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Protein for Energy: 3 Unsaid Usage

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Know what happens when we ignore carbohydrates and eat protein rich diet for energy. Click to know the major untold effects!
Protein for energy: Man on dinning table with spoon and fork in beard and yellow t-shirt, taking high protein low carb food plate as energy source (cartoon illustration by sneha)
Raised Question, "Is It Okay to Take Protein as Source Of Energy?"
Man thinking, "What's wrong in high protein, low carb food?"
Illustration: A man on dinning table, about to eat his food on plate!

We all know that the major source of energy is the carbohydrate, and we also get the fuel from lipid resources. But do you know what works as fuel when they both are low? In the deficiency of carbohydrates and lipid sources, proteins are used as the energy sources or fuel.

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Protein: How This Nutrient Becomes Energy Source for Body?

In case of excess of protein or carbohydrate deficiency, protein breaks down into a form of carbohydrate and is being used as fuel. The nitrogenous matter splits off from the molecules of protein and remaining carbon units are utilized to generate fuel for body activities. This mechanism results in some loss of energy, and strain on the kidney, liver, and other involved organs. The strain eliminates the unused nitrogenous waste.

This is a natural process, but many people use this mechanism as a trick to lose weight. They take a protein-rich food and consume a diet with fewer carbohydrate resources, which is not good for health or the right practice to follow. This may cause shedding pounds because of loss of net energy, but the process of protein breakdown burdens over an exhausted liver and give unnecessary strain to the kidney to release the uric acid.

Break the Myth: Protein as Source of Fuel

Many people take protein as an energy supplier, but in reality, proteins do not work as a source of fuel for the body. So for all those who are very much involved in exercise, workouts or muscular activities, don’t ignore carbohydrate or fats as they are the basic source of energy.

Our body can utilize the stored protein as fuel only by breaking it into the form of carbohydrate.

Important for Weight Watchers and Heavy Workout Doers

When you involve yourself in any muscular work or heavy activities of the body, the use of nitrogen that we get from protein is very slight. In such a scenario, the oxygen absorption and carbonic acid excretion increases. So your body needs non-nitrogenous foods too for balancing the expenditure of energy.

If you do not supply carbohydrates to the body, the protein breaks up for getting carbon contents to produce energy from the fuel, spitting off the nitrogenous content. It not only causes the energy loss but also gives unnecessary strain to your kidney, liver and other organs for removing nitrogenous wastes that are of no use.

People, who rely on low carbohydrate and high protein diets for weight loss, beware! This can be dangerous too.

The Bottom Line: Is It Okay to Take Protein as Source Of Energy?

When we eat a protein-rich diet as a source of energy ignoring the basic energy source carbohydrate, the need for energy is compensated by breaking the protein into carbohydrate leaving nitrogenous content behind as wastage. We get energy but this process or conversion and in eliminating that uric acid and waste produced by protein breakdown, the strain is put on our liver, kidney, and other organs. This overwork and exhaustion might be harmful and dangerous for the organs.

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