How to Forget Bad Memories: 20 Fruitful Mantras

Do we dye our jeans after it is faded? No. Then why don’t we let bad memories fade and leave us with the bright side of new beginnings? Let's learn how to bring this change that seems almost impossible!
Fruitful mantras of how to forget bad memories: A girl drawing a heart on the wall in an illustration by Sneha Upadhyaya
Quote: "Some Memories Are Made to Fade. Don’t Dye Them Again and Again!"
Illustration: A girl re-coloring the faded paint of the wall.

How to Forget Unwanted Bad Memories


If you are tired of searching on Google about "how to forget a bad memory" and nothing is working, here you are a new picture!

Do you know, you can make every bad memory a 'happy memory'? You just need to change your perspective and the way you see an event. Add some positivity to your space, and everything will be sorted. Learn below how!

Stop trying hard to get rid of a bad memory. Instead of meditating on the pain associated with that, focus on analyzing the event. Try to find the answers to the below 5 questions:

  1. Where things went wrong?
  2. Who made a mistake?
  3. What could have been done to not make it the worst experience?
  4. Is there a way to fix it?
  5. If nothing can be changed and the event has just passed, what did you learn?

While asking and analyzing, remember the below 5 rules:

  1. We can never control how a life event initiates, proceeds, and ends. We couldn't do it before, we can't do it in the future too. If something goes wrong, remember, it happened to train you for a future event that is going to play a more vital role in your life.
  2. If it was someone else's mistake, forgive, forget, and let go. If you made a mistake, make a knot of new learning. Determine to make sure that you will not repeat the same mistake in the future.
  3. Don't forget to ask yourself: it was confusion, ego, misunderstanding, hurried action, or some other silly bug that spoiled the bug. Make a note so that when a more important event comes, you don't deal with the same bug again.
  4. If you have identified the bug and can remove it, do it with no delay.
  5. If you are sure that the chapter of that event is closed, gather your learning from the above analysis and pat yourself for you achieved a new feather in your cap in terms of experience, learning, and the new you with a better understanding of a type of life-event.

If one learns to see life events as experiences and learnings, they never haunt; indeed they add to your being and life. You no more look back again and again for you realize it was a 'past' and a bright future is waiting ahead. You also learn to live in the present, making yourself busy in the present productive actions.

Let's try to learn some fruitful formulas while dealing with a bad memory or past event!

Allow Memories to Fade: Don't Repaint!

We all remain possessive about our close relations and stuff that we use daily, such as our mobiles. Although we know that people will die; we will also die one day; we know that technology will change or maybe that mobile will get a technical fault and we will change that. Everything has an age. However deeper is your affection, we will have to leave what we have today. Then what happens in the case of memories?

Isn't our brain is designed in a way that it fades a memory over time?! But if we stick to one, even that brain can't help you, the time can't support you. When one or few memories repetitively traumatize you, engage yourself in new, fresh memories to overlap and overpower them.

Update Your Dictionary

I have seen people holding grudges, envy, and anger for years. Sometimes something happens that was not meant to be, but it is okay. Life is all about 'good and bad' and 'up and downs'. There also exist words like exemption, apologizing, accepting sorry, excusing, overcoming, letting go and all is well. Highlight these words and update your dictionary to see the change.

Change the Companion

When I see people making their memories a companion, I wonder why and how long they will remain with them and their pain?! Yes, it is tough, but for their own good, it is worth and indeed necessary to leave a companion who is holding the life to a still point.

Watch Your Brain-Pickings

Whatever we listen, see, and feel, that gets stored in the form of memories. We keep them safe, locked in our brains, and irrigate through our emotions. These memories visit us time-to-time and the impact comes out as anger, sadness, happiness, frustration, etc. Watch your actions and understand that if they are going in the wrong direction, you need to find the root cause of those extreme emotions and work on them.

Keep Managing Your Album of Memories

Have you ever thought about why we love to click pictures with our friends and family? We click because we love to relive the moment through seeing those images again and again later. They give us bundles of joy and pleasure. It is good too, thanks to science and technology!

But those memories which make us angry, irritated, sad, or take us to the dark, is it necessary to keep them alive? Can’t we let go, instead of holding grudges or rage?

Do What is to Be Done

If you also have got such memories, train yourself to not meditate on them. As soon as you observe yourself thinking of them, change your place, action, mood, and activities to distract yourself.

Stop Dying

Do we dye our jeans after it is faded? No. Then why don’t we let bad or painful memories fade and leave us with the bright? Why don’t we make a new start? When some memories are made to fade, why do we dye them again and again?

Let time win and be stronger than our remembering capacity. Let’s do not color those memories which should go to oblivion. Don't revisit the same places whose memories give you pain. Don't read old messages of the related person. Avoid thinking of that same school, college, or office day in which you added a painful experience to your life. Instead of that, remember those happy days in which you want to live again and again.

Some memories are made to fade. Don’t dye them again and again!

Let Go

Through ‘letting go’ unburden yourselves from all those envies, gloomy or miserable memories that cause pain and anger! Let bygones be bygones by seeing a broader view of life. Realize that a bad phase of life that passed can never profit you or the future so be practical and sensible towards yourself.

Accept You Are Human

When people do wrong or commit a blunder, one can blame and feel lighter. In another case, when we on our own commit a mistake, it scrapes us more and causes deeper wounds.

However, a person should not forget that he or she is not the only one in this world who did that particular mistake. No one is perfect and strengthened in a way that always does right only. Imperfection, weaknesses, dullness of spirit are the parts of a human's life. Aren't you also a human? If yes, then it is okay to make errors. What's important is not committing the old mistakes again. Get rid of such memories filled with your mistakes. Make such memories a lesson by fixing them.

Realize We All Face Same Life Events

Many a time we ask 'why me?' but really only you have got issues? The fact is that we all face a different kinds of issues in different stages of life. No one is the only one to experience troubles and hardships.

Remembering the same incident and feeling bad about that will never change your situation. Many of us don't enjoy the present moments because they either live in past memories or take tension about the tomorrow and keep feeling insecure and stressed thinking of that. Think about what are you collecting to cherish tomorrow. More depressing memories. Instead, make new, cheerful memories to remember tomorrow.

You Are Not Special, You Are 'Very' Special

In our primary age, we all dream of the best life. We feel we are special and life is going to go like a fairy-tale. When life goes ahead, the dream breaks and reality comes into life. And boss, it bangs too loud. Should one stop dreaming or feeling special? No!

Feel more special this time because when you stand again after getting bigger challenges and too loud bangs, an ideal icon takes birth in you. The gold doesn't become worthy of flaunting without going through the heating flames.

Think about what is better? Keeping a hold on the old memories of failures or keeping your calm and spirits high knowing the fact that all days are not going to remain the same.

Be Hopeful

Do you know the meaning of being 'hopeful'? Hope "full"! When it is really 'full' the light of positivity makes everything too bright. This bright consumes all the darkness of past memories.

Make New Memories

Our small minds can't hold a lot at the same time. Fill it with new flowers and pluck out all the old flowers to keep it fresh and smiling.

Go out with your beloved ones to adore the beauty of nature and replace the bitter memories with the happening ones.

Be Available and Let Opportunities Grab You

The memories don't just occupy the mind; they also bind you and your life events in a closed shell. They make you unavailable for exploring the wide sky.

Break this shell by breaking the hold of binding memories.

Rebuke the Negative Whispers: Say 'Good Morning'

When an irritating memory whispers in your ear and spread negative vibes around, shut them up, and make a new start every morning. Shout aloud and say Good Morning to the one you see in the mirror. Enough of the wrong word! This time give smiles to the universe and see, it is not tough to get rid of the baseless bugs.

Nurture Loving Attitude for Yourself

Aren't you and your life precious than any life incident or mere a memory? Aren't you important and deserve peace and joy in your life?

Happiness is when you learn to love yourself and be optimistic about your life.

Practice the Swag of 'I Don't Care'

Next time a bad memory visits the room of your mind and says 'I won't go', revert back to them saying, 'Welcome, sit, stay! But I don't care.'

When you can't control a situation or state of mind, be ignorant of the filth.

Bid Farewell on Positive Note

Facing is better than the unsuccessful efforts of forgetting. Accept the reality that something bad happened. Think about what can you do to fix the situation. Try your best and face the consequences. Once you are done with your efforts, take a stronghold on your brain, and plan out your future which is in your hand.

Be Easy, Not Harsh

Aren't situations and challenges are enough to give you a bumpy ride? Why we should also become tough on ourselves? Don't forget to pamper yourself every so often. Deal with yourself softly.

Take God's Burden, Leave Your Burdens to Him

Do you know why people can't help or console you always? Why do they fail to give you hope that can bring you out of your state? It is so because they neither can change your situation nor can assure you of a better tomorrow. The future is not in any human's hand and so they can't quench the flames of future insecurities.

There is only "One" who can change your future, give you true hope, make a covenant of a better tomorrow, bless you with the assurances. Yes, He is the Almighty God who is the One and Only 'able' to remove all your burdens. So can you take the burden of this truth that 'He can'? Can you believe that He is loyal and faithful? Can you realize that the way He loves you, no one else can?

When one understands the mystery of this truth, this fact plays the most effective healer. Read the below scriptural reference about what the Word of God ensures us!

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." (Word of God)
- Matthew 11:28 (Bible)
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