Lemon Cream Pie Day

Before November bids farewell along with Thanksgiving Vibes and those pumpkin pies, the Lemon Cream Pie Day also marks its presence to trigger that sweet tooth. This special event of 29 November is commonly known as the Lemon Meringue Pie these days.

Lemon Cream Pie Day illustration: Lemon cream maringue pie with whipped cream and lemons branch in background
Refreshing Lemon Cream Pie Day illustration!


National Lemon Meringue Pie Day


Lemon Cream Pie Day is a national event that is also known as Lemon Meringue Pie Day. It brings happiness among all the pie, cupcake, and bakery item lovers.

Especially for the weight-watchers, the National Lemon Cream Pie Day comes as an official opportunity to have it.

Lemon Cream Pie Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
National Lemon Cream Pie Day, Lemon Meringue Pie Day
Enjoying the toothsome lemon cream pie dishes
Event Type
Observed at
National level
Treats of the lemon cream pie dishes
Lemon Meringue Pie cooking, treats, and parties
29 November
Lemon Cream Pie Day in Various Years
29 November 2020, 29 November 2021
Occurrence/ Frequency

Date of Lemon Cream Pie Day Observance

29th of November.

History of Lemon Cream Pie Day

As per food historians, humans are hooked on lemon desserts since the middle ages. On the other hand-whipped cream made its debut later.

The love story of lemon dessert and whipped cream

Until the mid-1500s, any lemon dessert was single. It tied the knot with the whipped cream later and this news got broadcasted after the 1600th century.

The Lemon Pie took its entry into the world of recipes in the mid-1500s in Italy. It came into appearance in France first and then no looking back after 1600. Between 1600 to now, some unknown food lover gifted us a recipe idea in which the lemon dessert was teamed up with the whipped cream. Since then the pie dish has been enjoying its stardom and we, its shining flavors.

Lemon Meringue Pie: The 19th Century Product

Since medieval times, the puddings, pies, and lemon custards have been making our lives tastier. Bearing q you came into appearance with its perfect form during the 17th century.

Its earliest recorded recipe belongs to Alexender Frehse, a Romandy Swiss baker.

The Origin of Lemon Meringue Pie

Larissa Milne, a travel writer attributes Elizabeth Goodfellow (entrepreneur/chef) to the pies.

William Woys Weaver, a renowned food historian labels Goodfellow as one of the most creative American cookery forces. During the era of the early 19th century, where other bakeries buffer providing daily baked goods and slices of bread, Goodfellow's unique pastry shop supplied pies, cakes, and sweets for the high society parties of Philadelphia.

The shop provided many popular treats of that era which include:

  1. Lemon meringue pie, a recipe with the most lasting legacy
  2. Lemon pudding, famous as a signature creation of Goodfellow
  3. Queen's cake
  4. Madeira and brandy flavored Spiced cakes for the individuals
  5. Jumbles, sugar cookies' early version.

There are several varieties of pie for which Goodfellow is credited. These include both served alone recipes and served with pastry crust recipes as pies.

Becky Diamond, another food history addresses Goodfellow with greater credits, announcing her the Mother of Lemon Meringue Pie.

During early 1800, lemons turned from delicacy to readily available one that could be witnessed even around Philadelphia.

The Journey of National Lemon Cream Pie at Quick Glance

1825: The Emergence

The Perfect Combination in the form of lemon meringue pie is the signature creation of Elizabeth Goodfellow, who was an entrepreneur and chef from Philadelphia.

1840: Presidential Pie

As per the Food Writer Becky Diamond, the brilliant idea of pie had come to the mind of Abraham Lincoln at an Illinois hotel. He was a lawyer and the future president at that time. He loved this discovery of pie so much that he proposed to explore its recipe.

1851: Flourishing Stardom of Lemon Meringue Pie

Following the farewell of Elizabeth Goodfellow from this planet, the popularity of the Lemon meringue pie grew like never before. It also celebrated some aliases such as:

  1. Lemon Custard Pie
  2. Lemon Cream Pie
  3. Iced Lemon Pie.

1992: Featured Recipe of Bob Hopes

Bob Hopes not only marked his flag in comedy but also introduced an easy yet iconic recipe that secured its place in the USA Celebrity Cookbook.

National Lemon Cream Pie Day Celebrations

People celebrate this day in several ways. Let's get some celebration ideas from 4 of the best ways to mark the National Lemon Cream Pie Day!

Give your hands an opportunity to bake

The most wonderful part of making something at your home is you can explore any recipe in any way. What can be more fun than having it in your own style?! You can bake it or you can take a no-bake way as well. You can also experiment with any flavor. It's a "choose-your-own-adventure" journey in which you can take any route.

Although the old-yet-gold lemon cream pie recipe is a fail-proof one, yet you can go for one of the following options as well:

  1. You can choose to enjoy a classic butter crust
  2. If not the above, you can blend it with the Graham cracker crust
  3. Introduce the sour cream to your filling
  4. Sprinkle some coconut flakes
  5. Embellish its roof with some white chocolate on the top.

It's totally up to your choice that you want to go for some extra tang or for that elegance.

However, if baking is not your forte, here you are another easy option!

Have a Blast with Yourself

Who says a bash always needs to be uproarious?! Let only your sweet tooth enjoy the moment this time!

As soon as the word celebration comes into the mind, the first visual that we think of incorporates the extraordinary decoration, embellished walls, gathering of many people, and those oh-so-chick fashion attires.

Such a setting and party mood take a lot of investment. You do not necessarily need to go for so much drama every time.

Just put on your casual tee and reach to any nearby authentic local pie shop. Order, grab your seat and dig in.

Enjoy it as your dinner desert

You bake it yourself or choose any shop to buy it, just make sure you have it and celebrate it on its special day.

You can add a slice of Pie to your plate as your dinner dessert as all kinds of creampies are a classic choice for it.

Go for a Cocktail

Have you ever tried a personalized cocktail to add elegance to your life? Let your Cocktail Shaker do this job for you. Add the following in it and taste the magic:

  1. Fresh lemon juice
  2. Lemon drop
  3. Any beverage of your choice
  4. Sweetener
  5. Plain sugar
  6. Syrup of your choice

Shake and transfer it into your glass. Make fresh lemon slices your garnishing tools and enjoy this easy recipe.

Why People Celebrate the National Lemon Cream Pie Day?

It's a timeless desert

When it comes to opting for a classic dessert, people have started to find apple pies boring these days. Pineapple Pie, a profound dessert also consent to the same series after Thanksgiving Day in November.

In such a scenario, the classic lemon Cream Pie brings a fresh breeze to the surrounding.

One can flaunt it as a healthy recipe

As soon as the idea of any cake Pie pastry or bakery items visits the mind gallery, the word trans fats start to lurk around.

But how about the recipe of a pie which hero is the king of the vitamin C? Any source of vitamin C is a natural antibacterial which is too good for maintaining a healthy body. It helps in:

  1. Stimulating the liver
  2. Absorbing the minerals such as iron
  3. Fighting against deadly diseases such as cancer by its exclusive properties.

You can surely enjoy the extraordinary benefits of lemon through drinking the lemon water or adding the lemon juice in any other healthy dish but isn't a lemon cream pie is more fun?! So what are you waiting for; if fat is horrifying you, you can always go for a walk and explore nature around.

It's an Effortless Dish

If you are among those who have not got the good genes of a chef, no worries! If you are a pie-lover and at the same time you have got the lazy muscles as well, then too, no issues! Lemon cream pie is an easy recipe; especially when you can find its ingredients and preparations at any nearby grocery store such as:

  1. Premade pie crust
  2. Lemon pudding mix
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Fresh lemons

The highlight of this story is premade pie crust. No baking means no effort!

Interesting Facts and Figures about Lemon Cream Pie Day

Secret Facts of Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

The Reason behind Crust Soggy Lemon Meringue Pie

Many people complain that why my Lemon meringue Pie is crust-soggy. Here you are the secret of the pie recipe.

Bake your pie in the oven bottom half so that your pie crust gets the direct heat of the oven.

Want to Bake Fast? Here is an Easy Tip!

Another query that commonly floats is why some people are able to bake lemon meringue pie faster than others.

The answer is that bake your pie on a glass plate to prepare it faster.

Learn How to Serve and Where to Store Your Lemon Meringue Pie

The job doesn't end at just preparing the toothsome pie. More than the preparation, it is important to serve it well to your guests or beloved ones.

Before you serve your pie to someone, make sure that it was kept in the refrigerator and is chilled.

Place your pie on the topmost shelf of your refrigerator.

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