How to Move On Guide: 7 Unapproached Brain Revivers

Sometimes, Move On are two words that seem too heavy. Let's make it easier with this amazing guide and remove the 'impossible' from our dictionary in no time.
Move on quote illustration by Sneha: Move On Before the Doors Get Closed Forever
Quote: "Move on before the doors get closed forever!"
Illustration: A boy standing next to a closed door!

Move on are the easiest words to say and the toughest words to apply in your own situation. While facing this challenge in life, we know that we are in the wrong way and the destination of living a happy life is nowhere to be found in the same way.

We know the issue; we know the solution too. Then where do we lack and what are those tweaks that we miss to approach? This Snehpost shares those unapproached key formulas to get re-aligned with the better life — a happy life.

7 Brain Reviving Formulas to Move On


In hopeless situations, almost everyone suggests to let-go and move forward but no one tells — ‘how’. They say right but don’t tell how to cope up and move on when:

  1. Brain gets stuck because of the heavy traffic of thoughts.
  2. The body stops responding because of no hope in life.
  3. Heart resists listening to you because it is busy gathering its own broken pieces.
  4. Spirit sucks because it — itself — is sucked and no willpower is left.

The situation is whatsoever:

  1. Failure in exams or profession
  2. Heart-break because of friends or family
  3. Broken relationships in hope or outside
  4. People bidding farewell from life or the world
  5. Hopelessness from yourself or others…

…There is no specific remedy to heal your heart, soul, and spirit to fix your body mechanism and happiness. There is just ‘one’ brainy way to follow which is - "Moving On". But how?! Let’s know some brain-reviving formulas to overcome such situations.

Align with Time

Move on by doing what is to be done: Cartoon illustration of crying girl sitting idle vs active girl on time to move ahead with umbrella ready and aligned with clock
Align with time and do what is to be done: Choose 'On Time' not 'No Time'!

Life brings many ups and downs in our lives. We deal with every big or small event gracefully and move on because we know today will become history tomorrow.

But some situations bind us with time and compel us to stick to the past events

It gets tough to walk with weighing their heavyweight. As a result, we either stop at one place or walk as slowly as if we are still. So the destination waits? Does time wait? Do the arms of clocks stop? No!

What Happens When We Stop but the Flow Doesn’t?

Three things never stop for anyone:

  1. The flow of time
  2. Lives of other
  3. The universe

But if we do, we start to leave life events pending, delaying, and lingering.

As much as we allow this time gap to widen itself, it becomes tougher to bridge the gap over time.

It’s better to take action now. Try as much hard as you can to fix the things until and unless you get assured that it is not going to work. Once assured, waste no time and take your first step to make a new beginning.

The first step is all that you need to take for a situation better.

…And you are aligned with the time.

That's it? Yes, it is. When you shun the time, it also spurns you. In the same way, the moment you start to align with time, it also begins to support you in going with the flow. So you just need to make a start quickly and proceed calmly to let the time do the rest.

Welcome the Change: Appreciate the Universe When It Helps

How to move on when past memories dragging girl to dark night vision: Abstract illustration of girl lost in dark of bad past memories (Wake up message for you belong to colors, not dark of nights)
Close the old book and pick a new notebook to write new memories!

There is nothing in this world that will wait or which is eternal. Neither any stuff nor any person, nor any sentiment.

Incidents change into memories. Some memories become a pleasure and some, regrets. Over time, the regrets become lessons and later experiences. The cycle of time fades every color and sometimes it vanishes too.

In the meantime, many doors of hope, bright and opportunities open. Who says second chances don’t exist. They do exist.

Who says one can’t pass a dark way? Won’t that dark night end and the sun will rise?

But if someone just closes the eyes, both night and morning will be a huge dark for those eyes. But if someone is willing to find the bright and moving patiently with opened, hopeful eyes, is there a power that can stop the sun raises reaching him? Can someone stop him from seeing the brightness of the morning? No! If you have willed to move on, you will find the ways too.

And if you have really willed but do not know where to start, then start with the following steps:

  1. Accept change by accepting reality.
  2. Realize the law of time with hopefulness and positivity — Now will become the past just after this very moment and this all will fade in the bright of the next morning.
  3. Understand the importance of yourself and your beautiful life.

Spoof It

How to move on guide with illustration of let it go as the firm determined girl allowing to cut her long hair
It is "always" in your hands to allow and welcome that 'change'. Cut the tangled crap for welcoming the 'upcoming good'.

There are doors of every way. But to walk on is necessary for getting over. We just need to step further to reach or find that door.

You will find people saying, "life is too long" and you will find those too, who say, "life is too short". The time is running for some, and some others say the time has stopped.

Time never runs fast or slow, it walks at the same pace every time. It is us who stop or lead and make perceptions about life as per the ongoing events.

Remember how it appears when we journey on a train? If our train is just still and another train is running just next to our track, it appears as if our train is moving.

In the same way, some incidents make us precept that life is halted, but the fact is there are doors waiting in between the journey.

Move on before the doors get closed forever!

Let's learn how to 'spoof it' when the situations give you a tough time!

  • S: Stop and let go
  • P: Probe how you can get rid of a bad situation
  • O: Open the Doors for welcoming a new beginning
  • O: Opportunities are right there. Analyze and find the best one among the available ones.
  • F: Fix the situation by taking your first step.

Learn to Deal

quick steps on how to move on and learn to deal with situation: Cartoon illustration of a boy marking right with a huge pencil on an actionable checklist with bullet points accept, forgive, bless, love, let go
Have you ever taken the challenge of not only forgiving but also blessing the same one whoever hurt you? Take it now and realize what wonderful changes it brings into your life!
Maintaining relationships while an adverse situation is not less than an art.

Many break themselves while breaking the relationships with a friend, family member, or any other close ones. Have got any bad memory associated with a person? Deal with such a situation with these 5 steps:

  1. Accept

    Every human is a human first. Understand that there are many aspects that work behind a human performing any action. A person's nature, upbringing, the journey of life, experiences, people in the circle, and many other circumstances play a vital role in how a person behaves and what one speaks. Accept that human nature itself is something very complex, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. A person himself cannot understand what he does and why he chooses certain words in a specific situation. So...

  2. Forgive

    It doesn't matter a person deserves your forgiveness or not, you deserve a weightless heart, a life free of bitterness. Forgiveness is never for the one who commits a mistake or hurts you. It is for the victim's peace. So for your own happiness's sake, forgive the guilty and your haters.

  3. Bless

    Blessing your haters, enemies, and guilty is not a gesture, it is a level to achieve. Once you gain it you become a victorious soul, a winner in this world. This era is witnessing a crooked and twisted generation so we are. There are a few only who are carrying the burden of righteousness and values. So people really need good wishes. Spread blessings with love so that the universe gets compelled to give you back what you are giving.

  4. Love

    Everyone and everything so that you live around the warmth of it. When you love others, you make a beautiful aura around you. It circulates care and hopes in the atmosphere, keeping it lighter and happier.

  5. Let Go

    Once you learn to accept the truth, forgive and bless who hurts you, and love your surroundings, letting go becomes very easy, so the heavy-looking task of "moving on".

Love Nature and the Natural

happy girl who moved on by enjoying and embracing nature, natural: a beautiful night landscape in background
Embrace nature and let it heal you with its serenity!

Respect, appreciate, and love nature and the natural. Nature inspires us to move on and get rid of a fixed position. Think of the sun and the moon, day and the nights, time and the years, growing and fading tree leaves, blooming and falling flowers, flowing streams and falls of water, moving, and drizzle-giving clouds.

They all silently teach us the law of nature which is 'Moving on' regardless of the time, situation, and mood. They always do what is to be done without complaining because they know a season will change, so the circumstances.

Go Through the 3-Fold Healing

Move on, let, and make a new start having the faith and hopes in God's promise: Isaiah 43 verse 18 to 19 KJV bible verse illustration of a boy finding river in desert and spring in the wilderness (Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.)
Let the Word of God manifest its promise in your life of bringing your peace back and making a situation better!

A human needs 3 types of healings:

  1. Healing of the body after a disease or disorder
  2. Healing of soul after its sickness and infliction
  3. Healing of the spirit after an illness that makes one feel low

Alike the healing of the body with the help of medicines and care, our soul and spirit also need help and care. Where a soul gets better through a happy emotional state, a spirit needs strength, courage, and self-power to fix its affected state.

Keep yourself free and unaffected from the emotional traumas and dramas of day-to-day life. Take a new start every morning to wash away the irritating dust of worldly issues.

Give some spiritual food to your soul so that your spirit can experience the freshness. Let your spirit get rid of the tiredness and sluggishness with the power of the Word of God. They are not just for the older ones. They are equally relevant during the phase of youth too. They extend your expansion of thinking and give you a broader aspect of life. After that, any life event seems too small in comparison to the entire life. It helps in moving on, making you see your trouble merely as one of many life events.

Reverse All the Initial 6 Approaches in a Different Way

how move on need you to love yourself, nature and natural: Cartoon illustration of a happy bunny with wide open arms in greenery around, saying  — the new me
Make 'no delay' in getting your 'Happy Version' back!
  • Be timeless and free yourself from worldly worries.
  • Become rebellious and swipe away the negative changes
  • Don't let people make spoofs of your life story.
  • Belong to no one and speak lesser for some time so that you can gather yourself and your life back to the happy zone. It is wise because one bad event invites a bad mood. And the bad mood invites many other bad events. Don't let this chain entangle you.
  • Learn to get hurt for hurting yourself. "Love yourself" like you never before.
  • Go against your own nature which stops you after a heartbreak or hurt because of people and the adverse situations of life. Say to yourself, 'No more stress, trauma, negativity, or drama!' Say to your life, 'I am ready to move ahead with the new and refreshing spirit!'
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