Ukulele Day

If you are wondering about this looking-like guitar instrument, it is a ukulele with four strings. It comes in various sizes. The larger sized ukulele produces deeper tones.

On the Ukulele Day on February 2, the passionating ukulele players and artists come together from around the nations for strumming their favourite songs and tunes and enjoy with the other ukulele lovers.

Ukulele Day cartoon illustration of a man playing ukulele sitting on a tree-trunk in a garden surrounded by spring, flowers, and branches around. The drawing features a quote saying that music makes the world a better place to live!
Happy Ukulele Day!

"Ukulele works like a medicinal treatment to the mind and soul."


National Ukulele Day


Originated in Portugal, the ukulele made its feet sound in Hawaii during the 19th century. It became more popular among the Hawaiians when king Kalakaua introduced the ukulele into official state gathering performances.

Later, the artist also started to incorporate this beautiful instrument into the recordings. Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby are two popular examples who used the ukulele in their compositions.

Ukulele Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
National Ukulele Day
Pleasant to mind
Event Type
Playing the ukulele, listening to specific music albums
Attending concerts featuring ukulele
2nd of February
Ukulele Day in Various Years
2 February 2021
Occurrence/ Frequency

Date of Ukulele Day Observance

2nd of February.

History of Ukulele Day

PortugueseEmigrants Introduced It to Hawaiians

When Portuguese emigrants marked their presence in Hawaii during 1880, they also brought the ukulele along with their culture.

Thanks to their street concerts at the night for the local people! Soon it made the ukulele famous Indeed staple of Hawaiian compositions and music.

Ukulele in a Concert

In 1915, George E.K. Awai, along with his Royal Hawaiian Quartet, introduced the beautiful sound of a four-stringed ukulele at a concert held in San Francisco.

After its approach to the mainland, the ukulele found new heights in its stardom.

Japanese Tasted the Ukulele

In 1929, the air of the Moana Glee Club in Tokyo got surrounded by jazz and Hawaiian music.

It was the first time when the Japanese were introduced to the ukulele by Yukihiko Haida, a Hawaiian-born musician.

Tiny Tim and Ukulele Got Team Up

1968, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” by the singer Tiny Tim became a massive hit. The use of the ukulele and the signature voice of Tiny Tim got enormous appreciation.

Medley Becamea Chartbuster

In 2004, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, a Hawaii native aired his medley entitled “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World”. His release went viral and secured the 14th position on the Billboard Digital Tracks Chart, making it a huge success.

Ukulele Songs Featured

In 2012, the rockstar Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam played and presented some beautiful compositions and highlighted the ukulele by featuring it solely in his tracks.

Ukulele Day Celebration Ideas

Enjoy Ukulele Music

Ukulele is a cute-to-eyes and sweet-to-ears instrument. If you have never try to explore the sound of the ukulele, it is going to be a soothing experience for you.

Search out some compilations that feature the ukulele and pick up your favourite ones to place in your daily playlist. You can also go for a specific album or ukulele music.

If you have got no idea where to start, here are some suggestions:

Blue Hawaii by Elvis Pressley Ukulele songs of Eddie Vedder Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Mele Kalikimaka by Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby

You can also choose any band that spotlight the ukuleles of various sizes.

How about Playing It?

If you are a musician or simply a music lover and have been searching for exploring a new hobby, then the ukulele can be your best option to pick.

You will be more thrilled to know that it is a comparatively cheaper instrument to play and learn.

You can find it at any local music store and make your day by celebrating it on its own day — the Ukulele Day.

Buy a Book

If music is not your forte and still you want to learn it, then you can also go for a book for coming closer to the ukulele instrument by knowing about it.

If you are someone who is totally reluctant about music, you can also go for exploring the Hawaiian culture that spotlights the ukulele instrument. You can find its many traces in the history of Hawaii.

If you are an explorer, you can also think of having a trip to Hawaii.

Why is Ukulele Day Celebrated?

The Sound of the Ukulele is as Sweet as Soothing

The greatest reason that people appreciate the ukulele is its melodious sound. It has got all pop, cool, and peppy texture to entice your mood.

Its Contribution in Pop Music Landscape

It has added a lot to pop music. It beautifully brings swag into the compilations.

Because of Its Cultural Background

Ukulele can be found introduced and storied in many write-ups on the Hawaiian culture.

It’s Comparatively an Easier String Instruments

Ukulele is such an easy instrument that it can be given to even those children who are new to music and just up to initiate their journey in the music world.

Ukulele has got only four strings and is available in small sizes as well which are easy to hold. You can learn some simple chords and play a few pop songs to kickstart your learning experience.

5 Easy Ukulele Songs to Play


If you are a beginner, this song by Vance Joy is going to be your favourite pic for a quick learn.

Tears in Heaven

Another easier choice for learning to play the ukulele is a tribute by Eric Clapton to his late son. This is also a song that can be mastered easily and quickly.

Upside down Down

If you are searching for a composition that is made to feature ukulele only, then you can end your search at the soundtrack by Jack Johnson which was prepared for the film entitles—“Curious George”

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Here comes one more basic melody for the new learners of the ukulele. For finding this, you can search the title with the keyboard — “Wizard of Oz”.

Hey Soul Sister

Are you still struggling in getting started? Try out the famous track by Train— “Hey Soul Sister“.

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