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Africa Industrialization Day

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Africa Industrialization Day is celebrated annually on every 20th of November to raise awareness about the significance and importance of industrial development of Africa. The day also highlights the challenges associated with it.

Africa Industrialization Day illustration of creative Africa map with industriesand factories incorporated
Africa Industrialization Day illustration!


Africa Industrialization Day


Industrialization or industrial development is the core of any country’s economic growth. When the industries and domestic economies share sound associations, the linkages contribute to wealth creation and employment opportunities, ultimately boosting poverty eradication.

Africa Industrialization Day: Quick Glance
Boosted industrial development
Event Type
Global, National (Not a publuc holiday)
20th of November
Africa Industrialization Day in Various Years
20 November 2020, 20 November 2021

Date of Africa Industrialization Day Observance

20th of November.

History of Africa Industrialization Day

During the 25th OAU session in July 1989, 20 November was announced to be Africa Industrialization Day.

Later on 22 December 1989, the day was declared to be marked by the UN General Assembly as well.

Africa Industrialization Day was first marked on 20 November 1990.

On 21 March 2018, a number of countries signed AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area), an agreement for developing the largest trade area in the world for goods and services.

Its operations are supposed to be effective on 1 January 2021 after 54 signatures and 28 ratifications.

Africa Industrialization Day Observations

Africa Industrialization Day is observed by the governments and authorized organizations to stimulate the industrial development processes around the African countries.

The day is also marked by drawing the attention of the global media towards:

  1. The challenges faced by Africa’s nations in industrialization
  2. The problems that can prove to be the milestones in industrial development

The day is commemorated by observing the events throughout the week.

Significance of Africa Industrialization Day

Africa holds the second position in the case of population. Despite having one of the most populated continents, its value addition and contribution to global manufacturing is not very high.

On Africa Industrialization Day, many national and local leaders, representatives, and organizations come together and assess the past year’s progress.

The dedicated events are coordinated and observed. Many statements from the leaders and economists also float.

Different entities from different sectors unite to raise global consciousness about the importance of the industrial development of Africa.

Making aware the international community that out of 50 least developed countries, 30 belong to Africa, also remains one of the prime goals.

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