11 Popular Children’s Day Celebration Events in India

Children’s day in India is not an ordinary event and not less than a festive day. The celebration of this day is now nowhere contracted to the schools or orphanages but has spread to the internet world and in the creative-cultural zone too. Take a look at the ways and the reasons for which this day is so important and memorable.
Popular Children’s Day Celebration Events in India: Children's Day quote illustration of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and kids! A boy and girl with books going to school, holding hands of each other and on ther side, kids greeting high-five around Chacha Nehru AKA Pandit Nehru
Children's Day celebration events in India

1. Chacha Nehru’s Birthday Celebration

Uncle Nehru (called Chacha Nehru in India with love) had taken remarkable actions for the welfare of children and youngsters. He had seen them as the nation builders and the future of the nation. Rose and children are two words that are deeply and emotionally attached to Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji as they had been very close to him. 

For boosting the progress, he established AIIMS (All India Institutes of Medical Sciences), IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), and IIM (Indian Institute of Management). Today, the institutes have many branches and they are brightening the future of naïve students and the nation as well.

Mr. Nehru’s fervor and deep love made him launching a five-year plan that included free primary education with meals, and milk to protect children from malfunction. He knew what importance education keeps in a little kid’s life, and so he took some brilliant actions. He said them the buds of the garden and the real strength for making a developed society.

The death of Chacha Nehru in 1964 was a big loss to India as his contributions were huge. To remember his deeds and the person he was, his birth is now celebrated every year on 14 November day as Children’s Day, known as Baal Divas in India.

Before this, on the proposal of V. K. Krishna Menon to the UN General Assembly, Universal Children’s Day had been celebrated in October. When in 1959 the Rights of the Child came into light in the UN General Assembly, 20 November became the new children’s day. This Universal Children's Day is still celebrated throughout the world except for India. India celebrates it on the birthday of Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji, on 14 November.

2. Children’s Day as Big Fun Day in Schools

Schools are the prime place for celebrating this day. The day comes with loads of fun for kids. Various social and cultural activities like dancing, singing, and instrumental programs are being organized by their teachers for entertainment.

Games and sports also are the elements that fascinate the children, so puzzles and treasure (sweets and chocolates) hunt type of activities also become a main part of this day.

The schools also promote healthy competitions among the students and make them participate in extempore, fancy dress, storytelling, paper presentation, quizzes, and general knowledge competitions.

To remember the freedom fighters, special programs are being held. Their biographies are presented in interesting ways.

Overall the day turns into a fun day for kids and they learn about our history, increase G.K., raise their healthy competitive spirit, and lead towards their overall development in an entertaining way.

3. Offices and Organizations Also Participate

This day turns into a fun day not only for children but also for the officials. The organizations and office employees also engage themselves in such activities and refresh their childhood. They disguise them as kids and present programs.

4. Media Involvement on Children’s Day

Print media has been a popular source to aware people of our memorable or historical days. Television programs are also no exception in the series. The daily soaps also celebrate this day by weaving the Children's Day special story around their little actors, acting in the serials. Nowadays radio and FM channels are also airing particular series on their shows.

5. Visit on Orphanages and Visit of Orphans

To usher in happiness and make the moments alive, many celebrities visit the orphanages and distribute goodies, sweets, and chocolates. Some organizations also take steps towards them and their joys by screening a blockbuster movie in government children's homes and provide refreshments. In some places, the kids visit the outdoor places, go for a picnic, or are being taken to any historical place. Many leaders also visit such orphanages to support the orphans.

6. Musical Performances and Fund-Raising Events for Underprivileged

The day brings hope for unprivileged children as many business tycoons, Bollywood celebrities, sports players, and political leaders come ahead to support them. The donation amount collected from the biggies is used for the overall development of such kids.

7. Quotes, Greetings, and Mobile Messages of Children’s Day

Children’s Day messages secure place among the topmost searches on Google search engines this day. Doesn’t matter a person has grown up; the day is celebrated with equal enthusiasm among both children and adults. People exchange Children’s Day quotes and greet with joy.

8. Children’s Day on Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites play a magnificent role in every field. They generate awareness among the general mass to set new trends, speed up drives, and promote new plans. Mass awareness is something that can be smoothened through such sites. If used for correct purposes, betterment of the society, and good motive, these platforms can do wonders.

9. National Children Film Festival

Aiming towards expanding the film market of children, calling the makers, and nurturing the talent at a young age, CFSI (Children’s Film Society of India) established NCFF (National Children Film Festival). The first National Children’s Film Festival got launched in 2014 with announcing the theme, “Cleanliness”.

Supporting the air of “Swachhta” blown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the drive is carried forward and the topic is held as the central theme of the festival. Bal Swachhta Abhiyan’s theme will be promoted well in the three-day festival event. The event is hosted by the capital of the nation, Delhi, and held at the auditorium of Siri fort on 14 November.

As this belongs to the Indian Film Industry as well, many celebrities are also supporting this initiative. Where Amitabh Bachchan, Sonakshi Sinha, and Ajay Devgn have shared their support through video bites, Sania Mirza will be witnessed as the guest of honor. Popular faces like Shiamak Davar and Jimmy Shergill are also participating in the event by showing their talent during workshops and entertaining programs.

10. Google Doodle

Google Doodle is something that every Google visitor waits for. Its creativity and the way the word Google is incorporated in the art drawing are phenomenal. Google has been celebrating Children’s Day in its own way with Doodles. See above how interesting and colorful they are!

Children’s Day Doodle 2014 was selected on the basis of a nationwide competition held among Indian children. It was won by Vaidehi Reddy who studied at Army Public School of Pune. The girl represented the ace cultural and natural beauty of Assam. Not only the music and culture but its folk-art is also so rich; the Doodle depicts this beautifully.

11. Online Sales on Shopping Websites

Where e-commerce biggies don’t leave a single chance to celebrate, how come they do not offer any exciting offer on this day! The giants of this field such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal bring eye-catchy contests and deals for Children’s Day. Some of these offers are:

  • Share your plans for securing your kid’s future and win the price amount for the best story.
  • Tell how you celebrated Children’s Day to meet a this-or-that celebrity.
  • Guess the book and win the toy or goodies.

Other than such tempting deals, big discounts on sport belongings, shoes, baby products, apparel, toys, books, DVDs, and video games are also given.

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