I Forgot Day

“Oops, I forgot!” Usually, forgetfulness comes with a puzzled feeling but the ‘I Forgot Day’ every July 2 allows us to forget and yet feel relaxed.

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I Forgot Day illustration of a boy thinking in a serious pose!

Factors behind Forgetfulness

Many people tend to forget dates, special occasions, events, tasks, and important days of their lives. Let’s point out some factors that contribute to such a state of forgetfulness!

  1. Anxiety
  2. Unhealthy diet
  3. Illness
  4. Sedentary lifestyle
  5. Stress

Like this state or condition, there is a factor behind forgetting the things, which is also unusual. As per some scientists, our brain perceives our surroundings and the world as a series of frames or scenes. Sometimes walking or passing through a door causes the brain to deem the information considering unnecessary.


I Forgot Day


Isn’t it weird that when we try to forget a bad memory or incident, the feature of forgetfulness gets deleted but when it’s about remembering someone’s birthday or anniversary, the feature pops up?

Doesn’t matter how many physical calendars are around you! Doesn’t matter there is a digital calendar on your mobile which remains in your hand 24 seven.

Well, we all forget; we all feel messed; we all regret; we all try to remember the special occasions yet forget the important dates.

Thanks to the ‘I Forgot Day’ that consoles us reminding — we all are in the same boat. So fret not! Rather celebrate the forgetfulness on the I Forgot Day. And beware, maybe July 2 is the next date that you might forget.

I Forgot Day: Quick Glance
Celebrates forgetfulness while promoting the ways to combat it.
Event Type
Special Interest
Observed at
Global level
Making action plans and taking organizing steps to avoid the consequences of forgetfulness
Celebration of important events and occasions that you forgot (as a make-up step)
July 2
I Forgot Day in Various Years
2 July 2021, 2 July 2022

Date of I Forgot Day Observance

2nd of July.

History of I Forgot Day

3 Seasons of Friends Vanished

In 2002, Matthew Perry unfolded a secret of his personal life in an interview and revealed that he has got no memory of filming the series of “Friends”.

Forgotten about “Friends”

In 2016, Courtney Cox revealed that he does not remember that who acted as the husband of Phoebe in “Friends”. Undoubtedly, Paul Rudd who played the role of Mike had done a great job and was not supposed to do be forgotten.

Anna Kendrick is Also Nowhere Behind

In 2018, Anna Kendrick through a tweet that other than remembering that she plays the role of Jessica in “Twilight”, she doesn’t remember anything.

Jack Black’s Moment

2019, Jack Black could not remember that he had played miles in “The Holiday”, a Christmas epic.

I Forgot Day Celebration Ideas

Make up for the Previous Incidents

If you have got certain incidences when you forgot any special occasion, day, or date related to a person who belongs to you, ending up the person feel hurt about it, it’s the day to make up.

Make a call to the one, apologize, and make the most of the moment.

Make an Action Plan

Every problem has a solution. Every disease has a medicine. If not, there is a midway to fix things up.

If you have been trying and still finding yourself unable to remember, try out some tricks to trick the issue. Here you are the all in the form of some steps!

  1. Start to maintain a diary.
  2. Make the notes as per the date and time.
  3. Create reminders.
  4. Flag out the preferences.
  5. Use different colored things to highlight the information as per the priority.
  6. Cultivate a habit of updating it every night and revisit it every morning.

Once you will start to assign the remembering tasks to your diary, you will start to love it as it will:

  1. Free up your brain from the anxiety, stress, and tension of forgetting something
  2. Keep Yourself Organised
  3. Save you from the embarrassment of forgetting the important information
  4. Keep you aligned with the time and calendar
  5. Change the perception of the people around.

Handle the Mistakes Gracefully

It does not matter what mistakes have you done. What matters is how we handle them. What’s important is — acknowledging the mistakes, fixing them, and making sure to not repeat them.

‘I Forgot Day’ brings to us an opportunity two manage the consequences of forgetting something important.

Celebrate It As a Make-up Day

In the issue of forgetting things has recently impacted you are your close one negatively, this is the day to make up.

Pick up one from the following ideas and go ahead! You can also take a hint from the below ideas and go with something else to fix the situation.

  1. Record a voice note to express what you feel
  2. Write a sincere note of apology
  3. Take help of a greeting card
  4. Prepare a delicious meal for the affected person
  5. Present some flowers to the one who got hurt

Why is I Forgot Day Celebrated?

It Leads Us to Improvements

No one is perfect and can’t become too. But we definitely can try to become the best version of ourselves. Especially, if we know that we have got some issues to resolve or improve, we should always try to fix them up.

There is no specific answer that why one forgets certain things. Many a time we don’t even realize and sometimes, we don’t pay heed.

There is one thing that we always need to remember that there is nothing in this world that cannot be resolved. If we have a tendency of forgetting things, there are ways to make up too. What all we need is — strong will or desire to improve.

Do not agree to keep forgetting, apologizing, and ignoring. Just to make an action plan to combat. Calendars, clocks, diaries are all there to keep you organized and prompt.

‘I Forgot Day’ Is An Opportunity

The day comes as a second chance to do what you couldn’t remember previously. It also suggests that life is all about making mistakes and fixing them.

Who says the second chance doesn’t come?! ‘I Forgot Day’ teaches us the forward approach. It encourages us to move ahead positively, leaving the mistakes behind. It also motivates us to think beyond genuine issues and finding solutions instead of making excuses.

Significance of I Forgot Day

It Consoles

Many of us complain about forgetfulness and sometimes even blame it too. It’s us or someone else, forgetting important things you in the mood and the vibes. It’s messy and irritating.

‘I Forgot Day’ reminds us that we all are humans and forgetfulness is a part of our natural tendencies.

If we get multiple tasks at one moment or many issues to think about in mind at once, we get caught by forgetfulness.

It’s okay; it’s normal!

Who Was the Person behind the I Forgot Day?

Gaya Anderson is the lady behind this unusual holiday. She belonged to DeMotte, Indiana.

She often used to do forget her wedding anniversary.

She was known and remembered among her extended family members and close groups for forgetting the birthday of even her daughter every year.

She indeed often used to forget the simple things and have a hard time because of that. This period of life made her begin to celebrate the I Forgot Day. She also started to celebrate her anniversary and daughter’s birthday on July 2.

Interesting Facts about I Forgot Day

Guinness World Record for Memorising

Nischal Narayanam, a 10 year old secured his name in the Guinness World Record for his sharp memory. He memorized 225 objects in just 12 minutes of time.

Limit of Memory

As per the experts, a normal person can memorize about seven items for just 20 to 30 seconds. This is a piece of approximate information for the short-term memory of a human.

Left-handers are Better

That’s when does a comparatively better in keeping the clearer memories.

Facial Identification

As per the research, the capacity of facial recognition in the human peaks at the age between 30 to 34. Post this age, a person's ability to

recognize or identify the faces starts to decrease.

Memory and Scents

Scents are closely associated with the hippocampus that keeps the memories because of their procession through olfactory bulbs.

They help in keeping your memories vivid and strong, gluing them to the surface.

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