Purpose of Life: 5 Uninstructed Reasons of Not Knowing

Nobody guides, instructs, or motivates us to know the purpose of our lives. Know why you don't know it yet and how to start this real and most adventurous journey of life.
purpose of life: reasons of not knowing: man in hat and overcoat on adventurous journey of pursuing dreams to meet life's purpose: cartoon by Sneha
Quote: “No journey is as adventurous as the journey of pursuing your own dream.”
Illustration: A man in an overcoat and hat with buildings in the background (On the journey to know the purpose of Life)!

5 Reasons for Not Knowing the Purpose of Your Life


When You Don’t Know the Purpose of Your Life

Many of us follow other’s dreams. Some pursue the passions of their parents or friends, and there are some who keep switching their purpose of life every couple of years. If you will ask the girls about their hobbies, most of the girls will answer that it is singing, dancing or cooking. If you will ask the same question to the guys, most of them will say that traveling and bike riding drives them.

I wonder, there are thousands of things to do in this world, then how do most of the girls and guys share so similar 3 or 5 common interests?!

Eye Opener: 5 Possible Reasons of Not Being Able to Know the Purpose of Life

Now is the time to know the purpose of your life. Identify what is stopping you from chasing your own goals.

There are 5 probable reasons that you are growing no dream or other’s dreams, not yours:

You Believe Walking in One Direction Like Sheep will be a Safe Move

Be You meaning: Being unique, being different, being you illustration of herd walking as sheep in beda move (Cartoon by Sneha)
"There is beauty in being you, being unique, doesn't matter how different are you, or your approach!"
Illustration of being unique: An illustration of Beda Move (sheep walk). Have you noticed the difference in the differently taken move? Isn't it standing out from the others?!

Unknowingly and unfortunately you have also become a part of the Beda Move (Bhed Chaal). Remember — you are an individual and have got a brain, a heart, a unique skill or talent. Some realize this fact and take a step too, but do not take their journey to the end, giving up in between. Have confidence in yourself that if "you" have chosen a direction for yourself, you have ample strength to walk in too. Be different because you have got a different set of skills, talents, and abilities than others.

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You Are Not Daring Enough to Play Your Own Game

The biggest mistake that we commit in our life is — we don’t want to understand the difference between ‘being inspired’ and ‘being pursued’.

We want to play safe substantially and so follow someone else’s path who has tasted success in that field. Taking inspiration from someone is good, but if you have started copying the same and pursuing the exact path, you need to revisit your heart. Be courageous to play your own move because only this will lead to you the ultimate bliss.

Your Emotions Are Not Allowing You to See the Reality

If you are emotionally weak, this can be your biggest weakness in life. This might be a strong reason behind not trying to know the purpose of your life. You fit in your brain from childhood that what your parents have achieved, if you get that, you are done.

Or maybe you started walking from where your parents stopped. You are following the unfulfilled dream of your parents or grandparents to please them and make them proud. It doesn’t matter what you are capable of and in what field your talent, capacity, and skills are.

Are You Choosing and Picking Carefully!

Our motto is not to oppose your beloved ones or to avoid their wills and wishes. If your skills support and you also like that stream, do go for that. But if your heart drives to somewhere else and your brain has the weight of their unfulfilled desires, you can never find peace in the war of heart and brain. Listen to your heart this time.

Come out of that shell where you are weighing the weight of someone’s dream because you can’t walk longer with a load of a broken heart. Who knows you can do wonders and make them more proud in the field of your interests.

Quote on Following Dreams:
“If you are following the dreams of someone else, you are faking and fooling others and yourself.”

You are Fighting an Uninvited War

Does the success of your cousin, friend, or competitor — who has been challenging you from childhood — make you feel jealous and envious? Is it motivating you to follow the same path so that you can also prove to yourself that you can do better than them?

If such a hidden bug is pushing you to an uninvited challenge or battle, give yourself some peace by relaxing for a sec. Brainstorm what are you doing. It is about your life which you are spoiling in pacifying your self-ego. Yes, it is just a sense of ‘self’. Come on, we are not born to battle or to prove ourselves to someone else. What matters to you should be your own ‘inner being’ which suffers if we choose to live in the heat of jealousy and antagonism or such foolish and unrealized challenges.

You Need Some Boost and Motivation

How to boost confidence: Goofproof steps to walk confidently: Be proud and confident, not afraid or ashamed quote cartoon illutration
Be proud and confident of what you are!

Are you are not courageous and confident enough to walk on your own way to achieve your own dream and goals of life? Yes, you are!

Make a new beginning New Beginning Guide: 7 Archaic RefuelersNew Beginning Guide: 7 Archaic Refuelers from here by choosing one or more ways from the following:

  1. Start working on developing your self-confidence.
  2. Get some motivation from books, biographies, your own idols, parents, legends, successful personalities, or from your own past.
  3. Recall your achievement of personal or professional life. It can be small praise or compliment too. Find out that source of the spark which can provide you confidence and courage to lead towards the purpose of your life.
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How to Boost Confidence: 20 Goofproof Steps

Trust me; nothing is going to work when it comes to feeling happy from the soul. Only fulfilling your own dreams can give you extreme happiness, nothing else. Do what is to be done and follow the path where your efficiency and qualities are worth it.

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