World No Alcohol Day

World No Alcohol Day is marked every 2nd October, drawing attention to the risks of alcohol abuse.

This globally celebrated international event:

  • Highlights the drawbacks and health issues because of alcohol consumption
  • Extends a helping hand towards those addicted people who struggle during their alcohol withdrawal stages.
World No Alcohol Day illustration: Cartoon pun of an addicted man going crazy over the mug of beer that is full of alcohol having the cigarette and peg in hands while saying with a blindfold, Do you expect me to deal the situation without alcohol and smoke and his wife replying, Milk or water may not change the situation but neither will alcohol or smoke
World No Alcohol Day: Illustration of a husband and wife conversing about following the addiction while facing a situation of life!

World No Alcohol Day is annually celebrated on 02 October along with the International Day of Non-violence, Gandhi Jayanti, and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti. The day is observed on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who is also known as the father of the nation in India.


No Alcohol Day


Nobody gets addicted to anything knowingly, willingly, and immediately. It's a series of distinguished events that drags a person towards the addiction. It is no exception in the case of alcohol consumption too.

The reason is whatsoever:

  1. Peer pressure
  2. Work culture
  3. The will to mingle with the party animals
  4. Heartbreaks
  5. Any adverse situation or a challenge offered by the unpredictable life or a closed one
  6. Or just to flaunt that so-called swag...

When a one-time small glass of drink turns to an impossible addiction of this slow poison, no consumer gets an opportunity to understand.

It just enters into life and alcohol consumption becomes a life-changing habit without giving any notice or intimidation.

The World No Alcohol Day comes as an opportunity to break this series, aware people of its consequences, and break the myths through the facts and figures.

Let's know more about the World No Alcohol Day and marker contribution to society through observing this event in an effective manner!

World No Alcohol Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
No Alcohol Day
Generates mass awareness about alcohol abuse and motivates to quit alcohol consumption
Event Type
Awareness campaigns and drives
02 October
The Event in Various Years
02 October 2021, 02 October 2022
Other Correlated Events
Gandhi Jayanti

Date of World No Alcohol Day Observance

2nd of October.

History of World No Alcohol Day in India

In 2008, India made a proposal in front of the panel of the World Health Organisation during a meeting held in the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss was the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare of India at that time.

On behalf of India, he made a proposal for observing the Global alcohol-free day on the birth anniversary of Gandhiji. He also suggested highlighting the health risks of alcohol abuse. His proposal and objective regarding the No Alcohol Day got the support and involvement of about 11 Southeast Asian countries. The proposal shaped into a great effort in order to reduced the issues related to alcohol consumption.

At that time all member states had about 193 entities who supported the resolution by marking their signs for calling the Global strategies, steps for the development, and support.

It hadn't come up as an official adoption for the World No Alcohol Day yet. However, it got the support of WHA International Council of nurses, and many other organizations. The whole drive also focused on the:

  1. Priority areas
  2. National actions
  3. Global actions

World No Alcohol Day Celebration

Many organizations, institutes, and general people come ahead to fight against alcohol abuse. They design and process the awareness material regarding the adverse effects of alcohol consumption and its long-term effects on a person's life, family, and society.

Many people and families support groups that help people in getting rid of alcohol addiction.

Some people reach the affected people suffering from alcohol addiction and try to counsel them to give up their consumption.

Those who want to celebrate this event in a light-hearted manner, they drink mocktails or other alcohol-free cocktails.

Significance of World No Alcohol Day

The observations of such an awareness-raising day help people and society to understand the severity and depth of the issue. This also motivates the general mass to stand against it collectively and support the affected people as well.

Interesting Facts about World No Alcohol Day

Do you know that as per the World Health Organisation:

  1. About 2.5 million people die each year because of the direct or indirect effects of alcohol consumption.
  2. The more shocking fact is that about 320000 people belong to the age group of 15 to 29.
  3. And here comes the eye-opener! Alcohol consumption is the third leading cause and aspect of poor health. This is not a fact or figure that belongs to one or two nations only, but a global reality.

An Appeal

Do you know that too much alcohol consumption can trigger heart-related diseases and also deadly diseases such as liver cancer?

Let's join hands not against alcoholic people but an addiction.

Let us facilitate help to the potential alcohol users and addicted people with proper counseling and awareness-raising information.

Where the single habit of alcohol consumption can change a life, a simple effort of breaking the chains of the addiction can also bring a huge change in the affected persons' lives and even in society.

How to Celebrate World No Alcohol Day?

The best way to celebrate World No alcohol day is to enhance knowledge about the harmful effects of alcohol and aware people of the consequences of alcohol abuse.

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