April Fool's Day

The moment the calendar shows of April 1, the April Fools’ Day leaves with a cocktail of emotions.

Some chartbusters who keep your brain occupied are as follows:

  • The dilemma of choosing the playful yet safe pranks
  • The excitement of making someone a fool
  • The nervousness of witnessing your prank going flat
  • The anxiety of getting bamboozled

Which emotion tops the chart, it differs person to person but two things that remain common is — having fun and collecting some memories to smile at in future.

Roll up your sleeves getting all your age cards ready to flaunt. Let your most creative side shine on your hilarious attempts. Make April 1 the most fun-filled day for everyone around.

April Fool's Day
April Fool's Day


April Fool's Day


Pranking on April Fools’ Day is celebrated as a ritual nowadays. What Internet, what news! What houses, what offices! Every place seems filled with the April fool’s pranks.

The way the internet remains occupied with pranks and hilarious events, it seems as if there is no specific date for people to celebrate April Fools’ Day.

Some take their April fools’ pranks to a level that they seem shocking — indeed frightening — instead of fun.

Pushing the planking beyond limits and making it dangerous is not at all funny. We do not support that as the day was never meant to be enjoyed this way. Its true meaning remains in playing it hilariously, but also — safely.

April Fool's Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Prank Day
Also Spelled As
April Fools Day
Fun activities destress
Event Type
Planning and executing the pranks, Showcasing the jokes
Fun activities and pranks
At some locations
April 1
April Fool's Day in Various Years
1 April 2021, 1 April 2022

Date of April Fool's Day Observance

April Fool’s Day is observed annually on every April 1.

Earlier when the month of February used to have 30 days, it was celebrated on February 31. Once when the king was made a fool on this day, he removes this date from the calendar. And… HA! Happy April Fools’ Day! “February never had 31 days.”

History of April Fool's Day

Although we have got no clue on when and how this observation came into existence, yet we have some stories that are as follows:

The Earliest Theory

A book from 1392 presents some other explanation, though argued. This book was written by Geoffrey Chaucer and entitled “The Canterbury Tales”.

This book gives glimpses of March 32 in a line that brought it to the territory of debate. However, many connect it with the birth of April Fool’s Day.

We find it funny, silly, useless, or a mysterious joke, we can’t deny the lightness and excitement that it brings into the atmosphere. It allows us to initiate the spring season with a happy mood and vibes.

France Plays a Key Role

During the 1500s, the French started to consider January 1 as their New Year’s Day, settling a platform for April 1 as the April Fools’ Day.

Gregorian Replaces Julian Calendar

At present, a new year starts on January 1, but earlier in 1952, the calendar that was in trend was the Julian calendar.

It was created in 45BC by Julius Caesar. This calendar used to show April 1 as the first day of the year.

Later, Pop George VIII He introduced a new method of tracking the days which found popularity as the Gregorian calendar — the one that we use today.

And the new year shifted from April 1 to January 1.

Many people who took time to switch from the old to the new calendar and observe the April one as the New Year’s Day, they were considered fools.

The UK Welcomed the April Fools’ Day

During the 1700s, UK began to celebrate the day wholeheartedly.

April Fool's Day Celebration

Traditions: How to Observe?

The traditions of April fools day revolve around planning a prank for preparing a joke, executing the plans to have fun, and making someone a fool through fun activities or fake stories on News.

Whatever medium one chooses and how we will execute, the whole fun finds its climax with yelling in a teasing way with two words — “April Fools!”

Nowadays, the April Fools traditions are observed among families, friends, and colleagues.

The media, TV networks, large corporations, and small businesses are also not untouched. The audiences are also great, pranks, and made April fools from various gags and preplanned strategies.

Activities: Do’s and Don’ts

Keep Your Quiver Filled

Who goes out to hunt with a single bow in the quiver?! Prepare yourself with at least three plans. If Plan A doesn’t work or bounces back to you, try Plan B or C.

Feeling short of ideas? Don’t forget the space that the YouTube app is consuming on your mobile. Use it to find some hilarious yet safe pranks. Make the most of this official day to shine with your creative skills.

Choose the Right Person

Whether it’s about choosing the person or the prank, be cautious. If you are choosing your boss, think twice (else you will be cursing the founder of the April Fool's Day on your promotion’s day).

Choose a person who is fun-loving and a sport.

Choose the Right Prank

Also, while picking up a prank, imagine someone else playing it on you. Weigh its consequences.

Ask yourself:

  1. Is that prank safe or destructive?
  2. Would that trigger the funny bones or will break them?
  3. Will that person be able to overcome or that shock will be too hurtful and ultimately break your relationship?

Make sure it doesn’t make you regret your decision. The prank must be hilarious, not humiliating or insulting. Ensure you do not leave one to the gloomy phase for your two minutes of a laugh.

Shake Hands with Your Face

They say eyes and face work like the mirror of your heart. Learn to shut this face door by practicing control on your expressions, especially that chuckling.

Don’t let your face spoil the soup. Work with yourself to maintain that poker face when the heart is jumping loud to laugh and enjoy.

Gather Strength: Many Are Better than One

Gathering some minds helps in coming up with the best ones. Keeping a secret intact is not less than art though. It asks for a different kind of strength. Make a team of those who are confident in their digestion system.

The greatest benefit of doing so is — you don’t need to face all the anxiety all alone as it will be distributed among your other partners in crime too.

Why is April Fool's Day Celebrated?

Pranking like a child when you are a mature adult is different fun altogether. After all, you don’t get such an official excuse of playing a prank every day.

It Plays a Remedy

There is no shortage of stressful issues in life. It is work-pressure, complicated personal relationships, or that uninvited politics, you need a day like April Fools’ Day to destress your brain.

Such an observation is indeed a sure-shot remedy to change your mood and vibes.

It’s Fun

Whether you act like a fool or make someone a fool, it’s fun to be a part of an April Fools’ Day activity.

Interesting Facts about April Fool's Day

As per the survey done by a Washington DC Marketing Agency on Americans, The data related to the top ideas of taking pranks and planning out the April Fools’ Day are as follows:

Most Popular Pranking Ideas

  • 17% choose lying pranks.
  • 17% play mind games such as hiding something and fooling as if they forgot.
  • 17% to go with scare tactics such as using a dummy cockroach on the bed to make someone feel weird or frightened.
  • 13% use phones and try prank calls such as calling someone who is madly in love.
  • 12% enjoy food-related pranks such as replacing cream from toothpaste in food items such as cream biscuits or rules.
  • 11% go for an inaccessible prank such as gluing chewing gum on the chair or locking the fridge.
  • 7% plan out the elaborated pranks.
  • 6% try out the toilet-related pranks.

Selection of People to Prank On

  • 20% with spouse or lover
  • 20% with friends
  • 15% with kids

Top 6 Reactions to Ranks

  • 45% take pranks sportingly with a smile and compliment for choosing a good one.
  • 31% go to revenge mode (healthy obviously) and prank back.
  • 10% go crazy, the overcome two.
  • 7% don’t react at all, except making a poker face. LOL!
  • 5% choose to fume silently.
  • 2% face indigestion problem which results in breakups and no talks. I wonder, a prank also can break the friendship?!


  1. What is the most common prank?
  2. Telling a lie, usually to shock.

  3. What are the most enjoyed pranks?
  4. Food swaps, obviously safe.

  5. Where is April Fools’ Day celebrated?
  6. Worldwide, though with different goals, rules, and names in different countries.

  7. How to react to a prank? What is the best way to handle a prank?
  8. Who will be happy after getting fooled by one? The one who has a sound mind and the soul. Just remember this truth and be joyous about every aspect of this day.

  9. How to escape from getting fooled on April 1?
  10. Simply, remain alert and react lesser! Try to maintain a calm and lighter mood.

  11. What do you do for not participating in pranks?
  12. If it’s about your close circle, you can communicate about your anxieties and dislikes straightforwardly.

    If you want to choose any formal platform, you can go for the text messages or emails to give heads up about your probable anger that they might face.

    Although it’s your choice is that what you like and whatnot, let me recommend to not draw a hedge of ‘No’ around you.

    Indeed, be a sport and courageous to face your fear of getting fooled. It’s just a fun activity and no one is going to judge you on the basis of one incident.

    Take it as a challenge for yourself and enjoy to the fullest being a part of the activities. Let people be surprised by seeing your other hidden sides.

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