Women Physicians Day

WomenPhysicians Day marks the birthday of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female medical doctor. The event is observed all across the US on the 3rd of February to celebrate the women doctors and their progress.

Women Physicians Day illustrtation drawing of a woman doctor chekcing a kid from stethoscope who is sitting with his mother behind him. The quote says, the phisicians not only treat the disease, but also the patyients with it!
Happy Women Physicians Day


National Women Physicians Day


Although the ratio of male versus female doctors in the nation suggests that the number of female doctors is fewer than the number of male doctors, yet they are nowhere behind in the progress.

In 2017, more than half of the number of women medical students made up, making a record in history.

Women Physicians Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
National Women Physicians Day
Encouragement to women physicians and realization of their worth
Event Type
Observed By
Appreciation and gratitude expression to women physicians
Honor to women physicians
3rd of February
Women Physicians Day in Various Years
3 February 2021

Date and Time of Women Physicians Day Observance

3rd of February.

History of Women Physicians Day

Women Practises Barred at Professional Front

The acquisition of Barber-Surgeons’ company by Henry Vlll made restricted all the women healthcare professionals from professional practices. The changes during 1540 began to demand healthcare a specialization.

Elizabeth Blackwell Brought New Era

On 3 February 1821, Elizabeth Blackwell landed on the planet to change the scenario of women health care professionals.

Though marking words in history was not an easy journey for Elizabeth as she faced many rejections from the medical schools.

Before becoming the first female doctor in the US, she also got letters of rejection mentioning her intellectually inferior. However, ultimately she made it.

The US Found Its First African-American Woman Doctor

In 1864, Rebecca Lee Crumpler marked her name in history as the first African-American medicine doctor in the United States. She had taken her education from the Boston University School of Medicine (Then New England Female Medical College).

The First Nigerian Female Doctor in the US

During the 1940s, Dr. Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi, a Nigerian gynecologist became the first lady doctor in the country.

Young Female Physicians Shined

In 2017, a survey including about 18,000 physicians suggested astounding data. As per it, 60% of the physicians who made it belonged to females from the age group having people below 35.

Women Physicians Day Celebration Ideas

Express Your Gratitude

A doctor doesn’t provide just a treatment; a medical professional also spare the time, energy, and care to the needy one.

On this day that is dedicated to the female healthcare professionals physicians,

If you find a female physician or healthcare professional around you on this day who is dedicated to the then, do show your gratitude towards them. You can also give her a thank you note to let you know that you appreciate the time in the effort she has given in throughout her life.

Take a Social Media Platform

Let others also know that this day is dedicated to women's healthcare professionals so that they also can appreciate their services.

Your post can feature the following ideas:

  1. Find out a good quotation on a female doctor and share.
  2. Frame a thank you note for the women healthcare professionals.
  3. Keep it simple by highlighting the tags only; such as #WomenPhysiciansDay or #NationalWomenPhysiciansDay.
  4. Express your emotions by sharing your experience with one.
  5. Share a story that spotlights a female doctor as a star.

Spread Your Word with the Fragrance of Roses

Flowers are the oldest yet the most trendy medium to communicate your emotions. And when it is about a woman what can be better than that!

Choose this is a strong medium of flowers to make one feel special on Women Physicians Day.

Why is Women Physicians Day Celebrated?

It Spotlights the Discrimination

Gender discrimination in the medical field is not hidden from anyone and when it comes to the physician, it becomes more evident.

The obstacles and challenges faced by a woman physician are not contracted to the education or entrance in the field. It extends to the earnings as well. Women physicians are paid lesser for their services in comparison to other healthcare providers.

It Makes Us Realise Their Contribution

The observations of the day not only give us an opportunity to celebrate them but also provides us a moment to realize their importance.

Do you know that as per their studies, when a woman physician serves a patient, it brings comparatively better health outcomes? Even the mortality rate is also found lower with the same facilities and the hospital.

Interesting Fact about Women Physicians Day

  1. If you go for the physician workforce, women contribute to one-third of the portion.
  2. Despite the ratio in medical schools is 50-50, we still find male doctors in the majority.
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