International Day of Older Persons

The International Day of the older persons is celebrated annually on 1 October by raising awareness regarding various issues affecting the elderly.

International Day of Older Persons illustration of a girl presenting a gift to her grandparents, an old couple dancing salsa togather around the fire camp, and two old grannies enjoying plucking the fruit from a tree in a garden
International Day of Older Persons
Illustration: Three different aspects of old people's life!


International Day of Older Persons: Quick Glance
Raising the issues of elderly
Event Type
Elderly welfare programs and awareness drives, Meeting with older people
Appreciating the older people's contributions
1st of October
International Day of Older Persons in Various Years
1 October 2020, October 2021

Date of International Day of Older Persons Observance

1st of October.

History of International Day of Older Persons

On 14 December 1990, the International Day of Older Persons got voted and recorded in resolution 45/106 by the United Nations general assembly to be celebrated as a holiday every 1 October.

International Day of Older Persons: Celebration Ideas

The following activities are observed to celebrate the International Day of older persons:

  1. Awareness generation programs
  2. Sympathy infusing programs for the well-being of the elderly
  3. A visit to grandparents for a spending good time with them
  4. Visitation to the NGOs and the old-age homes
  5. Facilitating help to the elderly in bathing or cooking.
  6. Presentation of gifts and greeting cards to older people.

International Day of Older Persons Holiday

The holiday on the International Day of Older Persons resembles the:

  1. National Grandparents Day in Canada and the United States
  2. Respect for The aged day in Japan
  3. Double ninth festival in China

Why is International Day of Older Persons Celebrated?

The observations focus on:

  1. Programs on aging by the United Nations
  2. Aging organizations

Significance of International Day of Older Persons

Along with raising the issues related to older persons such as elder abuse and senescence, the day is also celebrated to appreciate and realize the support and contribution of older people in making a society.


For highlighting a particular issue, the International Day of Older People is celebrated as per the decided theme by an official panel. The theme, awareness material, the issues related to the elderly are designed and processed to circulate among the general mass.

An Appeal

The principles and values have been compromised over time. The level of respect that older people deserve, has been falling exponentially.

It is time to move back to the roots and tune our behavior, attributes, and ethics.

We need to realize the unnoticed and unthanked contribution of the elderly to the family and society. Let's take our moral duties at place and extent of helpful and respectful hands and gestures towards the older people.

If not for them, let's do it for ourselves in order to seek their priceless blessings.

Invoke immense respect for them, remembering their unconditional love and devoted time that they bestowed on us during our childhood days. When the old people are at their most vulnerable stage of life, this is the time for us to pay them back and reciprocate the love and concern that they rained upon us.

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