Toothache Day

National Toothache Day bangs on February 9 to give a gentle reminder about the importance of dental hygiene and care. The day is celebrated by educating and sensitizing about toothaches and the ways to prevent them.

Ask about its terror to someone who has ever suffered from a toothache in the past. Usually, there is no show from its side for a while, but when the issue of toothache emerges, it draws all of your attention, peace, and sleep.

Scientifically, a toothache is also named odontalgia in which a person suffers from pain in the mouth. It is caused by one, two, or multiple teeth and results in difficulty in sleeping, eating, and talking.

Toothache Day
Toothache Day


Toothache Day


We care about our hair, skin, and stomach to live beautiful and healthy but often ignore the health of our teeth. It happens probably because teeth do not give us a bumpy ride every so often. If you are also in this category, then beware!

Our teeth are usually not much demanding and so we often take them for granted and do not give them proper attention. Yes, they do not create much trouble, but when the result of our ignorance comes into the spotlight, it turns into your biggest nightmare.

Toothache Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
National Toothache Day
Boost to dental care and health
Event Type
Health and Care
Awareness Programs, Education enhancement efforts on dental care-related aspects
9th of February
Toothache Day in Various Years
9 February 2021, 9 February 2022

Date of Toothache Day Observance

February 9.

History of Toothache Day

We do not know that from where the observation of the national toothache day originated but we do know that the cause behind this day deserves to get highlighted.

If you want to live a happy, healthy, and peaceful life, you need to give your utmost attention and importance to oral care.

7000 BC: Yes, Dentistry is that Old

Do you know that how old is dentistry as a medical profession? It’s astounding that since 7000 BC we have been making the most of this one of the oldest medical professions.

5000 BC

The Feet of Descriptions

If we go back to 5000 BC, we find some glimpses of the descriptions for the teeth-related diseases too.

The Ancient Paste

It is believed that Egyptians used to use some applications for the cleaning of the teeth. The best teeth cleaning paste of this era was made by mixing the ashes, burnt eggshells, and powdered ox hooves.

1498: The First Toothbrushes of History

China is accredited to use the first result brushes. The Chinese people used to use bones or bamboo to make these toothbrushes for cleaning their teeth.

18th Century: Introduction to a Comprehensive System

Until the 18th century, oral well-being and dental care started to take a properly defined shape. Dentistry marked its feet into a new era after the release of a book on the care and treatment by French Surgeon Pierre Fauchard. It aided dentistry in blooming as a more defined profession.

The Surgeon Dentist, a Treatise on Teeth evolved as an influential publication that systematically highlighted dental care and oral health-related issues.

It beautifully spotlighted the following aspects:

  1. System of teeth care
  2. Proper treatment of teeth
  3. Implementation of dental fillings
  4. Discovery of sugar as a villain in the story of a tooth decay

The 1830s: The Invention of Tooth Keys

The tooth key with the function of application and removal brought an equal amount of happiness and pain for the users. However, this was a very useful and effective invention of that time.

1859: Associations and Organisations Formulated

Thanks to those 26 dentists who laid the new foundations of the American Dental Association, ADA. The meeting of these professionals took place in Niagara Falls, New York, and resulted in the construction of a sound organization for overseeing and re-presentation purposes.

The composition of this national organization belonged to:

  1. The representation of dentists
  2. A boost to scientific researches
  3. Encouragement to follow the higher levels of professional standards
  4. Sensitizing the general mass about the importance and benefits of dental hygiene.

1873: Mass Production of Colgate Products

Where dentistry has its route from ancient times, 1873 was the year when the first toothpaste banged into the market by the brand named Colgate. It mass-produced the tooth cleaning products such as toothbrushes and kinds of toothpaste.

Although we had the teeth cleaning products before too yet what Colgate brought was something different altogether.

The Era of World War II

Other than the fights and destruction of World War II, this era also witnessed the emergence of some new teeth-caring habits in America.

The soldiers introduced the concept of oral hygiene back to the nation.

The Expansion

Thanks to all those innovators, scientists, researchers, and the brands who brought to us the following:

  1. Tools and products for dental hygiene
  2. Procedures of teeth whitening and straightening
  3. Attention to the dental care processes.

The 2000s: Observation of the Toothache Day

We do not know the exact date when the foundation of this event was laid. We also do not know who is the legend behind

We do not know the legend who laid the foundation of this event. We also don’t know the exact date when Toothache Day was first celebrated. However, now this is an event that is celebrated nationwide and appreciated throughout the world.

Toothache Day Celebration Ideas

Ensure Timely Brushing and Flossing

Make a vow to yourself that you will brush your teeth daily and floss them two to three times a day.

If you are skeptical about fulfilling your promise, then you can also go with a firm determination. Just try your best to turn it from practice to habit.

Get Educated about Toothaches

If you suffer from any kind of toothache, follow the below steps:

Take some warm water and add salt to it. Use this warm salt water to rinse your mouth. Place an icepack on the numb area of your cheek.

If the pain continues even after using such home remedies for more than two or three days, go for a dental appointment.

Visit a Dentist for Regular Checkup

For preventing yourself from every type of toothache or tooth problem, ensure regular dental appointments other than Rishi can crossing on daily basis.

Even if you are running busy with your personal and professional schedules, do not miss taking a cleaning session at least two times a year.

Why is Toothache Day Celebrated?

It Promotes the Oral Well-being

There are many who do not take dental care and treatment seriously. Some people try out some home remedies and avoid taking medical help.

Until and unless we get aware of the importance and benefits of performing a job or ritual, it doesn’t motivate us to go ahead. The Toothache Day wonderfully facilitates the information and message, promoting oral health.

Toothache Day Plays a Reminder

The dental treatments are expensive and painful which makes them discouraging in motivating.

The day reminds us of the fact that it is an important procedure no matter what.

Significance of Toothache Day

It Educates and Sensitises

Have you ever tried to learn comprehensive dental health care practices? Unfortunately, we do not pay any attention willingly without having a toothache. Toothache Day reminds us of the importance of learning and practicing the necessary guidelines.

Let’s firmly determine to give ourselves proper dental care-related information.

Even if you do not go to any professional for having a learning session and instead use Google or YouTube, it also works well to educate.

Once you understand and realize its significance, it will strengthen your willpower to bring them into practice as well.

It Ensures Tooth-health

The event hits the right cord by alarming the need for regular checkups and care. The possible outcomes of not paying attention are presented well through its medium which motivates one to step ahead and be cautious about dental health.

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