How to Deal with Stress: 20 Ace Healthy liberators

"OMG to OM!" Enjoy reading 20 healthy tips & techniques to deal with stress and reduce tension, depression, anxiety, negativity, and find peace, calm, and positivity.
How to Deal with Stress: Meditating lady cartoon by Sneha: Yoga and meditation to reduce mental tension, remove depression, relieve stress, control anxiety and negativity and find peace, calm and positivity (OMG to OM)
"OMG to OM!" Enjoy yoga and meditation to reduce mental tension, remove depression, relieve stress, control anxiety, and eliminate negativity... and find calm, peace, and positivity!
Illustration:: A lady in yoga mudra doing meditation in a natural environment with greenery around!

20 Healthy Ways to Fix Stress


Okay, you already know some of the best stress relievers that work wonders for you, like going to the gym for exercise, meeting a friend, or going out to hang out. But what would you do if can’t go out and want some quick tension-reducing techniques to try out at home?

Many a time when we go through depression, tension, or anxiety, we feel like spending all our lives in a closed room. Sometimes our mood makes us doing this, other times we just don’t want to show our depressed face to anyone.

Do you also feel like living all alone in a closed room when feeling tensed and depressed? Are you feeling not at all up for meeting anyone and sharing what you are going through? If you don’t want to share your feelings or open your heart in front of anyone, it’s time to respond to yourself through some amazingly effective stress-controlling methods.

Especially for those mental tensions that have been putting your life to a halt, here are some healthy tips and techniques to reduce mental tension naturally at home. Here the target is- No medical tablets, no sleeping pills, and no depression too.

Get ready to say your life, “What is tension, who is stress? I don’t know it.” If you also want to turn from OMG to OM quickly in super stressed conditions, try out the below 20 healthy ways to practice for improvising your mental health.

When Running in Tensions, Avoid to Consume Sugar

Do you love to eat sweets or sugary food in the tension to reduce your stress by your favorite treat? Control and change this habit now because it reduces stress or not, but can increase your blood sugar level unexpectedly. Know below how!

When we are under stress or facing any tense situation, our body prepares for fight or flight. It builds up blood sugar to prepare you to flee as if any predator is right behind you. In this situation, if you take additional sugar to treat you for getting rid of tension, it can give you chronically very high levels of blood sugars. So next time, watch what to eat when stressed as some things can trigger your stress even more too, if not cared about.

Consume Refreshing Drink or Food: What to Drink and Eat in Tension?

Tea and coffee have been popular drinks when it comes to feeling refreshing and get relieved from a tension headache. Try something new that proves healthy too for you. For example: have a cup of green tea that works as an amazing antioxidant. Other best antioxidant eatables include walnuts, cloves, pinto beans, red beans, or berries like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc. You can also go for any kind of soup that provides you the nutrition too.

Watch what you intake and take a diet involving the right food and drinks to help you in controlling your stress hormones.

What Not to Do in Tension: Say No to Coffee

Coffee is one of the most favorite choices when we feel tensed or lethargic. We take it as an energy source. But who said coffee gives energy? It’s just a psychological perception to trick your mind. Fruits and vegetables should be your option if you want to get rid of stress by supplementing energy to your body.

Try Your Inbuilt Tension Reliever

There is one natural stress reliever for which you don’t need to go anywhere and don’t need to spend a single penny. You are rich or poor, young or old, this works for all.

It is a brisk ‘walk’ which is one of the most effective natural ways to remove tension. Simultaneously it has several other health benefits too.

Here, going for a long or strenuous walk is not the motto. It is to engage your body and make your brain focused on a better thought process. It is like engaging a baby kid with a toy and feed food without letting him know that he is eating also.

Walking makes not only your body active but also your brain. It works faster than usual giving better solutions for problems. This way your brain starts doing energy consumption in walking and thinking productive, instead of just puzzling with the same song, “tensions are eating me, feeling sucked and helpless, why I am so depressed, this stress is taking me to dark”, and so on.

Myth about Walking

We think walking is a type of physical exercise only, which helps to maintain our outer body.

Unknown Fact about Walking

Walking is not for just tone down your body. A walk is beneficial for both physical and mental health.

Meditate to Reduce Tension and Stressful Tendencies

You have a first-level tension or higher-level depression, meditation is the sure-shot magic that works for every type of mental problem. Many medical research works have also proven this a scientifically tested cure for depression, tensions, and stressful tendencies.

Healthy Reminder about Meditation

Meditation is the master key to remove all kinds of mental diseases and disorders.

An Eye-opener about Practicing Meditation

As the word ‘meditation’ crosses our head, most of us start thinking of a monk sitting in that lotus style and chanting ‘Om’. You can say this ideal body language to practice meditation, but taking the same posture is not necessary to meditate.

The core essence of meditation lays in reaching the supreme quietness of mind; again this quietness does not mean you need to find a pin-drop silent place. Meditation means getting an utmost peaceful mental state where you can listen to your inner voice and take directions and guidance from yourself. It completely belongs to your within, your inner being. It doesn’t matter you are sitting, resting, or even walking.

If you don’t feel like following a system at a moment, you can also develop your own way and style of meditating and follow that to find peace where there is no tension to kill your happiness.

How to Meditate: A Simplest Technique

All you need to do is focus your attention on your recitation. You recite loud or silently, but your focus must be centered. You can repeat any positive phrase, mantra, or sentence like “Loving to be alive on this beautiful planet”, “I am going towards happiness”, “Feeling sheer bliss and peace all around me”, etc. Feel all the tensions, stress reasons, problems, negativity, and distracting thoughts floating around you like clouds.

Make daily meditation your habit to help ease anxiety. Research says about meditation a lot, suggesting it to be an altering agent for neural pathways of the brain. Make a profit from this heavenly technique of Mediation.

Grind Your Mind to Train Your Brain

It seems a new fashion called ‘brain training’ is set to bang on soon. If you practice the brain strengthening exercises through scientifically designed gaming apps or programs, you can make new, fresh neural pathways to percept the same situation in a different way. It improvises your reasoning ability and cognitive processing. It also helps to beat stress. It enhances your problem-solving approaches and helps to reduce mental tension.

Body Detoxification

Cleansing your body organs can be a joyous experience to perk up your mood. Relieving toxins from your body can be helpful to relieve stress in an amazing way that you never thought of. Move from colon to liver, and liver to others, and so on. This is a healthy way to maintain physical and mental fitness.

Change Your Surrounding

Altering the environment you are living in can also change your outlook. It doesn’t show any direct connection between your surroundings and tensions, yet it makes an impact on the way you feel.

Let your feelings take a fresh breathe to move on with a difference. No matter how small is this, but it brings variation in life.

Sometimes the same belongings and even that wall cling to your brain with repetitiveness. Let your brain get some refreshing vibes from the new stuff or settings around so that it can get some different outlooks and patterns.

If you want a tension-free mind, keep it healthy and refreshing in whatever way you can. Remember, every small effort that you put in is counted. Start from bringing the change in outer space to bring change within.

Sleep to Give Your Brain Relaxation from Tension

The morning mood decides half of the mood for rest of the day. So take a sound sleep so that you wake up in a lighter mood and feel less likely to think about stress.

Here, instead of quantity, seek quality in your sleep. Follow the early to bed and early to rise rule so that you get deeper and refreshing sleep.

Use this freshness to bring newness in your thought patterns for resolving the cause of your tensions.

Practice How to Relax

Learn to make your muscles patient so that you create a calm aura around. If taking too much tension in every small activity of life has become a continuous problem, it is high time to practice gaining relaxation. As it is not a one-day skill to learn, give about half an hour every day to learn how to feel relaxed within.

If you think it is just a wastage of time, take it as you are refueling yourself in 30 minutes for the rest of your day.

Learn to Relax This Way for Removing Tension

Think about it as a relaxed and calm mind owns the largest space to think productive, qualitative, and effective. Gain positivity from within to relax and calm down. Strengthen your belief that you can reach the utmost peace without letting the tensioning thoughts affect you.

Use Acupressure to reduce Mental Pressure

If avoiding mental pressure has become the toughest job of your life, use acupressure techniques to handle your stubborn tensions. Acupressure and acupuncture are two techniques that target some specific strategic points of our body that are connected to our internal system and organs. The major difference between both is- acupuncture is invasive.

If you have a professional to treat you, it can be a day-lifting experience to feel relieved from all your tensions and stress through some work on your magic points. If you don’t have it, you can rely on a mimic device that also helps to handle the pressure of tensions.

Add Yoga to Your Life from Veda

If you want to see a drastic change of uplifted mood, give space to Yoga in your life. It is a time-tested remedy to relieve stress. Who says nothing works in mental disorders or diseases, try yoga to cope with your tensions and see the dynamic effects.

You need harmony in life, improvement in health, calmness in mind, or no tension days, yoga works as the all-in-one remedy. It unties all the blockage knots and frees up your energy. The stretching gives you instant stress reduction. If you think getting spiritual is not your part of life, hold on. Take yoga as a part of your exercise routine to unclog your physical and mental health blockages.

Say a ‘Big No’ to Alcohol

Many find drinking alcohol the best way to forget or release tension, but really, can to forget your problem for some time solving a problem permanently? If no, then what one gets by drinking it? Better lever and healthy organs?

A Fact You Have been Turning Face from

If alcohol could be an ultimate remedy for stress, all the medical stores would have been selling their bottles in the stores. If alcohol would be a healthy drink to give relief from tensions, no media channel would have shown a disclaimer against it saying "alcohol causes cancer".

The Right Way of Dealing Stress: What to Do?

Stick to something that has no side effects so that you can rely on that in the long term. Make healthy foods your drug to manage stress. Sip energy drinks to be more active and prepared to sort out your tension causes. Face it instead of running by using forgetting formulas.

Breathe It Out!

If you think we breathe for inhaling oxygen only, you have been underestimating breathing power. The biggest plus point of breathing exercise is you can perform it anywhere.

You can breathe as deeper as you can for feeling aliveness and filling positive energy. Do this exercise as a competition from yourself that how long breaths you can take. Try to feel the live air in your abdomen.

Another breathing exercise is inhale-exhale. Cover your one nostril and fill the air through another nostril. Now cover another nostril and release the filled air through the first nostril. Do it alternatively and often with an empty stomach to realize the best effects.

Deep breathing fights the adverse effects of stress by maintaining the slowed-down heart rate and lowered blood pressure.

Assume the exhaling process as releasing tensions with carbon dioxide and say your stress bye-bye, Dark!

Choose Aromatherapy

Do you know a person who says I don’t like flowers or flowery fragrances? Some of us are diehard fans of nature and other silent lovers. However, we all owe to the beauty and benefits of nature.

If it is so soothing, calming, relaxing, and joyous, why not head towards it when stressed highly?

Essential oils play quick stress relievers helping you feel boosted, perked up, lighter, and sometimes sleepy. If oils are not your choice, you also can try any freshener like chamomile, lavender, etc.

When tension sucks, you also suck…the fragrance of any essential oil, fresheners, or other extracts to feel relieved. Keep experimenting with such smells to meet your best soother.

Add Taking Siesta in Your To-Do List

If you feel your focus loosening, find your center by taking a quick nap in the center of your day. This effective trick of midday snooze will reenergize you to work with double energy.

Taking sleep during the day tones up your digestion. Sleep on your left side as it stimulates the digestive system and processes.

So next time when post-lunch sleeping tendencies start to rule your brain, take a siesta instead of getting a tension headache and see how wonderfully it helps to give you relief from midday stress.

Be Sporty and Play

Playing is totally irrelevant or unrelated for most of us in today’s trending professions. The working hours are too long these days and we find lesser time to involve in some outdoor activities. When we reach home, we have numerous other responsibilities and chores to perform.

In such a hectic professional life, the rigorous mental pressure at the work-desk and tangled relationships with lesser time in hand to relax, sometimes we feel frustrated and irritated for no reason. It ruins the scenario to worst all these things enjoy merry-go-rounds in your brain giving it a headache.

You find no problem to solve, no issue to resolve, and no sadness to worry about, but despite you don’t feel like living a happy and healthy lifestyle. All that you want this time is to divert your brain to empty it with too many thoughts running in a race.

Where sports engage you physically, it relieves you mentally by breaking all the engagement threads instantly.

You can also take outdoor sports are a kind of fun exercise that lets you enjoy while working out for healthy physic.

Give Yourself a Massage or Decompress

One of the best tools for handling stress is giving yourself massage therapy.

Take Reflexology Therapy to Relieve Mental Tension

This alternative medicine treatment is a system of massage in which you are given hands, feet, and head massage to relieve tension and extra pressure. This therapy is used at specific points on a theory that they are connected to every body part. Thus treating these reflex points help the entire body. This technique involves applying pressure at various points.

This is so effective that it is said not only to help ease stress but also to help reducing migraines and other head pains.

Foot Massage Therapy for Relaxation

The technique of foot massage involves the following elements:

  • Massaging the toe base to calm head
  • Massage on the feet balls to relax the chest
  • Big toes rubbing for relaxation of the body through releasing endorphins which soothes
Thus therapeutic massage helps to calm your entire body giving you ultimate pleasure and incomparable relaxation.

Give Yourself a Scalp Massage Therapy for Dealing with Tension Headache

It is not necessary and possible that you visit a professional or therapist every time you feel tense. Can you forget the experience of getting your hair shampooed at a parlor or saloon? It is so relieving that you want to feel that relaxing the body again and again. Then why wait and not recreate the same right at home? Give your scalps that soothing massage often.

How to Massage Your Scalps

Start from your hairline using your fingertips and then move back to massage your back head’s scalp. Repeat the massage several times.

Fact You Didn’t Know

When you take or give yourself a scalp massage, it releases natural oil to condition your hair. Massaging your scalps often gives your hair shine and gorgeousness.

Get Swedish Massage Done to Relieve Tension

Rubbing hard is not necessarily useful for every type of stress. A Swedish massage suggests gentle strokes to improve circulation and thus make you chill out by feeling soothing.

Aromatherapy Massage for Coping with Tension Stress

In this type of massage, various kinds of essential oils are used to treat your stress. Using such oils or aromas during therapy works wonders.

Enjoy Decompression to Control Tension

Try out a heat wrap to get warm around your shoulders and neck. Do it for about 10 minutes with closed eyes. You can take the help of this technique to feel relaxed in your neck, back muscles, face, and upper chest.

After removing the wrap, you can also use a tennis ball or a roller made of foam to massage away stress and feel tension-free. Move the ball between the wall and your back, or lean for holding a mild pressure for about 12 to 15 seconds. Use the same technique of moving the ball from one to another spot to apply pressure.

Cuddle When Struggle

The warmth of love can heal anything; yes — "anything". Even when medicines fail, you can rely on them.

Laying your head in your mom's lap, giving your father a tight hug, leaning to the shoulder of your lovely sibling, holding the hands of your beloved one, and even cuddling your pet are some ways that are the sure-shot remedy to any issue and condition.

It not only helps you in relieving stress but also revives you with new energy and positivity. Love fills you with a sense of security, protection, togetherness, and backing.

In those moments, you realize that when you have someone close to you, you don't need to worry about the world. Love feeds confidence to your subconscious mind and you start to find the cause behind your stress very tiny because you know that you have the biggest strength of the world in form of the support of your loved ones.

Laugh It Out: Remove Tensions from Your Life

Regardless to count the benefits of a good, louder laugh as they are so many that you can’t mention them all.

A louder belly laugh holds the power to lighten all your mental loads by boosting brain chemicals like endorphins to lift up your mood and lowering the stress hormone of the body called cortisol.

The above-mentioned tension controlling tips are not for highly depressed or tensed people. If you are not suffering from any mental health problems, then also you can practice the above healthy ways for a healthier and happier life. After all tensions or depression don’t come after knocking on a door. So add some of the mentioned techniques as a preventing step to cure mental disorders and disease before they come.

Don’t forget to tell your favorite and most effective stress-relieving tip among all. Enjoy a mentally healthy life!

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