Veterans Day

Veterans Day is celebrated annually on every 11th of November for celebrating the former and current military veterans who belong to the armed forces.

It is also marked as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day to recognize the farewell of World War 1.

Veterans day's drawing illustration: A painting of an old veteran with a stick in his hand. His shadow of a soldier is showing his heart, love, and honor for the nation and the services he performed. His rifle with uniform's cap on top along with the boots.
Veterans Day illustration!


Remembrance Day (Armistice Day)


Difference between the Veterans Day and Memorial Day

Many people get confused between these two days.

The Veterans Day celebrates the contribution of all those who have served the armed forces:

  1. Both in the past and present
  2. Both, who are still with us and are not.

On other hand, memorial day is malt In remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives while giving their services or fighting against their injuries while going through conflicts.

Veterans Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Remembrance Day, Armistice Day
Event Type
Observed in
11th of November
Veterans Day in Various Years
11 November 2020

Date of Veterans Day Observance

11th of November.

History of Veterans Day

When World War 1 met its end the armistice day was recognized by Woodrow Wilson in 1919. When World War II and the Korean War fast the name of the armistice day got changed to Veterans Day.

The day was held with observing the:

  1. Memorials
  2. Parades
  3. A break in the daily lives and the activities of the schools and businesses at 11:00 a.m. to mark the moment of reflection and respect.

During 1938, many US states put their efforts which resulted in the approval of observing the day as a federal holiday on the 11th of November. It emerged as the armistice day to recognize the cause of world peace. In 1954, Congress lobbying was preceded by the change of the name of the event from Armistice Day to veterans day.

There was also a period when some people observed the day in October but it was ignored by most of the people and Veterans Day was continued to observe on 11 November, changing the date back to its initial marking day.

Veterans Day Observations

In the US, one observation is performed as a tradition for a long time in which a ret is late at the Tomb where the unknown soldiers rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

People also take their own ways to say thanks to veterans. The observations include:

  1. Church and community services
  2. Fundraising activities
  3. Parades.

Nowadays, people observe this day by focusing on increasing engagement with the former serviceman and women. People try to ensure that they have all the essential facilities, homes, employment, and any other kind of support that they need.

This unique and practical way to support them is probably the most perfect way of showing gratitude towards them.

People can join several programs throughout the country to join with such an idea.

And why not, instead of just honoring the veterans, it is a far better idea to perform some duties towards the real heroes. A service that a veteran performs it can never be paid back or compensated in any way or means. However, supporting them to make their lives easier is the most realistic and indeed the best way to pay tribute to them.

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