International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day on June 21 spreads the word about the health benefits of yoga practices in physical and spiritual well-being.

People practice yogic activities for bringing balance, harmony, and equilibrium between body, mind, and soul.

Yoga has been a part of the life of millions for centuries as the key to:

  1. Finding the enlightenment
  2. Boosting the relaxation
  3. Healthy physique and peaceful mind
  4. Healing the prolonged diseases and disorders
  5. Collecting the energy and power of the universe
International Yoga Day illustration: A man and woman practicing yoga asana (yoga poses) in a sitting posture, closing the eyes and maditating around lotus flowers near a river early morning!
International Yoga Day!
Illustration: A man and woman performing yoga early morning, sitting on a rock!

Yoga is an ancient practice that is believed to be originated about 5000 years ago in the land of India. It developed and got introduced in people’s lives as a great tool for the path of enlightenment. The seekers found it as a way to connect to themselves by interconnecting their soul, mind, and body.

Many underestimated the benefits of yoga as well but its results spoke much louder as an answer.

When yoga did spread its feet in the West, it gained popularity as a relaxation method and exercise. India or West, it justified all the claims that its promoters made about:

  1. Well-being
  2. Boosting the help
  3. Aiding in chronic pain and injuries.


International Yoga Day


Exercising or practicing yoga is beneficial; we all know, but very few of us make the most of it.

In the case of many, the collected motivation sustain only till buying the yoga mat.

The International Yoga Day not only promotes the yoga practices and their benefits but also boosts all those lazy souls to step ahead and bring out their yoga mats for utilizing it too.

International Yoga Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Yoga Day, Yog Divas
Also Spelled As
Yog Day
Promotes health and balance between the body, mind, and soul.
Event Type
Observed at
Yoga camps (Yog-shivir), yoga learning
Yoga practices and learning in groups formed at the local, official, and social levels
June 21
International Yoga Day in Various Years
21 June 2021, 21 June 2022

Date of International Yoga Day Observance

21st of June.

History of International Yoga Day

The Origins: 200 BCE

The earliest reports suggest its existence enjoying 200 BCE.

India Takes Initiative

On September 27, 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed a proposal along with the Indian delegation on marking a dedicated day.

Ashok Kumar Mukerji, the Ambassador of India introduced the resolution to mark International Yoga Day on every June 21. It was the first time when the idea of celebrating a day for promoting yoga practices was unfolded in front of the UN assembly.

Thus, the foundation of the International Yoga Day was laid with the support of 177 nations belonging to the UN assembly as the sponsors.

First International Yoga Day

On June 21, 2015, Prime Minister Modi and many influential and high-profile figures from business, finance, and politics came together to celebrate the first-ever Yoga Day.

Over 36,000 people joined hands to observe the day. New Delhi witnessed people performing 21 yoga arson hours for 35 minutes.

Since the celebration event of the first International Yoga captive, the entire blog has been observing the day with great joy and enthusiasm.

Largest Yoga Lesson

On June 21, 2018, over one lakh people participated in the event and learned the yoga lessons in the greatest ever yoga session.

International Yoga Day Celebration Ideas

Take Your First Step

As soon as you take your first step, your journey is half done. Especially, in the case of inculcating a new habit or bringing the new practices into the scene, taking your first step is the most important one.

Once you get tuned with it and realize the benefits, the trials become the practice and the habit turns into a hobby.

It’s not different in the case of yoga or performing exercises as well. Once you learn how to fit it into your daily routine, the mental and physical health benefits are all yours.

Introduce Your Cupboard with Some Newbies

If you are one of those who do appreciate the yoga practices and are keen to perform, yet lack the motivation, bring in new companions.

If you have a group to stand by you and inspire you, it’s great. But if you do not have any motivation around, make your yoga mat, shoes, and the appropriate dress your best friend.

Once you will investigate, they will keep posting your wings to practice as well.

Try Out New Combinations

If you have been practicing yoga for a long back and are well aware of its postures and correct ways to perform, try out something new.

Combined the yoga postures with one another and flaunt them to encourage someone.

Join Hands with Beloved Nature

Whether it’s about physical or mental well-being, nature knows how to play its part. It has got some magical essence that aids in the achievement of your goal.

If you have got any park nearby your home, that is probably the best place for walking, jogging, exercising, or practicing yoga. Who knows you might also make new friends there!

If it doesn’t suit your circumstances, you can also choose your own home's terrace, backyard, or any small garden area. If not this store, you can choose your balcony as your yoga place.

Whether it is exercise or yoga, breathing is an undetachable part of them. Ensure you get fresh air from your surroundings when you do any kind of workout. Choose any open area to get fresh lights from the environment.

Connect with Your Favourites

If you find workout practices or yoga sessions too boring and often find yourself repelling from them, give some effort to make it interesting for yourself.

For example, if music is something that you love, make a yoga songs’ playlist on your mobile. It doesn’t need to be too loud for heating; you can go with any soft and soothing music to make your yoga journey interesting and entertaining.

Refresh Your Lifestyle

Inculcating good habits doesn’t need any specific occasion to start. The moment you realize its importance and need, just welcome it into your life.

Refresh your daily routine and lifestyle by introducing yoga to your daily habits and practices.

Form a Group

If you find yourself alone and lack motivation every so often, forming a group can be the best idea to get rid of the issue.

It helps in keeping the spirit high and motivation ignited.

Why is International Yoga Day Celebrated?

It’s in Trend

If practiced in long term, it reduces the probability of diseases such as uncontrolled BP, heart issues, tumors, and any kind of disorders. This one remedy called ‘yoga’ helps in several health conditions.

Most importantly, it refreshes the mind and rejuvenates the soul. Gone are the days when it was an ancient practice and considered as outdated by most of the population of the world. It’s not now that many countries are not aware of it. The world has seen its effects and benefits now.

As breathing practices play a vital role in performing yoga, it is evident how beneficial it has been in the area of COVID-19. It has helped standing shoulder to shoulder with the medicines and treatments in fighting against the coronavirus.

It Helps in Destress

Yoga is not just a practice or simply a form of exercise that helps the body, mind, or soul. It indeed helps in maintaining a balance in equilibrium between all of these three. It brings harmony between them, making us meeting ourselves.

It magically aids in getting rid of stress, tension, or anxiety. It boosts positivity along with health.

Significance of International Yoga Day

Yoga is Healthy

Certain medicines or herbs might have some side effects for an individual but yoga works for all. It never fails in ensuring the proper functioning of the organs. It’s reenergizing and refueling.

Interesting Facts and Figures about International Yoga Day

Annual Spent

Americans spend about $2.5 billion on yoga instructions every year.

Sanskrit Names Gaining Popularity

There are about 5% of people who chose the Sanskrit language but it was about giving the names to their children or the pets.

Yoga Journal

The first edition of the Yoga Journal was launched in 1975.

When the Yoga Journal was showcased to the world, the circulated number of its first addition touched the bar of 300.

Interestingly, this Yoga Journal’s first edition contained only about 10 pages.

Yoga for Wellness

The prime reason that people choose yoga is — wellness.

Yoga Teachers Suck Sometimes

If we try to find out the reasons why people quit yoga, the foremost reason that tops the chart is — yoga teachers.

Yoga Among the Children

You will be shocked to know the number of children who practice yoga in America. It’s 1.7 million. It’s more surprising to know that these children are aged under 17.

Yoga Retreat

About 15% of people join the annual Yoga retreat.

Yoga Instructors

In India, about 2, lakh people are claimed to be yoga instructors. This number itself shows the popularity of yoga in India.

Millions of Americans are In

Can you imagine the number of Americans who practice yoga on regular basis? It’s about 36 million. This number suggests that about 10% of America’s population is in for benefiting from yoga.

Yoga Answers to All Questions

The number of available yoga styles itself is a surprise. This number goes beyond a hundred. It will not be an over-exaggerated statement if someone says that there is one yoga style for every condition.

It’s a Chart-buster in Social Media World

If we talk about Instagram, there are more than 60 million posts that trend on yoga at any time. It makes it a hit on social platforms.

The Invention of Yoga Mat

It was in 1982 when the yoga mats were invented.

Earlier, Angela Farmer thought of using a carpet underlay for getting a slip-free, comfortable base.

It’s Motivational

People have got benefits from yoga as per their needs. Some lost weight from yoga and others gained some pounds from it. There is an answer to a solution to every problem when it comes to the world of yoga.

Elizabeth Gilbert is also one of those people who experienced a special bond with yoga and got so inspired that she wrote the bestselling right up — “Eat Pray Love”.

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