'Be You' Meaning: What Does Being Unique Mean Actually?

Being unique with your own sole identity doesn’t mean becoming your own fashion designer and stylist to create your own style. Learn the real meaning of being you!
Be You meaning: Being unique, being different, being you illustration of herd walking as sheep in beda move (Cartoon by Sneha)
"Be you by enjoying being you, being unique, being different!"
Illustration of being unique: Herd following the Beda move (sheep walk) taking the long way to grain and grass. One among them standing out by daring to jump from the boundary to reach there first.

Being Unique Means ‘Not Copied’

No one can copy the other. For example: If a painter wants to copy the painting of someone else, he tries however hard, but can’t. Each and everything from the color palette to stroke pattern to base material works here and makes it different.

If one painter likes another’s painting and tries to recreate it, this is where he does a mistake. This is what we also do in our lives and end up mistaking. Know below how!

Where Copying Takes You to

If you fail to match that, you will become an object of mockery. If you make something better, still it will resemble the original one and will be said copied; you can’t say it yours. Above all aspects, how a copied thing can be unique?

Beware of Faking or Fooling Yourself!

Whether you copy someone successfully, or fail, or even come with something better in that copying procedure, it will never satisfy you because it does not belong to you. You will always know somewhere down at your heart that you had copied and this will play its game in your subconscious mind, leaving you at unease.

Copying someone or something else is faking yourself. It is like putting effort into making a fairyland that can be seen by yourself only. This way you just try to make people realize that your dreamland exists. People might appreciate your efforts in front of you, but they also actually know what reality is.

Where We Do a Mistake in Being Unique?

When we find something appreciable, we try to copy the same. Ever thought why? We copy for recreating the same to get the same appreciation. We want to be praised. But is that praiseworthy where you on your own can’t praise yourself because you know it was not yours but copied? When we meet someone unanimously liked, we try to pretend to be that person so that people like you too.

When we see something trending, we try to follow that trend or fashion because we want to remain updated.

If you are nurturing yourself to be a better person, go ahead. But don’t try to set its standards as per someone else’s personality. No one is perfect here so if you are copying someone thinking this will make you ideal, you are fooling yourself. Try to blend good qualities in your habits, not someone’s personality.

If a person is a good singer and works hard for it, don’t influence and start practicing singing. Work hard like him, not to be a better singer, but to be better in your own specialty.

Don’t practice other’s talent, practice to polish your own skills.

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Real Meaning of ‘Being You’

Two persons might get an education from one school in the same class, but get different learning from parents, develop different skills as a hobby in leisure hours, and eventually become a different person, which depends on the combinations of all learning and circumstances. Even twins can’t claim to be the same. If they are living together 24/7, then also they will remain different as their heads will perceive things differently. We all are blessed with an unimaginably powerful brain that makes us think and make opinions. Be unique by putting those views and judgments strongly in front of others for making your own identity.

We all carry different values that we adopt over time while facing different life events. Be you by walking on your own beliefs and principles for showing your own personality.

Make your own rules and follow them.

Be You, the World will Adjust

Do you know the names of two flowers with the same fragrance? Do you know two vegetables with the same amount and types of nutrients? We don’t because all species of plants or creatures are unique, with their own specialties. If God has given us different specific specialties, there is a reason. And in this reason lays the rationale of our lives too.

We all have our own ways, dreams, and passions that drive us to chase a certain goal in life. Be focused on your core.

Your color is fair or dark, it is just the packaging, your inner being should be beautiful. Your voice is sweet or sharp, it is just a medium, your thoughts should be ace so that whenever you speak, it makes sense. Uniqueness belongs from within, nothing superficial works here.

The world has many such us, the world is adjusting with everyone; you are adjusting with everyone. But if you are unique with being good and genuine, you can become someone not just being an object to adjust, but someone who can shine among those many.

How to ‘Be You’ with Changing Fashion

The biggest dilemma comes ahead when it’s about "being you" with ‘being updated’ as per trending fashion. How to preserve your own identity with changing trends which if you don’t follow, people will say you out-dated. It is necessary to go with the trends and at the same time, keeping your core is also vital. If one adopts the trends to remain in vogue, wouldn’t it be the infringement of "being unique" or "being different"?

An Eye Opener: Let’s Not Swim on Surface and Dive Deeper!

Have you ever tasted sweet chilly or sour sugar? No, because everything, good or bad, which exists in this world has its own plus, minus, and unique characteristics.

But yes! You can find different flowers and vegetables in the same paper packaging or the same bucket that carries them.

In the same way, you can find two people in the same dresses but their core, their existences are different. The way they carry their dresses is different.

Being someone unique with your own sole identity doesn’t mean becoming your own fashion designer and stylist to create your own style. The difference must be from within- in behavior, in way of interpreting things, in opinions. It is all about inner being, nothing superficial. It is simply about being realistic, not fake, or embroidered. You must be easy and unembellished. That’s it.

You follow a trend is another thing, but following someone’s traits, attributes, or style of presenting her or himself might cause you to lose yourself. Get inspired not attracted or fascinated! Be different to make a difference, and thus to make a memorable, unique identity.

What Not to Do While Nurturing Yourself as "Being Different"

If skirts are in fashion, their length is your choice. Don what suits your physic. You don’t need to wear micro-mini skirts to stand out from the crowd.

You don’t need to don a superman’s outfit either, to mark your different presence.

Being weird does not mean you have become different. The uniqueness is not advised for highlighting yourself, it doesn’t matter you are looking crazy mad to laugh on. Otherwise one can wear a huge golden king’s crown on the street to attract others. Or one can wear a dress of leaves to mark his own fashion statement at any party.

Be you with maintaining your ease.

The Bottom Line

One simple meaning of being unique is being original which always pays the worth. What paid to Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga, Mark Twain, Madona, Thomas Edison, and Oprah is originality. Here the point is not making them your ideal. I also don’t claim that they were 100 percent original with what they served; they might have presented their knowledge and hard-work-based outcomes. But what makes them unique are their traits that I want you to point out below.

  1. They were courageous to step out of the herd and present them differently to the world.
  2. They followed their own hearts.
  3. They didn’t let anyone influence their decision and direction. They kept going even after criticism.
  4. They made a difference which made us think differently.
  5. They all impacted us in their own style and way.

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How to Be You? How to Nurture Uniqueness?

Don’t be afraid, be courageous, dare to think, do not get influenced, be strong and powerful from the mind with your own views, have trust and confidence in yourself, be authentic and real instead of fake and deceptive.

Nothing is identical in this world. Enjoy being you, being unique, being different!

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