National Mason Jar Day

Mason jars have got some techniques to keep their stardom lit up. After all, it is not a piece of cake to remain in the spotlight for decades.

The National Mason Jar Day is annually celebrated every 30 November to appreciate the innovation of the multi-purpose mason jars.

And why not; their popularity makes them a well-deserved Hero to celebrate on a dedicated day. It seems to be just an ordinary jar at first sight but its usage is undeniably extraordinary.

National Mason Jar Day illustration drawing of green, transperent and pink mason jars with beautiful floral climbers, lighting bulbs, and sparkles in the backround of night sky with stars and moon! Creative Mason jar DIY ideas illustrated with quote: A MASON JAR is not just a container to keep candies, pickles, and other foods. It is a chamber of the most delighting and toothsome MEMORIES!
Happy National Mason Jar Day!
Illustration Quote:
A MASON JAR is not just a container to keep candies, pickles, and other foods. It is a chamber of the most delightful and toothsome MEMORIES!


National Mason Jar Day


You have got a drink, flowers, candles, or those home-grown vegetables, a mason jar is one of the best holders for any of them.

Earlier, they used to be the first choice to preserve the saliva-triggering pickles; but now they are one of the best choices to explore your DIY skills.

It is a base tool that can give powerful wings to any DIY artist. There are many outstanding mason jar DIY ideas on the internet that sing many untold stories of craft-lovers who came up with their out-of-the-box creativity.

If you have never tried one, take the Mason Jar Day as an opportunity to explore your hidden talent.

National Mason Jar Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Mason Jar Day
Event Type
Use of Mason Jar for various household purposes
Sharing the Mason Jar DIY ideas on various social platforms
30th of November
National Mason Jar Day in Various Years
30 November 2020, 30 November 2021
Occurrence/ Frequency

Date of National Mason Jar Day Observance

30 November.

History of National Mason Jar Day

1830: Early Version of Jars with Wax Sealing

We are living in an era in which we have the much-upgraded version of the Mason jars.

Earlier the containers were packed with the wax-sealed method which was a Complex process.

Most importantly, it was often an ineffective idea. However, it was the most popular style of preserving food at that time.

The jars of that time were yet to tie a knot with the magic word- 'mason'.

1858: Glass Jars Teamed-up with the Patented Screw Tops

1858 can be said to be the birth year of Mason jars. Let me introduce you to the creator of the mason jars. The one who gave his name to these jars was John Landis Mason. The man behind the discovery of the mason jar proposed the idea of canning easier and safer by patenting the unique screw-top and its glass jar.

1910: The Era of Blue Mason Jars

The idea behind coloring the mason jar was to prevent the vegetables and the fruits from the raises of the light. Many people believe that colored glasses were the best option for canning and preserving the eating stuff inside the jar as it blocks the light.

2000: A Proud Antique

Even the outdated mason jar also found their ways to become a part of our lives by shining as the collectibles. All the people have been keeping the charge in their homes (they use it or not) yet many have been into the business of buying and selling them as collectibles or antiques.

Ideas to Celebrate National Mason Jar Day

If you are also a jar-lover but do not know how to celebrate Mason Jar Day then here ends your dilemma!

Below are the three most popular observation ideas!

Share Your Love for Mason Jar by Sharing the Ways to Use Them

Flaunt your ideas to use the Mason jars and share them on social media with your friends and family with the hashtag #MasonJarDay or #NationalMasonJarDay.

If you have got your art with these kinds of jars, there cannot be a Better Day to show them off.

If you are not interested in sharing with others and you want to celebrate this day on your own, then you can also plant some flowers in a mason jar and place them on your table or deck.

Just open your skillful wings and make them a part of your life in a creative way.

What about Pickling?!

If you have never shaken hands with a glass jar, this is the best day to explore it.

Who can survive without pickles and sauces?! And what day can be a better day to place them in a mason jar?

Nothing can be better than using a product for which it was designed originally. National Mason Jar Day is the best time to prepare your homemade pickle and place it in a mason jar.

Buy your favorite vegetable or choose any base ingredient. Let it meet the wonderful flavors of vinegar salt sugar and water. Heat high the whole mixture in a saucepan. Let it dissolve. Add the brine. Store the stuff in the jar and seal it tightly.

Don the Spirit of a Creative Holiday

Go for making a miniature holiday scene. Emulates know by pouring the white sands into the jars. Let your childhood toys or characters make it their planet. Embellish it with the trees or buy some stuff from the nearby craft store to give it a perfect look. Paint its walls which snowflake patterns. You can also turn it into a festive land Turn by placing a string of holiday lights or just set a candle inside the jar.

If this idea is not one of your choices, explore other clever craft ideas with a mason jar which are shared in this article.

Creative Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Introduce It to Your Proud Garden

Tie the thick threads around your Mason jars and turn them into beautiful hanging plant pots. Decorate your garden trees with these new hanging containers and let your beloved budding climber plants grow in them.

If not the garden, your kitchen can also be an option to flaunt these hanging jars. You can store your pickles spices any other stuff. Seal this charge and let them hang sideways in the kitchen. See how soon they become your favorite storage containers because of their handy features and cuteness.

Make It a Cupcake Container

If you are baked cakes are still finding a good place to reside these Mason jars might and their search. Stick your cupcakes in a mason jar and let it have a look of a layered parfait. Don't forget to embellish it with sprinkles and icing.

Replace Your Martini Shaker

How about giving up those typical Martini shakers and using the Mason jars to shake up your drinks. So next time when you are up to it, cool down your drink and spin it in a mason jar.

Try As a Soap Dispenser

Who says a Mason jar can be used in the kitchen or garden area or as a DIY tool only?! Gone are the days when they were used only for some traditional purposes.

Cut carefully the top lid of a Mason jar and make a hole in it. Pour your favorite soap in it and make it whole with a soap dispenser top.

Why People Love National Mason Jar Day?

The popularity of this day is directly associated with the usefulness of the Mason jars. Mason jars are versatile in their usage which makes them a favorite option to explore.

Let's list some of the amazing qualities that make them outstanding for use in multiple ways!

Availability in Various Sizes

Check out how their different sizes make them app for distinguished purposes!

Large-sized Jars

Large Mason jars have been the most traditional, authentic, and popular options to store the pickles or cane the vegetables and bigger fruits.

As soon as time passed, people started to make the most of its versatile capabilities. Some people turned it into the drink dispensers and others started to use it as their Piggy banks.

Medium-sized Jars

Have you ever thought that the medium mason jars can be used as anti-spill travel mugs as well? Give them an opportunity to become your favorite container for drinking purposes.

Small-sized Jars

How about the option of turning the small mason jars into candle holders? If you don't want to waste it for this purpose, you can also use it to carry or store the small snacks, tea lights, or salad dressings.

Mason Jars Are Tough

Their quality of being robust and stout makes them out-of-the-box among the ordinary glass jars.

Do you remember any incidence when you had to throw your mason jar out of your home because it became outdated and so was just scattered? If you have never tried to replace your basketball with it, then it would have been like those best friends forever in your life. In a person's lifetime, it happens only once or twice when you have to bid farewell to a mason jar because it got expired.

Mason jars are built with tough thick glasses which makes them durable. They do not break easily like those sophisticated cups.

Uniform Lids: The Reason to Smile

The universal necks of the mason jars give you all the reasons to be happy about it. If, because of some reason, the lids get defective or create trouble while screwing, your jar doesn't become a waste. You can always use some other lid or ring to screw on your old jars.

This way you can use a jar over and over again and it doesn't bid you farewell easily. And who would like to say goodbye to such multi-purpose stuff? This quality of its lid helps you a ton with pickling. You can change the lid every time you open the jar.

What a Brilliantly Made Magical Container It is!

You can find the websites flooding with an overflow of the mason jar DIY ideas. You want to paint it or style it, then present them with the easiest option. Alike blank paper or canvas, mason jars never disappoint you in the case of Arts and crafts ideas and projects.

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