Columbus Day

Columbus Day is observed as a historical event and national holiday every second Monday of October in various countries of America and other locations, celebrating the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492 on the 12th of October.

Columbus Day illustration of Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus, the first one from the Old World Africa Asia and Europe who landed at the shores of the New World (The Americas)
Columbus Day
Illustration: Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus with his supportive team at the shores of the Americas— The New World!


Columbus Day


The name of the event honors an Italian Explorer Christopher Columbus who was the first one from the Old World Africa Asia and Europe who landed at the shores of the New World (The Americas).

The event is celebrated in Spain, Italy, various countries in the Americas, and various Little Italy throughout the world.

Let's know more about the history and significance of celebrating Columbus Day!

Columbus Day: Quick Glance
Boosted global trade and exchange of culture, technology, and various other aspects
Event Type
Legend of the Day
Christopher Columbus
Yes (Federal holiday)
Second Monday of October
Columbus Day in Various Years
11 October 2021, 10 October 2022

Date of Columbus Day Observance

The traditional or actual celebration of Columbus Day is marked on 12 October. In the United States, the day is observed on the second Monday of October which falls on different days of the month of October various years.

History of Columbus Day

The Crown of Castile that belongs to Spain gives sponsorship to the trans-Atlantic voyages to the Americas. This sponsored journey of Christopher Columbus between 1492 and 1504 wrote many adventurous and developmental pages in history.

Columbus and his crew started their historic journey on the Spanish ships La Pinta, Nina, and Santa Maria. After sailing across the Atlantic ocean for about 3 months, they arrived at the new world.

Significance of Columbus Day

The celebrations are made for honoring the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. The observation of Columbus Day recognizes the contributions of the Italian defendant's Americans.

The journey of Columbus and his crew resulted in the initiation of the Columbian exchange. It led towards the transfer of animals, food, plants, human populations (also slaves), communicable diseases, technology, and culture between the old world and the new world.

It played a key role in the cultural exchange between the Western and Eastern hemispheres.

It boosted up the European Overseas exploration for rising the Global trade.

The contact between the Old World and the New World also resulted in many European colonial Empires.

The sail of Christopher Columbus inspired various naval expeditions across the Indian Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Not only this it also boosted the land expeditions in Asia Australia Africa and America. The inspiration continued till the late 19th century and indeed the 20th century when the exploration of the polar regions added new chapters to history.

This whole contributed a significant role in the making of the world, new world view, and the contact of the distant civilizations.

Who Was the Man Behind?

On behalf of Spain, Christopher Columbus had set sail across the great Atlantic Ocean for searching for a faster way to reach the far east. The whole journey resulted in the first landing of Columbus and his crew in the new world.

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