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World Mental Health Day

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The World Mental Health Day is celebrated on every 10th of October annually for raising the level of awareness and education about global mental health and advocating against the social stigma associated with the mental disorders.

World Mental Health Day: A mental health care illustration of modern girl and boy decorating the brain chamber with plants, books, and water bucket of positivity, hopes, and joy!
World Mental Health Day
Let's decorate our brains with good books and plants of positivity, hopes, and joy!


Intenration Day of Mental Health Care


Brain is the core part of the overall development. All other organs activities and senses are controlled and directed by bhai the brain which makes it the central commanding entity.

On World Mental Health Day, all the international perspectives of Mental Health Care related aspects are addressed. As per the research, study, and analysis in this area, a theme is designed to cover the prioritised issues of concern to:

  1. Improve the mental health care system and practices
  2. Achieve the equity in the mental health of all humans.
World Mental Health Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Drawing attention towards mental health care and removing the stigma associated with it
Event Type
Observed at
International level
Mental health awareness drives, distribution of facts and figures to enhance education on mental health
10 October
World Mental Health Day in Various Years
10 October 2020, 10 October 2021
Occurrence/ Frequency
Other Correlated Events
World Mental Health Week

Date of World Mental Health Day Observance

10th of October.

History of World Mental Health Day

Initially, the World Federation of Mental Health had taken an initiative to celebrate the first Mental Health Day on 10 October 1992. Abbreviated as WFMH, this is a global Mental Health Organisation which has Association with more than 150 countries to its contacts and members.

In 1992 and 1993 the event was celebrated without any specific theme and the activities addressed only the general mental health related issues to educate people.

In 1994 the Secretary General Eugene Brody suggested to observe the events with a specific theme and it happened so for the first time in the history. The first theme of of of the world Mental Health Day revolved around improving the quality of the mental health services around the world.

World Mental Health Day Celebration

The World Health Organisation, also abbreviated as WHO, supports the world Mental Health Day along with worldwide ministries of health in Civil Society organisations through raising the awareness and educational level about the mental health related issues.

For this event, the technical and communication material is developed and processed across the globe.

The thousands of people come together and join hands to celebrate the annual awareness programs that throw light on the mental illness disorders and there effects and impacts on general people's lives.

Countries such as Australia celebrate the world Mental Health Day as a part of the mental health week. These nations observe the events and activities throughout the awareness week.

Why is World Mental Health Day Celebrated?

The day comes with an opportunity to consolidate all the aspects of mental Healthcare system and implement and execute a properly formulated plan and strategies to improve the mental health of overall populations around the world.

It deals with the following aspects:

  1. Country wise epidemiology of mental disorders
  2. Available treatment options
  3. Areas with Research and reporting is needed
  4. Raise in the level of Mental Health education
  5. Social financial and political aspects and structures related to mental health care system
  6. The issues related to human rights among others
  7. The role of human resources in mental health

Significance of World Mental Health Day

The overall aim of marking the World Mental Health Day revolves around strengthening the global mental health by providing the informational facts and figures about the mental health situation of all the countries around the world. The authorities also try to develop the cost effective interventions as per the identified Mental Health Care needs so that the specific requirements can be met.

Who was Man?

The first observations of the world Mental Health Day was the result of the initiative taken by the Deputy Secretary General Richard Hunter.

Interesting Facts and Figures about World Mental Health Day

  1. Do you know that about 1 million people kill themselves every year and fall into the category of dying due to suicide.
  2. Among young people, suicide is a third leading cause of death.
  3. In middle- and low-income countries, about 19.1 % of disabilities due to health conditions belong to the causes such as:
    1. Unipolar depression
    2. Schizophrenia
    3. Bipolar depression
    4. Unipolar Depression
    5. Dementia
    6. Alcoholism
  4. The majority of above situations are directly or indirectly associated with the mental health related challenges.
  5. It is estimated that approximately 1 out of 4 people get affected by the neurological disorders aur mental diseases at at a point of their lives in the world.
  6. There are many effective interventions which are available for the treatment nowadays. Regardless this fact the most concerning factor is is having the Awareness of the need of treating the mental disorders. The proportion of those who need the treatment for the mental disorder and those who receive is very high.
  7. The rate of treatment gap in in low and middle-income countries is estimated Tu to be in the range of 76 to 85%. In case of high income countries, it is 35 to 50%.
  8. As per the estimation by the World Health Organisation in 2011, world face to the shortage of about 1.18 million professionals of of mental Healthcare.


World Mental Health Day Challenges

The global mental health movement has been critisized as:

  1. A missionary and neocolonial project
  2. A platform for the pharmaceutical companies, medical businesses, and professionals to seek new potential clients for the psychiatric drugs.

An Appeal

For taking the most effective steps towards decreasing the global burden of cases related to mental illness and disorders, there is a need for us all to realise and accept that:

Mental illness is just like any other disease which needs care attention and medical help.

It can be treated and cured if taken the medical help on time.

In the present era, when people are leaning more and more towards the isolated lifestyle, the mental health issues have found significant is space to grow and nurture. In such a scenario, the prevention of the mental health has emerged as one of the prime global issues of concern.

Let's stand as a wall in front of the stigma associated with the mental illness and disorders. Let's fight it like a collective force at both personal and social levels so that it can be diminished from the root. Be courageous and make significant changes in your lifestyle and the surrounding. We humans do not belong to the messed and confused state of mind; we are made to grow with peace and joy. Let's make sure to maintain it within and around!

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