Vrishchika Sankranti

The Hindu solar calendar introduces 12 Sankrantis and each of these Sankramanam events marks the beginning of a new Hindu month.

Holding the eighth position in the Indian astrological system of Rashi, Vrishchika Sankranti is marked as a sacred Sun movement from one zodiac to the next one.

Vrishchika Sankranti
Vrishchika Sankranti


All About Vrishchika Sankranti


Sankranti is important from both religious and astrological points of view, and so people pay attention to this changing event, finding it significant for welcoming the good fortune.

This Brisk Post covers all those aspects which tell why Vrischika Sankranti is an important happening and how people observe it.

Vrishchika Sankranti: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Vruschika Sankranti, Vruschika Sankramanam
Also Spelled As
Vrischika Sankranthi, Vrishchika Sankranti
Sun Shifting, Sun Transition
Event Type
Indian, Religious, Cultural
Observed By
Hindu, Brahmin
Early rise and sacred bath, Worships, Cow Donation, Temple visits
Date and Time
17 November 2019 (Varies as per Hindu Solar calendar)
Sankranti in Various Years
16 November 2020
Occurrence/ Frequency
Other Correlated Events

Meaning of Vrishchika Sankranti

The word Vrishchika Sankranti holds two words in it- ‘Vrishchika’ and ‘Sankranti’.

Vrishchika Rashi is one of the twelve astrological Zodiac Signs. Also known as Scorpio, Vrishchika is denoted also by a scorpion, signifying its name.

Sankranti informs about the proceeding of the Sun from one to another Zodiac (Rashi).

It is observed when the Sun moves from Tula to Vrishchika Rashi or Libra to Scorpio zodiac.

Names of Vrishchika Sankranti

The minute changes in how this Sankranti is called or spelled are found in distinguished regions. In the south region of India, people call it Sankramanam. Some Indian areas call this Sankraman. Where normally it is famous as Vrischika Sankranti, people mention it as Vrishchika and Vruschika Sankranti as well. However, the significance remains the same in most of the zones.

Day and Date of Vrishchika Sankranti

According to the Hindu Lunar calendar, it comes in ‘Margasirsha’, the ninth month of the ‘Panchang’ Hindi calendar.

Vrishchika Sankranti Day
Date of Vrishchika Sankranti Observance
16 November 2016
16 November 2017
16 November 2018
17 November 2019
16 November 2020
16 November 2021
16 November 2022
17 November 2023
16 November 2024
16 November 2025
16 November 2026

Auspicious Muhurat Time of Vrishchika Sankranti

Vrishchika Sankranti is one of the Vishupadi Sankranti(S); others are Vrishabha Sankranti, Simha Sankranti, and Kumbha Sankranti. Vrishchika Sankranti related auspicious muhurat for daan-punya falls 16 Ghati(s) before the Vrishchika Sankraman moment.

It signifies that the Muhurat for Daan-Punya-related righteous activities is the time window of 16 Ghati before Sankranti to Sankranti.

Vrishchika Sankranti Day and Date: Sunday, 17 November 2019
Vrishchika Sankranti Moment: 01:07 AM, 17 November 2019
(Time of Sankraman)
Vrishchika Sankranti Maha Punya Kaal: 06:45 AM to 08:34 AM
(Duration of Muhurat: 01 Hour 49 Mins)
Vrishchika Sankranti Punya Kaal: 06:45 AM to 12:12 PM
(Duration of Muhurat: 05 Hours 26 Mins)

God of the Festival

Sankramanam is a special event for the followers of Sun God. The devotees of Surya Devta offer worship this day to please their Surya Bhagwan for seeking blessings.


The popular rituals of Vrishchika Sankranti include Sankraman Snan, Surya Namaskar at the bank of the Holy River, visits to temples, Vishnu Puja, and donation giving activities.

The worshippers and admirers of Lord Surya chant the praising Vedic mantras and recite stories to please the Sun God.

People visit the Pandits (Hindu priests) for finding out the most auspicious time for the Daan-Punya giving activities and perform the righteous deeds within the Shubh Muhurat’s time frame.

Pitru Tarpan and Shraddh are also important rituals that are followed by the people of the Hindu community.

Many people donate the cows to a Brahmin too and consider this as a religious gesture of giving.

The devotees do not forget to read the Hindu Holy Scriptures. Aditya Hrudayam and Vishnu Sahasranama are the most read write-ups on the occasion of Vrishchika Sankranti. People find it very favorable for them.

Significance of Vrishchika Sankranti

Vrishchika Sankranti marks the arrival of the eighth month of the Hindu Solar calendar which falls in December.

Vruschika Sankramanam festival also marks the beginning of Tamil calendar’s “Karthigai Masam” and Malayalam calendar’s “Vrischika Masam”.


Vrischika Sankranti is associated with regaining energy and is observed by the Hindu community with great importance, enthusiasm, and devotion.

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