned or not with your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and competitions.

Failure is good only then when we learn from it, otherwise, it only gives disappointment and depression. Here,

“Mistake is not when you execute a wrong #idea. It is when you learn nothing and let yourself #follow the same idea again!"

The Reasons Behind a Wrong Idea

  1. The Idea Itself
  2. You want to become a painter but you are good at photography. You put all your efforts, sweat, and blood into showcasing your art in an exhibition. Your marketing strategies to set up, all your efforts were at the right place but unfortunately, those paintings don't work. You need the courage to accept the truth in such a case. Your ability, talent, and skills must match and support your dream idea.

  3. Connections and Temperament
  4. You have got people around you who either love you a lot or with that same intensity hate you a lot. Our friends, enemies, and relatives play a vital role in life. Usually, when we go wrong, the universe indicates us through people in our surroundings. But those who love you a lot, feel afraid of hurting you by telling the truth. Remember those friends who sing too boring but we clap for them to boost or pamper. People who are jealous of you and your work, they also boost you in your wrong idea so that you remain stuck there and do not grow.

    You need to be practical and open to meet and discuss your project with different. Be easy enough and approachable so that people can share the reality with you.

What to Do?

What you need to do is sit, sigh, relax, and analyze each and every step, if the steps are quite at the right place, visit your core idea. Don’t stick to one thing like chewing gum, indeed find out where you went wrong and fix all the loopholes. Improvise your process or idea; if it doesn't help, change them or one of them.

Why You Make Mistakes Vs The Reality Check

  1. You don't have time to analyze
    Possible Reality: Your time management is not good.
  2. You are hesitating to analyze
    Possible Reality: You are not confident and courageous enough to face the consequences and fix them.
  3. You don't find any need for analysis because you know your plan is perfect and there is no scope for the improvements
    Possible Reality: You are over-confident.
  4. You think that you have tried everything and now you just can wait for better luck.
    Possible Reality: Do remember that there always remains a scop for the betterment.
  5. Your ego says you are the best and errorless and so analyzing your plan is against your image. Success has been with you and so it will be.
    Possible Reality: No one can guarantee success. The ego is the first stair to destruction. Sometimes small errors go more viral. Remember those bloopers while making a video?!

Leave Ego: Be Realistic

Sometimes you think you are the best and so you continue with your same plan, probably to prove your previous plan right. Or maybe to prove ‘yourself’ right.

A champion or expert also can go wrong. What makes one a champion is not the 100% surety of getting success in the first attempt, but it is the smartness of learning from every result, analyzing that fully and not repeating the same mistake again to ensure success.

Stop Hiding: Face It

There is a need to talk to yourself time-to-time so that you do not miss any loophole. Check out the below scenarios or possibilities to make a start:

You Don't Know the Real Meaning of Letting Go

Letting go doesn't just mean you have dropped an idea or memory. It also means you have to get ready to replace the old bees with the new ones. That readiness needs your cooperation, attention, and positive attitude towards the new beginnings and changes.

Proving What You Are Not

Ask yourself, 'Am I following my own dream?' Many of us nurture someone else's dream and get stuck.

We all are being allotted different purposes of life by the Almighty. We are not sent with the purpose alone. We land this earth with some unique skills and talent as well so that we can fulfill that purpose. We just need to polish them.

But after taking birth, sometimes the seed of 'our' dream comes from someone else's mind. Sometimes our close ones instill that; the other times we get inspired by other's life and try to follow the person to get the same life.

Wait and check whether you have got the necessary skills or not. If not, then try to know yourself and your x-factor.

Your Emotions Halting You

Most dreams come from a direct or indirect challenge given by the world. This challenge is not just about accomplishing a task or proving how skilled you are. But mostly it is all about proving yourself, your existence. It is obvious to become sentimental about your idea and every step or effort, but ensure to move on in order to overcome that stage.

Keep your idea alive, but with improvisations. Don’t forget to analyze after a failure. Don’t hesitate in leaving the hands of an old idea with loopholes. Updating is always good. One wrong idea doesn’t mean your next idea will also not work. Instead of following the same, be smart and courageous enough to leave that and move on to implement your fresh, new idea.

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