Fashion Day

Get ready to flaunt your fashionable side because it is July 9 — Fashion Day. Probe all your clothes and accessories to pick up the most aesthetic gem of your cupboard.

Mostly we try to don the most trendy fashionable things which are followed in general around the world. Be different this time and choose your own unique way of expressing your fashion sense.

It is about things to wear or the make-up to apply, go with your own style. Who knows, it becomes the next upcoming style trend!

Fashion Day illustration of a girl having her makeup from professional makeup artists and hairstylist. Amazing illustration of the most beautiful makeup example on dark skin tone of a black girl!
Happy Fashion Day!
Illustration Caption: Watching a girl having her makeup and styling done by the professionals is as interesting as blissful!


Fashion Day



hile talking about fashion or current trends, the American societies and their fashion statements know the art to grab all the highlighted spots. Thanks to the cultural diversity!

However, the prime source of changing trends remains the celebrity corners. It is their stardom that occupied our mind or the talented styling brains working within the industry, we can’t deny their influence on our lifestyle.

Fashion Day: Quick Glance
More involvement in fashion, an opportunity for fashion aspirants
Event Type
Fashion, Style
Wearing fashionable dresses, accessories, and makeup! Trying new fashion lines!
Fashion events at various places
July 9
Fashion Day in Various Years
9 July 2021, 9 July 2022

Date of Fashion Day Observance

9th of July.

History of Fashion Day

First-ever Fashion Day

World’s first Fashion Day was observed in 2016. If we compare its emergence on the American cultural calendar, it is a newbie in the series.

The Origins

We do not know the name of the person or group who founded or initiated the Fashion Day. We don’t know the place indeed from where it originated. It might be a real demographic place or social media too. It may have initiated by a famous person or maybe a social media group, we don’t know.

Regardless of the lesser-known facts about its birth or the history, it is a popular event that is followed across the country.

Mask Production of Clothes

The technology and trend of mass production of apparel banged during the 1850s.

New York: From Just City to Hub of Fashion

In 1920, New York emerged as the most popular fashion point in the US.

First-ever New York Fashion Week

It was held in 1943.

Celebrity Designers Took Birth

It happened in the 1980s when American labels took the responsibility of shaping the fashion industry into their own hands. Calvin Klein is one of those early American labels.

This was the era when the trend of celebrity designers emerged.

Fashion Day Celebration Ideas

Dive into Fashion

Alike writing, painting, photography, and other arts, it won’t be wrong to consider fashion as one of them — an art.

And when it is addressed as an art, it also asks for some interest and dedication to flourish and nail it.

Spend more time updating yourself about fashion-related aspects so that you can shake hands with the right fashion.

Research to Know Yourself Better

Even if you prefer to follow your own fashion statement, there is no harm in researching the trends. The more we study the subject, the more we go close to become pro and expert in that.

It helps in mixing, merging, and fixing the loopholes in our skills.

Let Your Wardrobe Taste the Festivity

Occasions, when we dance, sing, and enjoy, are known as festive events for us. What would be best for a wardrobe?! Definitely, meeting the fresh and new entries in it.

Introduce your wardrobe with some new attires and accessories on this Fashion Day.

Pick Culturally Diverse

This world is full of cultural, social, and technological diversity. Because of our involvement in our own culture from our childhood, we know everything about it.

How about going out of that shell and trying out something new which you never tried before?

Explore a totally new fashion line and shake hands with it. If you find it comfortable and interested, you can also welcome it into your everyday lifestyle.

Grab Fashionable Vibes from the Professionals

Why should we take references from professionals? Simply because of the time they have invested into their field in learning and understanding the fashion vibes, it deserves respect.

Fashion sense does not pop up in a mind over the night. The right sense of fashion takes time and engagement to develop.

It’s wise to build up some understanding of fashion through other’s experiences. You can google the most famous names and brands of the professionals who are appreciated by the masses. After knowing the titles, you can go to their official website or search for their works that changed the trends.

It will help you to shape your own fashion statement.

Digest Some Fashion Magazines

There is a lot of work and research done behind an article that publishes in a fashion magazine. Its different columns cover almost every aspect of this time world.

If you are willing to enhance your knowledge about fashion, it is the best place to invest your time.

Why is Fashion Day Celebrated?

It’s Fun to Participate and Witness

Makeup and accessories contribute the most to defining your fashion. They are not less than a friend to the females.

Even those females who live simple and sober, they also do not dislike fashion. It’s just that if prefer to be natural in their daily routine days. Otherwise, they also love to try different fashionable looks.

It’s always fun for them to dwell in fashion and try out new styles. It’s basic makeup, enhanced look, or simply the hairstyle, ladies ponder upon every aspect of it.

Interestingly, probing the style of other females is not fun for the males only, females also love to check out other females. The reason is whatsoever, undoubtedly, fashion adds entertainment and an interesting element into our lives.

It Allows Us to be Ourselves

Several aspects make us different from each other. Fashion is one of those prime factors that contribute to defining our individuality.

Fashion Day gives wings to our unsaid fashionable desires and styling imaginations. It is an unsaid encouragement for all the fashion-lovers. Even if you are a newbie swimmer into the fashion river, it welcomes us all.

It Stores Aesthetics in Us

Fashion Day motivates us to dwell in beauty and enhancements. Whether we love the adornments or not, it makes sure to take our attention.

Its vibes know how to trigger our styling nerves and make us engrossed in its motive that is —doing fashion.

The day stores aesthetics and places the fashion revival into our lives.

Significance of Fashion Day

Out-of-the-trend Is New Trend

Fashion Day is a charm among the general mass. Its popularity can also be seen as an understated revolt against the biggies.

It also gives glimpses of the mind and heart of the general public which says that only big fashion houses, celebrities, and corporations do not have the copyright of setting the fashion trends. Fashion Day breaks their domination, allowing everyone to go fashionable in their own unique way.

It won’t be wrong if someone says that that is set a new trend where you can go out of the trend officially.

Fashion Day as a Popular Event of LGBTQ

There is one more reason that can be stated behind it, which is — LGBTQ. That is also seen as a popular event for it.

People also show great enthusiasm in participating and contributing to it. We celebrate it as an opportunity to showcase their taste and fashion choices.

Most importantly, one doesn’t need to worry about criticism, which gives wings to your choice of style. You don’t have to fear anything and the world is all yours to pick from.

Way to Fashion Industry

For those who want to pursue fashion as their career and aim to become a part of the fashion industry, it’s a great opportunity for them as well. It makes it a great attraction for fashion aspirants.

The World of Fashion

What pulls the attention in this day is the diversity of fashion that one gets to witness in clothes and make-up of different people around the world.

It’s interesting to witness how different individuals define, perceive, and follow fashion.

It’s engrossing to follow the day as you get to know the different mediums that people choose to express their own unique fashion sense.

Interesting Facts about Fashion Day

OMG Fact about an Exclusive Brand

People make many big claims about their products’ quality, prices, and uniqueness for making their brand valuable.

But here you are the out-of-the-box pricey way to keep up the brand’s name!

You must have also heard about people hiring and firing the designers for maintaining the exclusivity of their brand. But there is a brand that fired its products in the real fire for the sake of their brand.

Can you imagine a brand burning its unsold products thoroughly for maintaining brand exclusivity?

It’s about Louis Vuitton who took this daring (or maybe weird) step.

World’s Biggest Fashion Brands

If you want to know the brand names that rule the world, they are — Gucci, Nike, and Adidas.

They are considered the topmost fashion brands around the world.

Beginning of Michael Kors’ Journey

It’s about our first step, first learning, or first success, we can’t deny the presence of a mother in our every first(s).

Michael Kors is the fortunate designer whose first design also belongs to his mother. His first design was his mother’s wedding dress.

A mother‘s blessings hold a special place when it’s about someone’s development and flourishing. Now we know Michael Kors’ success secret.

Fashion Designer or a Money-machine?

Can you imagine the net worth of the richest fashion designer in this world? He is Bernard Arnault, the CEO of LVMH. His net worth is $193 billion.

Richest Fashion Model

The name of the richest fashion model is Naomi Campbell whose net worth is a whopping $80 million.

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