11 Reasons Why You Need to be Unique

Be unique instead of best. Because being best just makes you no. 1, but being unique makes you the only one! Know the other reasons why you need...
Reasons why you need to be unique: Colorful flowers' illustration with a quote on being unique
'Being unique' quote illustration: "Be unique instead of best. Because being best just makes you no. 1, but being unique makes you the only one!"

11 Good Reasons to be Unique


The news channels get active if two actresses are caught in the same dress and that news goes viral too.

Forget celebs; ask a girl, who is going to shop a topper, that what is the importance of uniqueness. A flood comes but her dress must not resemble her other friend’s dress in style or pattern. It is indeed a nightmare for two girls to be in exactly the same attires at a birthday party. They want uniqueness in their costumes to set a different identity.

Think, if a dress can bring so much drama to a girl’s life then what about the identity of us humans? Don’t we also need to be unique in our own ways to make our own, different identities?

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Know below, the 11 reasons why you need to be unique!

Uniqueness is Opposite of Boringness

Imagine the whole world in the same white t-shirt and blue jeans. It appears boring like our school uniforms right at first thought. Now imagine the homes of every one of us with the same interiors. Again it seems unimaginably boring imagination.

Here lies the answer for us too. Being unique saves you from getting boring.

Being Unique Means No Fear of Copyright Infringement

We all have a unique essence imprinted. Still many times we go opposite our biorhythm and try to be like someone other. Sometimes others seem to us to be more attractive in their personality. We copy them to be attractive like them. But is it possible to copy someone’s charm or attractiveness? Sounds silly!

If a music composer copies the music of other composer’s songs, we bring storms in his life, complain at social networking sites, and drag him to a state like a courtroom drama is going on.

Think, why do you feel so uncomfortable while following, adopting, or copying someone? This happens because we have a sense of thief inside us which makes us feel discomfit.

Don’t let yourself be trapped in those copyright infringement issues. They are going to give you nothing except grey. So don’t be taken. Be yourself. Be unique.

Your Own Unique Character Boosts Your Confidence

Have you ever felt the power of being in your own Tashan? When you say, “I don’t care. This is how I am and I love it!”, it adds a lot of weight to you and your personality. Owning your own unique character is the ultimate confidence booster. Don’t you believe it? Try yourself for a day!

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'Being You' is a Swag

Everyone has got a unique style. When you learn to present that with confidence in front of the world, it becomes a 'Swag'.

Most of us are fed with an aim from childhood. You will find elders advising, "Be like that doctor, how successful he is!" "Why don't you do an MBA? Look at him who did that and got a great package."

Sometimes we are not fed, we are over-inspired and indeed infected. And we think, "Can't I become like that Hollywood star?" "I wish I could get a life of that cricketer!"

It is not bad to get motivation from others but a craving or fuss for becoming a "ditto copy" or willing to get their life doesn't help. If the world already has one, there is no need for the same "another one".

We all have got a unique talent, a different unique quality, and our own swag of that uniqueness. One just needs to identify and polish that.

Haven't we all given the unique fingerprints?!

Your success exists in your own swag of being what you are.

You Can Enjoy Your Comfort Zone

When you are ‘you’ it is the most comfortable state of living, behaving, and presenting yourself. You enjoy that easiness and comfy state from your core which lets you breathe.

You Get Your Identity with Your Uniqueness

Reasons you need to be unique: Cartoon illustration of a beautiful cute tweety in cap saying I am awesome
"I am awesome! Because I am unique."

What you wear shows your style; how you decorate your room shows your lifestyle; what you eat shows your taste; but what you behave like, gives you an identity. It is the fundamental of yours and there is nothing like being attached to your base or roots.

Being Different is Not Bad

Being different is good because It establishes your identity. Many a time we start to see ourselves through others’ eyes, especially those who don’t like us. It makes us obsessed. We start to put questions about why we are so different and not normal. We change ourselves to please them. Why do we forget at such a moment that no person is normal in real; we all are crazy in our own ways.

The same identity can be reflected as both good and bad because it depends on the perceiver that how he makes your identity in his mind, which bases on various events and circumstances.

We all have haters. Does it mean we all are bad people? No, because we all have friends and well-wishers too. Then, why should we change our identity because of those haters? Be you for those who are yours and love you for the way your identity is.

Uniqueness Makes Followers

Who doesn’t like followers? Adding admirers to your count is one of the most pleasing feels in today’s digital world. If you are active on any social networking site, it means you are also caught by the charm of this game.

Do not forget that people do not follow someone who is taken by some other one. They follow a trendsetter; a person who has something unique and fresh.

To Solve the Purpose of Getting this Life

We have two ways to follow- either our own or of others. Following a way on which the legends have gone once is good because they tasted success, but here comes a “but”.

Abdul Kalam Azad shinned unimaginably and if just that’s why you want to follow his footsteps, you might be in trouble because you might not be good with the science stream. Maybe your personality is your plus and you are made to become a model. Second, everyone has his or her own circumstances, capabilities, restrictions, and opportunities which work in combined form to lead you in a direction.

Use your own brain and value your own opinions too. You might have had taken birth to fulfill some other purpose. So don’t just go on. You are not Part of Herd; you are not a Sheep!

Do you know what that story of sheep denotes? Why do teachers, parents, friends, and other biggies suggest avoiding becoming sheep or follow the Beda move? They want you to be a leader, problem-solver, or mentor who guides, not just pursues. They want you to set your own boundaries, shine with your own meaningful perspectives.

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Being Different Makes Creators, Innovators, and Trendsetters

Being different makes you "think different" and differently. We live in the same world, but despite the way we see the world, it is different. It happens because of our different approaches and here lies the uniqueness of our being. When we encounter our surround in our own way, we find new things and make us create and innovate.

The world would have never been this if Albert Einstein and people like him would not have thought differently. Many people say that he had a bigger mind that made him an achiever. Very few understand what is beneath the surface. It was not the mind; it was his approach to see the things in his own way, differently and uniquely, which made them legends.

Your Uniqueness is a Gift, a Matter of Celebration

Even if someone doesn’t like your opinion, you should feel good about putting your views in front of a person. You should realize this as a gift of God that you also can think; indeed you also have a brain to think. And what can be better than rejoicing and celebrating for having such a precious gift? And if a gift is so useful, beautiful, and powerful, why one should hold from flaunting it?

Don't give space to any fear that stops you from being yourself. Have faith in God that if he has designed you 'unique', there is some reason and his will is also incorporated into this idea.

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Cherish your uniqueness. It is potent.

You might be one of two: either unique or a copier, one of the herd. If you are not unique yet, remember you have the potential to become one. If you don’t have enough confidence right now, have faith in your creator. God can’t be mistaken while designing you. He has made you different if you are born as a human. You have unlimited strengths. Your uniqueness or identity is not lost, but latent. You just need to explore and have some confidence. Be a sport, be a little bit courageous and you will see that you are “you”, “unique”, “different”, and “special”.

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