New Beginning Guide: 7 Archaic Refuelers

Let’s do not moan thinking we will do this or that after tomorrow, a month, or after taking a rebirth. Let’s instead decide that we will restart life the next morning by singing the new beginning songs.
New beginning guide with 7 archaic refuelers: Illustration of bird singing good morning song of hope, faith, care, harmony and love while music notes floating around in air
Thought of the Day: "Mornings Are Made to Sing New Beginning Songs!"
Illustration: A bird singing good morning songs and music notes are floating!

How to Prepare Yourself for New Start


Know What is Holding You from Taking A New Start?

It is some work, project, or any relationship, they give happiness until and unless they encounter any bumpy breaker. As soon as any of them gets stuck or comes to a bad end, they make life bitter and complex. Getting over and igniting the new beginning becomes a challenge in such a case.

Interestingly, it is not the situation or the person who stops us; 'we' ourselves become the problem for us because we resist the change in life. Eventually, the situation becomes a tough nut to crack, and the continuous pressure and stressStress Reducing Tricks: 20 Highbrow RedeemersStress Reducing Tricks: 20 Highbrow Redeemers suck our spirit.

How to Prepare Yourself for a New Beginning?

It is not our body parts that work; it is our brain that commands them and our willpower that makes them execute a task. This Snehpost shares some amazing archaic refuelers to aid to your new beginning by fixing the mindset, temperament, and the lost positive spark. To strengthen your spirit, this New Beginning Guide unveils 7 precious keys that help in unlocking the hidden secret doors at the time of need.

5 Situations When You Need to Make a New Start Again

Situations when you need to take a new start again: Illustration of a depressed girl sitting near a trunk in snowfall
When you need to begin it all again!

Sooner or later we all face situations that stuck our lives to a point from where moving onHow to Move On Guide: 7 Unapproached Brain ReviversHow to Move On Guide: 7 Unapproached Brain Revivers seems next to impossible. There are some situations that we all deal with every now and then, such as the:

  1. Betrayal of friends
  2. Failures in exams
  3. Unfulfilled job targets
  4. Avoidance of your feelings from your beloved ones
  5. Broken Relationships (...and so on).

When we go through such an emotional catastrophe, it scatters us into pieces. Gathering and arranging yourself well in such a situation becomes a tough deal that takes months, and sometimes years. It is perhaps not wrong if someone says it leads us to a layered stage of depression.

Don't allow any person or situation to take you to such a hopeless state. Take a new start:

  1. Either for seeing the situation from a fresh new angle and taking some realistic actions for the betterment
  2. Or for letting go and stepping ahead in life, ensuring that you have taken a lesson from the previous situation and will not let that happen again.

The Worst-Case

It is when you accept your situation to be a part of your life and continue to live in everlasting pain. Instead of that, rebel and take your happiness back.

An Eye-Opener

The fact is no human belongs to depression, insecurities, or fears. We all deserve peace, pleasures, happiness, laughs, and positivity. We all need a flow in life where we can keep moving ahead. We are worth of seeing the dark of nights only — not in life. The dark not-at-all belongs to our inside.

Don't let your movement halt. Rise up and take a fresh start again.

Move on, let, and make a new start having the faith and hopes in God's promise: Isaiah 43 verse 18 to 19 KJV bible verse illustration of a boy finding river in desert and spring in the wilderness (Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.)
If the Word of God says (promises), then yes, it can/shall happen!

They say that the show must go on because life doesn’t stop and time doesn’t halt. Then why we can’t step ahead leaving all the bitter experiences and their bitterness behind. Why do we make our lives a stagnant pool which sees no flow or movement?

We often remember our almighty and ask “Why me?!” Sometimes we blame our God too that why he has written so much drama in our lives. Where the fact is — those downs come in life to arrange goods for our future. See what the Word of God says about the new beginnings!

God never wants his children to moan. He has not sent us on this planet empty-handed. He also has given us some keys to get over the bounded situation. Let's point them out and unveil the mystery behind these evergreen archaic refuelers (old — yet not old-fashioned). Let's know why they never faded and still work after many ages have passed.

Hope and Faith: To Refresh Your Mindset

New beginning refuelers hope and positivity to refresh mindset: Learn from mountain climbing inspiring ant cartoon illustration depicting best example of hope and positivity
Presenting you the world's best motivator — An ANT! Powerful, evergreen, and worth-mentioning inspiration!

When to Hope?

Every time, in every situation, no matter what.

So one should be hopeful even while knowing the fact that it is impossible to even hope for the betterment? Yes! Because...

It is better to be called a "FIGHTER" instead of a "FAILURE".
New beginning refuelers faith and thanksgiving: Fear-killing faith's illustration by cartoon of a cute little girl looking at the beautiful moon in the dark of night while sitting on the rock
Become a fearless spirit by strengthening it with the power of hopes and faith in the Almighty!

When you remain hopeful and keep trying, you might not get the expected or required results, but however they will be better. Most importantly, you can proudly say — "I tried". And who knows which effort opens which way and how becomes a game-changing step and leads you to your destination.

Whatsoever is your situation, hopesHow to Hope in Life: 25 Quick EnlightenersHow to Hope in Life: 25 Quick Enlighteners work well in every circumstance. You can rely on it in the times of exams, heart-breaks, broken relationships, delayed or pending status of a matter, need of healing, insecurities, failures, and any other incontrollable state or situation.

It boosts your willpower and keeps your spirits high.

A weary spirit stops you, your growth, and thus any probability or possibility of a better situation.

The Bright: It All Is In Your Hands

New beginning guide illustration: Hopeful girl with lamp light in hands to fight mountain of failures by carving the tunnel of hope (The wide sky with a glorious moon and stars witnessing a girl with night lamp near a cave-like tunnel)
Cartoon illustration on Being Hopeful: A beautiful landscape with a shining moon, sparkling stars, green pasture, and a girl with a light lamp in her hands!

A person without hopes doesn't try again and waste opportunities. A hopeful person not only remains aware and fresh to grab an opportunity but also creates new ones. The failures come however times, they cannot consume the success waiting at the end to meet you. You just need to keep going with your whole-hearted efforts.

New Beginning Guide: Isaiah 40 Verse 31 of KJV bible illustration of flying eagle with renewed strength in wings (Those who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.)
On its most high fly!

The Role of Faith While Taking A New Start

When all the approaches fail and the hopes die, only the faith in God can refuel, rebuild, restore, revive, and rearrange.

If you have faith in God, you can win any battle of life. The Almighty is called "The Almighty" because He is really 'mighty in all'. He never fails, so His believer. He is faithful and worthy of believing because nothing is impossible 'with Him'. He removes the pebbles to make our paths straight and brings favors and honors.

Hope and faith together make a key that opens the paths of growth and leads you towards your desires.

Positivity with Thanksgiving: To Keep the Temperament of a Beginner

Abstract illustrative image on negative vs positive titled Meaning of Positive Attitude: 3 Simple Rules of Positivity
Negativity or positivity (Dark or Bright): It is up to us what we give to the universe to come back to us!
Illustration: Two minds thinking thorny and flowery thoughts and unknowingly choosing the dark and bright side respectively!

The Benefit of Being Positive While Taking A New Start

Every action is preceded by a desire or will. Positivity adds power to your will or plan, giving strength to your wings before flying high.

What Happens When Positivity Dies

  1. When positivity lacks, fears and insecurities take their demolishing entry.
  2. They open doors for doubts and confusion.
  3. It destroys all the scopes of a new beginning.
  4. It ruins everything that is 'good' about the situation.
  5. The demonic fear and insecurities ensure that you remain in a stuck, tangled, ambiguous, and unhopeful 'old situation'.

Two Laws to Remember!

Universal laws about positivity to know before you go for a new beginning: Think positive to spread positivity in universe to come back as a good result (A geometric illustration of a lady brain weaving positivity in surrounding)
Before you begin, let positivity weave your desired future in the spiritual universe!

The Law of Universe

When you think something repetitively, you start to weave the same as future in the universe. What you think now, the same becomes the reality of the future.

Note: So weave positive and good.

The Law of Time

What does the future holds in it, nobody knows accept the Almighty Himself.

Note: It is so for preserving our happiness of today and tomorrow.

If you are facing a bad event now, you can be happy thinking of the upcoming good morning. If the bad event is supposed to come soon in the future, you can be happy now because you don't know the future.

We all know the law of nature that the future holds both success and failures, happiness and sorrow, up and downs. But we do not know future events before they happen. If we would have known that we are going to encounter a happy event, it would have ruined — indeed killed — the surprise and excitement. And if we would have known about the upcoming bad event, it could have taken our today's peace, joy, and a healthy spirit.

A mysterious future allows us to be optimistic about it, which keeps us hopeful and preserves today's peace and joy.

New Beginning Guide: Lamentations 3 verse 22 to 23 KJV bible wallpaper (It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.)
How blessed we humans are!

There are many more such blessings which are hidden in the making of time, space and matter. Such a mysterious and huge universe showcases the greatness of our creator. Be thankful to Him for His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding which preserves us in many unseen and unrevealed ways.

Practice thanksgiving in your daily life. This will make you count the mercies and supplies of the Almighty in the time of need in your past. It will also strengthen you in the faith of God that just as He helped you in the past, He will not abandon you in the present time of need and in the future too. It will increase your confidence in the very truth of your success.

Where faith in God and His might boosts the strength and keeps the spirit refreshing, thanksgiving in every little step or success reminds of the ongoing betterment and growth which highers the confidence. See how they both make a beautiful chain.

Faith makes you proactive in thanksgiving. Thanksgiving keeps you humble. Humbleness removes the ego that you can never taste a failure. The removal of the fear of failure makes you courageous for new beginnings. Click the below link to read:
Positive Attitude Meaning: 20 Upbeat Qualities of Positivity

Care and Ministrations: Cultivate a Habit, Practice in Behavior

The need for a new beginning arises after the end of the old one in most cases. One more fact is that most of the new beginning-related issues demand human power for material or mental support and strengthening. Remain open for both taking a giving the care and ministration.

New beginning refuelers care and ministrations: A motivational illustration of helping men and women depicting team work, harmony, honor, love, strength
Here you are — The beauty!

Take it! Give It too!

Even during your bad and needy times, help others with what you have: time, money, material, skills, guidance, mental support, or anything else. If you are hesitating in taking help or too busy to help, let some true facts have an encounter with you. To keep yourself in equilibrium with the truth — realize the below facts about giving or taking the help:

  1. The way someone else is in need, you also might be. The way someone else is taking your help, you also can take someone else's support. It's 'Okay' to take help. It doesn't make someone smaller.
  2. Remember a rule of the universe — If you are helping someone, the universe will also send someone to help you in your time of need.

Supply your ministration to the needy. Serving your parents, family members, friends, neighbors, and the needy keeps you humble and grounded too. It is said that whatsoever we sow, the same we reap. So harvest the warmth so that you also get back the same during your cold times.

Also, remember that you do not harvest right after sowing the seeds. One has to keep patience during the time of growth. So minister with patience, believing in the truthfulness of the eternal law. Hasten to help others, so that you also can be helped by the universe in your adverse times.

Help someone in his/her new beginning and be a part of someone's success story so that you can believe in your success as well when you take a new start.

Harmony with Honor: Learn and Earn

New beginning refuelers harmony and honor: A lovely cartoon illustration of the duck and rabbits messaging on helping each other
When love lifts up your spirit, you can weigh any weight!
If a duck can extend a helping hand without having a hand, why can't we? Especially when we have got two to double our portion of earning the Punya?!

They say that humans are social animals. What makes us different from the animals is our nature of being social. We are made to live in the circle of our similar species with:

  • Loving each other
  • Living in harmony by helping each other
  • Following some commandments of God which are called manners these days.

We all know that systems, laws, and discipline are made for our good. Have you ever thought about what is that 'good' in following them? Why loving each other is important? What is the rationale of being in harmony with the people and happenings around?

It is so because a single note can't make a melody; they need harmony to become worthy of listening. In the same way, harmony in life makes us worthy of living. When we get along together with people and be nice and useful to each other, bringing and spread happiness, it brings sense to life. Harmony is the essence and flow of a joyful life.

When we help others, it develops the sense of worthiness and significance of our life in our own eyes. If we manage to live in harmony and helping others without allowing the ego or pride to come in between, it takes us to another level. People start to see a different aura around you and begin to honor you. The honor towards others while living in harmony brings back the honor multiplying it with a great number. Alike harmony, the honor also makes us realize our worth in this world.

Harmony with honor makes teams, helps in building a support system, and gives confidence while new beginnings.

Love and Forgiveness

New beginning refuelers love and forgiveness: An abstract drawing of a lady in namaskar pose depicting forgiveness with message of uttam kshama
Let the heat of love melt the ego! Allow yourself to seek and accept forgiveness! Take your most difficult step to make your new beginning the easiest deal!

Love gives meaning to life by giving a reason to proceed ahead in the journey of life.

  • The love for parents boosts to make them feel proud.
  • The love for beloved ones makes one interchange the emotions and helping hands in the time of need.
  • Romantic love inspires one to work to impress.
  • The love for humanity drives one to minister to mankind.
  • The love for art gives you wings to achieve new levels.
  • The love for the nation passionates one to serve its people and the land.
  • The love for children stimulates one to arrange food.
Love keeps you moving no matter what. When love with one brethren or beloved one fails, the love of/for others preserves. Even when love destroys or puts you down, then too — love is the one that can make you overcome.

Let the love of/for someone be your motivation. It can come from anyone — mother, father, sister, friend, neighbor or brethren.

Without love, there is no motivation to perform an action. Love is the basic fuel that lifts up a person's desires. It makes one proceed ahead and succeed. It strengthens one for a new beginning after failures, the end of an event, or bad experiences.


New beginning refuelers nature and the natural: Love nature more illustration of cute mouse watering plants and gardening
Learn from nature how to grow forward despite the pebbles, high tides, hiccups, and halting energies!
Beautiful morning motivation: New beginning song singing bird with lyrics of love, hope, faith, care, and harmony
The morning motivation: New beginning song singing bird!
Let the happy notes of love, hope, faith, care, and harmony spread around!

Nature gives a message through its cycle of 24 hours every day. It offers mornings after 8 to 9 hours of dark.

The mornings are made to sing new beginning songs forgetting all the reasons that drag you backward.

One of the best refuelers is nature. It miraculously inspires one during the new beginnings. Read how...

  • A new season after the previous one and a new morning after a long night teaches the fashion of nature. It fixes in our hearts that the bright does come after the dark.
  • The growing plants and flowing water of rivers motivate us to keep going.
  • The one-side-flow of a fall secretly tells us to not look back in the past again and again. It encourages us to proceed in a forwarding direction only.
  • The up and downs of a mountain and the plainness of the land show us the reality of our life that how it offers us the bumpy rides and smooth ways during different events.
  • The high and low tides depict the ways of our spirit.
  • The green leaves, blue sky, brown sand, and various hues of flowers tell us how colorful is this universe and so do our qualities, uniqueness, talents, and the skills which make us special in our own ways.
Nature and the natural are the secret ingredients of a toothsome life.

Bright of the Mornings

Bright of the morning as a new beginning refueler: Beautiful morning inspiration by a happy bunny cartoon illustration
Ignite the bright of the morning in your mind and just BEGIN!
Mornings never fail to inspire during a new beginning.

Let’s do not moan thinking we will do this or that after taking a rebirth or after this or that. Let’s instead decide that we will restart life every next morning by singing the new beginning songs.

Stop shedding tears,
Leave the regrets and fears!

Drop the weight of heavy feelings,
And enjoy the new start every morning...
Because mornings are made to hum the new songs,
And for enjoying the New Beginnings!

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