Tension Removing Mantras: 25 Handpicked Rescuers

Check out some amazing mental tension relieving mantras for getting rid of stress, the uninvited brain companion! Try them to mitigate the effects of stress and diminish the mood swing!
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A girl sitting upset due to mental tension and stress!

25 Tension Removing Ideas to Pick Now


Mental tension is that snake that loves our brain chamber and so keeps visiting it without invitation. But can a human do friendship with such a poisonous reptile called mental tension? No. The worst side of this is even if we manage to banish it once, there is no guarantee that it will not rear its head again.

If getting too much stress is not a part of your life, feeling low is something that comes from even mood swings. Here you are some amazing mental tension relieving mantras that will help you find ways for getting rid of stress, an uninvited brain companion! Try them to mitigate the effects of tensions and diminish the mood swings.

Give Tension Relieving Job to Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates contain antioxidants and help you to feel better and calm. Always keep some with you as an emergency supply. The best part of this mental tension relieving trick is you don’t need to give extra effort for this. Eating something as delicious as chocolates is the easiest job to perform, which never disappoints you and always gives only sweetness to taste and feel.

Just Finish the Job Which Is Giving You Mental Tension

Many times humans act more than action. We keep saying we have a lot of work and things to accomplish and keep worrying instead of just finishing that. We don’t even realize when our worries convert to stress.

So the best mental tension relieving mantra is doing the work that worries.

Go Sporty

Games are fantastic stress busters who kill mental tension and give a fit body at the same time. You choose any outdoor or indoor game like cards, badminton, chess, or cricket, playing them makes you so much engrossed and involved that you almost forget about all your causes of mental tension and feel free of stress. So go for playing any game, but play. It will make you do exercise and also be great fun.

Invest Time in Your Hobbies

Hobbies are not just for passing your leisure time. It is an amazing mental tension relieving way that can transform your mental state completely. Instead of worrying and taking tension, give some space to your hobbies which will make you do something productive and ultimately give you happiness. And where there is happiness, no room lefts for worrying, sorrows, and tensions.

Add Beauty in Your Surrounding

Introduce some beautiful flowers to the place where you spend most of your time in the house. Other than playing the role of a beautifying or decorating element, flowers will also bring colors to your life. When we are under stress or any tension, we often gaze at walls or any stuff around us while thinking about our problems and issues. When your eyes wander around in such a situation, how about finding the beautiful flowers around you at that time? They are worth looking at and relaxing.

There might not be a direct connection of flowers with mental tension relieving techniques, yet they are the sure-shot way to make your mood lifted, giving you a sense of pleasure.

Get Cozy

Wear what makes you feel lighter, sit at what gives you comfort, and eat what perks your mood up. Whatever surroundings and circumstances you are in, don’t compromise with your comfy zone. Feel as cozier as you can. When your body will feel relaxed, it will make a positive impact on your brain too, and help in relieving the mental tension.

Adore the Endless Sea: Get Closer to Serenity of Nature

If you live in a city that offers you the pleasant sights of endless water through any sea, pond, river, or fall, visit the serene and get closer to nature.

Watching the beauty of the seawater soothes the eyes. If you can dip your legs by hanging them in the water, bingo! It will help you to feel calm and make your entire body stress-free. Going for a dive is indeed great if it’s possible there.

It affects not only your eyes, legs, or body, watching the endless water of the sea makes you understand that how wide and vast this nature is; and we are just a small part of it. It will give you a broader view of life and you will be able to see the bigger picture. You will realize that your tensions exist nowhere and are so smaller to worry about.

If you don’t live near such a place, just step out of your place and you will find the beauty of nature everywhere.

If you don’t have the mood to go out and want to be in your cozy home, go online, and watch any video of a beautiful place, resort, etc. Change your wallpaper and let your mobile be brighter with the colors of nature.

Fix Loose Threads for Getting Organized

Every so often it happens that we feel stressed without any reason. This might happen because of the following reasons:

  1. There are unorganized threads in your life, such as your cupboard is always messed and each time you struggle for finding out your dress.
  2. Every time you have a threat inside that you are forgetting something, such as grocery before leaving out for the market.
  3. You are skipping your jobs because of mismanagement, such as when you are supposed to do yoga, suddenly you remember that you have to go for laundry.
  4. Your personal and professional life is not balanced.

The above problems can cause great stress and there is only one solution for all of them. Getting organized is the sure-shot mental tension-relieving mantra for all such miss-management related troubles.

For being managed, start to make a to-do list of your jobs, be it the list of grocery or daily meetings or daily chores. Merge this list with your schedule. Mention every big to small chore in it so that you can feel relieved from remembering all the jobs all the time and can focus on your current work.

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Feel the Music: Learn a New Music Instrument

Image titled Mental Tension Relieving Mantras: Boy listening music on headphone, having spike hair and peach seatshirt and music beats around in the air in background of cartoon illustration
A boy enjoying listening to music on headphones!

Enjoying good music is a rocking mental tension-relieving mantra. Listen to your favorite tracks. You can also try a new genre. Go offbeat.

If listening to a song doesn’t seem appealing, try to learn a new musical instrument. Either join a class or take the help of online classes or YouTube. You will not even know when you reached into another world where there are no clues of tensions and you are completely relieved finding yourself between notes.

Go for Natural Herbal Remedies

If relieving from mental tension always becomes a long-term job for you, get your natural herbal remedies in order. Don’t forget to keep some extra for backup and use them before your stress takes you to the streets of depression.

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Don’t Sit Idle

Gazing at walls or looking at something continuously can only take you to a world of gloom. Get physical. One of the best mental tension relieving options is doing chores or managing the home or doing something for better health. Walk fast in your backyard, maintain your plants in the garden, cook your favorite dish, do meditation or yoga, brainstorm, and write or clean your house. Go for anything that you feel like doing, but don’t sit numb. Get involved so that you can sense the world around you which has many other interesting things than your crap thoughts full of tension and irritation.

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See the Broader Perspective

This life is too long and the world is too big. Realize this fact. Think of big problems that had come in your life in the past and understand that just like those all, the existing problem is also not everlasting. If it has come, it will go out of life too. Relieving from mental tension is important for your health too. Give space to yourself and give time to your problems. Nature is a very good healer; let it do its work if nothing is working. See the broader view of life.

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Charge Yourself

The feelings of excitement can easily replace any of your emotions. Charging yourself and changing mood are also two amazing mental tension relieving mantras that works quickly. Kick out your stress with your inner motivation and positivity. When you will have a strong will of living happy, any cause of tension will come on its knee and go away. Have spirits of facing your problems and believe that you can defeat your mental tensions. When you will be that charged, stress will never dare to knock the doors of your brain.

Hush Up the Constant Chatter

When two people talk, there are only two thoughts or opinions are discussed, but when our mind thinks, it becomes a chatterbox in which too many thoughts flow with a constant chatter going on.

Stop thinking too much so that your mind can relax from the continuous flow of thoughts.

Change Your Perspective

One of the best mental tension relieving mantras is changing the way you percept about people and situations. Take every life event as a learning opportunity. Step back and think again about all the perspectives related to the situation and associated people. Share your views with elders, friends, or on whomsoever you trust. Take their points of view as well. This way and such analysis will grow you as a person and expand your vision. This will also help you in taking the right decision for eliminating the tension and related problem.

Share the Weight of Your Tension with a Loyal, Trustworthy Friend

If your mind is too blocked to think of a solution for your tension, let one more head come in. Speak to your best friend and share your burden of tension. This is the time for which savors called friends exist in our life. Even if they don’t have a solution to your problem, they will surely reduce your tension. And yes, remember this helping hand and extend beck when your friend needs you in the future.

Fix Something to Boost Yourself

Crack small crackers to boost your confidence before you crack bigger bombs. Fix something else that has nothing to do with the origin of your mental tension. It is a therapeutic trick to make you realize that you can solve your troubles and mend things. It can be anything from changing the wall of any pipe to visiting a cobbler to repair your favorite boots. You just need to take action towards killing the stressing beast, instead of just letting their fear rule on your head.

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Choose to Read: Absorb words of a Good Book, Novel, or Biography

Mental Tension Relieving books and novel in a room filled with light and greenery in the illustration
Illustration of a pile of reading books with a flower vase near them!

Books, especially any novel or biography are an amazing medium of visualizing the life and world in a completely transformed way. Books that contain the lifetime experiences of people who reached from scratch to the sky give amazing motivation and new perspectives. They not only enhance knowledge but also inspire to deal with the problems courageously.

Read to get aware and know the facts of life that everyone has to face challenges and go through stressful affairs. Yes, their situations and tension drivers may not be similar to yours, but it can be pretty perking to know how courageously and gracefully they dealt with their problems and came out of a stressful situation.

Take a Sauna Bath to Reduce Mental Tension

This is a mental tension relieving mantra which hardly fails as a sauna bath and stress are like two swords that can’t reside in the same sheath. Sauna relaxes your muscles from heat and sweating action relieves body toxins. Going to the gym can also be helpful in reducing mental tension which gives added benefits of good physic too.

Share Smiles and Laughs

As laugh and stress are two opposite poles, switching from tensed to laughing state is pretty tough at a time. If no comic book, funny jokes, or comedy movie work, watch a cartoon film. If they also do not seem obvious to laugh, then smile at how stupid they are.

If the all above seem irritating in your stressful condition, make weird faces in front of the mirror, jump for no reason, go out to ring the doorbells of your neighbor, and hide (Don’t make it a habit). Going crazy will give you a laugh or not, but a smile will be compelled to come on your lips and you will find yourself lighter and happening.

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Visit a Farm or Vegetable Market

Seize the opportunities where you can go near nature or near those who live nearer to nature. This shows an amazingly simple face of the world and helps to simplify the complexities of your tensions too. Talk to farmers about their products and trade. This is not to realize that they are less privileged in money, opportunities, and materialistic goods; this is to introduce you to a simpler and easier approach towards life. It is to feel closer to earth which is feeding us to survive. The biggest benefit of this visit is you will get to eat something fresh which is locally grown. So next time when you feel bad and stressed, try this unusual mental tension-relieving mantra.

Go for a Trip: Have Fun!

Mostly the problems are not that bigger to weigh the entire mountain of tensions. It is your head that makes a pile of negative thoughts and you start to feel low.

Do we take medicine if the fever is not high? Then why do we take tension when it is not needed that bad?

Let some fun get in and perk up your life. Planning and executing a trip can take you to another world that has no worries, but enjoyment.

Here the motto is not to escape from your troubles but to realize that the most ace feeling is happiness. We live for reaching that happy world and the tensions do not belong to that world of joys. They are indeed irrelevant in life. Why not face life challenges, problems, and troubles graciously with a happy and light mood? As tensions can never benefit in any way, then why give them space in life?

Take Help of Digital World!

YouTube makers would have never aimed to provide the audience with a tension relieving technique, but they did it unknowingly. Yes, you read right! The digital world has everything to serve from entertainment, fun, and sports to motivation and ideas. Whatever is your interest, type on its search panel and you can get amazing results in your area. Make a playlist from those videos. This list can be of anything: funny clips, favorite songs, or motivational videos. Save this in your account and enjoy your favorite videos back to back, queued as per your interests. This is a superb mental tension relieving mantra that can send you to another world where you can feel connected, relaxed, calmer, and happier.

“Tensions are Clung to Me, Nothing Is Working Out, What to Do?”

There are problems that are not made to get resolved. We try every possible way and do it really hard, but nothing gives us peace. If you are also facing such a state, take a break from it. Take it as a holiday or leave from those problematic thoughts. Realize one fact with the help of the Word of God below!

"When he opens no one will shut,
When he shuts no one will open."
- Isaiah 22:22 (Bible)

Possible Reason: Why Your Problems Aren't Ending

Let me give you a different perspective about the possible plans of God by sharing a story!

Once there was an orphan boy in the business of collecting and selling the old-iron-items. At a point in his life, his workers betrayed him and this business stopped working. He tried everything to make it a success but his every effort failed. People declared this righteous boy a failure. He kept asking God how the creation of a perfect God can be such a drastic failure and how come that a righteous one got betrayed and found suffering in the results. He was lost, broken, and depressed. He found himself and his life just worthless and ruined.

But he was a child of God. He didn't give up and became a servant at a jeweler's shop. One day, the jeweler fell ill. As he had no child, there was no one to serve him. The boy served this man very well and the jeweler saw his son in him. He adopted him and made the boy his heir.

The boy who was into a business became a businessman to servant and then servant to a businessman again.

The evident story ends here, but let me take your attention to the untold part of the story!

  1. Think, what if the boy wouldn't have tried to choose this new job as which businessman would like to become a servant? No meeting with the jeweler! No transformation! So one should never give up; and if required, humble yourself. Work is work. Never find a work big or small or not as per your self-esteem. Do your work to glorify your God, and for Him.
  2. God never fails to answer. When He closes one gate, He opens the other one that can't be closed by anyone. Well, these are not my words, but the Word of God says so in the scripture. Take another reference where this truth appears!
  3. "I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close."
    - Revelation 3:8 (Bible)
    You are no one to continue around "Iron" if God has chosen "Gold" for you.
  4. When He allows the situation to take something from you, He restores also, and that too with multiple folds. Notice, the boy not only got a new job but also found a new relation, indeed a family. And ultimately, he found a business too (not of iron but indeed of "Gold"). This is how God restores. This is His style.
  5. It is your relation, business, job, personal stuff, health, or any other aspect...remember this broader perspective and have faith in your creator even when He doesn't seem to answer. He has always got good plans for you. So, maintain your peace and joy in Him. No situation or cause of tension can remain forever. It has to pass and it is the universal law.

The Mighty Lesson

When you find a gate closed which key is lost and you see no way to find that too, search for a window. Sometimes we keep shrinking and draining without any hope of mending. We don’t take our eyes off from there. We don’t try to look around even for once to realize that there are other ways too. There is another window too, which can give you indeed more light.

At the same time, follow the below key-verse in your adversaries!

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."
- Romans 12:12 (Bible)
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When tension sticks to you, neglect them keeping yourself happy with the hope of better new things. Go slow or take tiny steps, but don't stop stepping ahead. Do your part of the action and wait patiently with belief in God's mighty hand upon you.

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Make Distance from the Cause of Mental Tension

Standing tough and fighting from the situation is not a wise way always to deal with the problem. Sometimes going away from the person and situation is also a good step. And you can come back to resolve your issues later when your stress level is in your control. Here, there is one thing that you need to be clear about. This trick is not for avoiding the problem, but it is for finding the better solution which can come to light only if you will control your brain bringing it to a calm state first.

I hope some of the above tension relieving mantras will help you in reducing stress and relieving anxiety! Have a tension-free day ahead!

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