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New Beginning Guide: 7 Archaic Refuelers

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Let’s do not moan thinking we will do this or that after taking a rebirth. Let’s instead decide that we will restart the life every next morning singing the new beginning songs.
Brainy thought: Mornings are made to sing new beginning songs! Illustration by Sneha Upadhyaya: A bird singing songs leaving floating music notes!
Thought of the Day: "Mornings Are Made to Sing New Beginning Songs!"
Illustration: A bird singing good morning songs and music notes are floating!

Sooner or later we all face situations which stuck our lives to a point from where moving on seems next to impossible. The betrayal of friends, failures in exams, unfulfilled job targets and avoidance of your feelings from your beloved ones are some situations that we all deal with every now and then. When we go through such an emotional catastrophe, it scatters us into pieces. Gathering yourself and arranging well in this life becomes a tough deal that takes months, and sometimes of years. It is perhaps not wrong if someone says it a layered stage of depression.

The fact is no human belongs to depression. We all deserve peace, pleasures, happiness, laughs, and positivity. We all need a flow in life where we can keep moving. We are worth of seeing the dark of nights only. The dark not at all belong to our inside.

Everyday nature gives a message through its cycle of 24 hours. It offers mornings after 8 to 9 hours of dark. The mornings are made to sing new beginning songs forgetting all the reasons that drag you backward.

They say that the show must go on because life doesn’t stop and time doesn’t halt. Then why we can’t step ahead leaving all the bitterness behind. Why we make our lives a stagnant pool which sees no flow or movement?

We often remember our almighty and ask “Why me?!” Sometimes we blame our God too that why he has written so much drama in our lives. Where the fact is, those downs come in life to arrange goods for our future. God never wants his children to moan. He has not sent us on this planet empty-handed. He had given us some keys to get over the bounded situation. Let's point them out and the mystery behind why they never faded and still work after many ages has passed.

  1. Hope and Positivity
  2. Whatsoever is your situation, hopes work well in all. You can rely on it in the time of exams, heart-breaks, broken relationships, delayed or pending status of a matter, need of healing, insecurities, failures, and any other incontrollable state or situation.

    It boosts the positivity which helps in keeping your spirits high. A weary spirit stops you, your growth, and thus any probability or possibility of a better situation. Perhaps that is why we are shown our future before. A mysterious future allows us to be optimistic about it, which keeps us hopeful.

    A person without hopes doesn't try again and waste the opportunities. A hopeful person not only remains aware and fresh to grab an opportunity but also create the new ones. The failures come however times, they cannot consume the success waiting at the end to meet you. You just need to keep going with your whole-hearted efforts.

    Hope and positivity together make a key that opens the paths of growth and leads you towards your desires.

  3. Faith with Thanksgiving
  4. Where all positive approaches fail and the hopes die, faith in God refuels, rebuilds, restores, revives, and rearranges you. If you have faith in God, you can win any battle of life. The Almighty is called with this word because He is really 'mighty in all'. He never fails, so His believer. He is faithful and worthy of believing because nothing is impossible 'with Him'. He removes the pebbles to make our paths straight and brings favors and honors.

    Practice thanksgiving in your daily life. This will make you count the mercies and supplies of the Almighty in the time of need in your past. It will also strengthen you in the faith of God that just as He helped you in the past, He will not abandon you in the present time of need and in the future too. It will increase your confidence in the very truth of your success.

    Faith makes you proactive in thanksgiving. Thanksgiving keeps you humble. Humbleness removes the ego that you can never taste a failure. The removal of the fear of failure makes you courageous for new beginnings.

  5. Care and Ministrations
  6. Supply your ministration to the needy. Serving your parents, family members, friends, neighbors, and the needy keeps you humble and grounded. It is said that whatsoever we sow, the same we reap. So harvest the warmth so that you also get back the same during your cold times.

    Also remember that you do not harvest right after sowing the seeds. One has to keep patience during the time of growth. So minister with patience, believing in the truthfulness of the eternal law. Help others so that you can be helped by the universe in your adverse times.

    Help someone in his/her new beginning and be a part of someone's success-story so that you can believe in your success as well when you take a new start.

  7. Harmony with Honor
  8. They say that humans are social animals. What makes us different from the animals is our nature of being social. We are made to live in the circle of our similar species with:

    • Following some commandments of God are called manners these days
    • Loving each other
    • Living in harmony by helping each other.

    We all know that systems, laws, and discipline are made for our good. Have you ever thought about what is that 'good' in following them? Single notes can't make a melody; they need harmony to become worthy of listening. In the same way, harmony in life makes us worthy of living by bringing happiness. When we get along together with people and be nice and useful to each other, it brings sense to life. Harmony is the essence and flow of a joyful life.

    When we help others, it develops the sense of worthiness and significance of our life in our own eyes. If we manage to live in harmony and helping others without allowing the ego or pride to come in between, it takes us to another level. People start to see a different aura around you and begin to honor you. The honor towards others while living in harmony brings back the honor multiplying it in with a great number. Alike harmony, the honor also makes us realize our worth in this world.

    Harmony with honor makes teams, helps in building a support system, and gives confidence while new beginnings.

  9. Love and Forgiveness
  10. Love gives meaning to life by giving a reason to proceed ahead in the journey of life. The love for parents boosts to make them feel proud. The love for beloved ones makes one interchange the emotions and helping hands in the time of need. Romantic love inspires one to work to impress. The love for humanity drives one to minister to mankind. The love for art gives you wings to achieve new levels. The love for the nation passionates one to serve its people and the land. The love for children stimulates one to arrange food.

    Love keeps you moving no matter what.

    Without love, there is no motivation to perform an action. Love is the basic fuel that lifts up a person's desires. It makes one proceed ahead and succeed. It strengthens one for a new beginning after failures, the end of an event or bad experiences.

  11. Nature
  12. One of the best refuelers is nature. It miraculously inspires one for new beginnings. A new season after the previous one and a new morning after a long night teaches the fashion of natural. It fixes in our hearts that the bright does come after the dark. The growing plants and flowing water of rivers motivate us to keep going. The one-side-flow of a fall secretly tells us to not look back in the past again and again. It encourages us to proceed in forwarding direction only.

    The up and downs of a mountain and the plainness of the land show us the reality of our life that how it offers us the bumpy rides and smooth ways during different events. The high and low tides depict the ways of our spirit. The green leaves, blue sky, brown sand, and various hues of flowers tell us how colorful is this universe and so do our qualities, uniqueness, talents, and the skills which make us special in our own ways.

    Nature and the natural are the secret ingredients of a toothsome life.

  13. Bright of the Mornings
  14. Mornings never fail to inspire during a new beginning.

    Let’s do not moan thinking we will do this or that after taking a rebirth or after this or that. Let’s instead decide that we will restart the life every next morning singing the new beginning songs. Stop shedding tears, leave regrets behind, drop the weight of heavy feelings and enjoy the new start every morning because mornings are made to hum new beginning songs.

    And soon you will feel that all your days have a good morning!

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