Margarita Day

Hey, it’s February 22 — National Margarita Day!

On this day, people have a get-together to celebrate one of the most popular drinks — Margarita — the combo of lime juice, triple sec, and tequila.

If you are someone who greets alcoholic beverages from far away, then this is not a day for you to rejoice. But if you are fond of celebratory cocktails, then you might love to consume Margarita as this is a day to celebrate the official drink of having fun.

Margarita Day
Margarita Day

It was first created in Mexico in 1938 and took no time to become the favorite alcoholic drink of its consumer.

Some of its lovers order a margarita from a local point and others just rely on the margarita machine, shaker resting in their homes. Some pour on the ice and others go on the rocks.

The fans of margarita enjoy it in whatever way, but they make sure to not miss the opportunity of having it on its special day.

Date of Margarita Day Observance

22nd of February.

History of Margarita Day

The First Margarita Creator

There are three names and three stories that are associated with the accreditation of being the first creator of the margarita.

Story of Allergy behind the Innovation

The first cocktail that found fame was made by Carlos Danny Herrera to serve Marjorie King, a celebrity customer in his restaurant that was situated in Baja California.

Marjorie King was a famous dancer in Ziegfeld follies, a popular American theatrical broadway. Danny had the challenge to present something to Marjorie King who was allergic to spirits. As this allergy issue was not the same with tequila, Danny's innovative brain proposed the idea of making a new type of drink for the lady.

The Bartender-Turned-to-Milkman

The name of this man was Francisco Pancho Morales.

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