International Day of Happiness

Happiness is not just a state but a fuel that is essential for living. As it is 20th March — the International Day of Happiness—take it as an opportunity to remove all the stumbling blocks that stop you from being happy. Celebrate this day to the fullest because you are a human and you deserve to be happy, no matter what.
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Happy International Day of Happiness


International Day of Happiness


If you have not got any bigger reason to be joyous about, appreciate the little things around you which make your life easier. Celebrate the roof above your head, the food that you intake, and even the clothes that you wear.

If you are seeking blessings even in the area of your basic necessities, be happy about your life, beautiful nature, and the seasons.

Don’t nature gives us the message that no season remains forever and “change” is the universal law? As you have known this truth, celebrate being positive and hopeful about your brighter future.

If you are happy, sing a song for your almighty God; if you are not, then make this day a reason.

Thanks to the United Nations for establishing such an International Day of Happiness as a global event to celebrate on March 20. It encourages us to be happy by realizing happiness as a worth celebrating human right.

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March 20
International Day of Happiness in Various Years
20 March 2021
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Celebration of Life Day

Date of International Day of Happiness Observance

20th of March.

History of International Day of Happiness

From Concept to Establishment

Jayme Illien, the special adviser at United Nations, is the brain behind bringing the concept in.

The idea was so convincing and the issue was so relevant that the UN General assembly declared a fundamental human goal in 2011.

It was for the first time that happiness became the prime topic of the UN conference held on July 12, 2012.

It insisted that the way we give priority to the economic opportunity and issues, it should be the same in case of happiness as well.

International Day of Happiness Born

On 20 March 2013, the resolution got support from all 193 member states and the UN observed the first International Day of Happiness.

New York City witnessed the launch by Chelsea Clinton and Ndaba Mandela during the TedXTeen conference.

“Happy” SongVideo by Pharrell

On 20 March 2014, Pharrell released the “Happy” music video of about 24 hours for his “Happy” song.

United Nations Join Hands with the Smurfs

On 15 February 2017, United Nations and Smurfs team up as partners for promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

All those people from around 160 countries who belong to the United Nations and Action for Happiness (a non-profit group) deserve applauses for their initiatives in this field.

The moment and its awareness programs highlight that economic growth and increasing bottom-line is not everything. Human happiness is also an imperative aspect to focus on when it comes to the well-being of human society.

International Day of Happiness Celebration Ideas

People with different mindsets and experiences define happiness differently. Every person has got a different mantra for being happy. So there is no specific way to celebrate the International Day of Happiness as the source of happiness differs from person to person.

The idea and significance of this day lay simply in realizing the importance of happiness in our lives which we usually neglect because of chasing false interpretations. Follow what gives you inner contentment for experiencing real happiness. Instead of faking it, do what really makes you happy.

You do not necessarily need to go for any bigger, pricey, and extraordinary thing. You can cherish the little things as well such as giving yourself a treat of your favorite food, clicking a wonderful selfie, or spending quality time with your family.

Be Social

They say that an empty mind is a house of Satan. If you have been ignoring the social get-togethers and meetings with friends or family members, this is the day to break the loop.

Instead of filling your brain with emptiness, fill it with joy that you get by socializing with each other.

Take it as an activity of distraction from all your negativity as every social affair involves a story in it that brings change. This change might put an impact on your life, perception, or the way you deal with things.

Sometimes, the new experiences give you broader perspectives and visions for your life. Even if it doesn’t give you direct happiness, you will be able to get new ways.

Going out and having fun will also lower down your level of stress in mental tension, eating you towards your way to joys.

Get Your Deliverance through Knowledge

They say that knowledge brings deliverance. The idea doesn’t seem promising or defective at the first sight, but it does work if applied well.

Take your most difficult step now and analyze all the factors around you that cause you to be unhappy. Assess your circumstances and belongingness with people that become a part of your life on a daily basis. Also, analyze your behavior, habits, and attitude towards dealing with your situations. Find out your trigger points so that you can work on them.

Believe it or not; even knowing the factors that are holding you from being happy is going to work wonders. This small piece of knowledge about your surrounding is going to help you in unimaginable ways.

Grab Your Sunshine

When there is the dark of sorrow around, the sparkling bright lines also reside somewhere in between that bloom. You just need to say peekaboo to them. That’s it!

You must have made many checklists and to-do lists for tracking your success, shopping your stuff, and so on. This time, make one for writing down what makes you happy.

Make sure you work on one of those points and grow a new habit in your daily life out of your happy list. Apply and witness how the effects of the International Day of Happiness fill your life with many shining lines.

Follow Some Happiness Mantras

Many a time we give it a try where only a small smart effort was enough to crack the nut. It is the same in the case of finding happiness as well?

Many people go out and shop for expensive things; some people go for a long trip in search of happiness; and many also try some weird ways too, such as putting the mobile on silent, quitting social platforms, or giving someone else a tough time for finding their own happiness.

Do such ways help? No, they don’t. They sometimes indeed put one into a deeper pit.

It all it’s not that of actually. Being happy is not rocket science; it’s easier than you could have ever imagined. Let’s know-how and what are those small things that can surprise you buy their bigger effects.

4 Easiest Yet Powerful Ways to Happiness

Let your senses help you by trying out the following ways:

Give Treat to Your Eyes

If you love nature or greenery, walk on the green grass that enhances the show of your garden. Let it enhance your mood this time. If you don’t have one, visit any nearby park or pro any plant in your home. When you will see its growth, you will realize that how is small plant gives you joys and pleasures the way a baby makes you happy.

Chew Happiness!

If you are a foodie, choose your taste buds to become a way to your happiness. When you are not happy, eat something that you love the most, forgetting all your diet chart and weight loss plans. See how is small plate makes a big difference and brings back your smile.

Smell the Softness

If you love flowers, get in touch with their leaves and enjoy their velvety softness. Let your nostrils get some thrill of their sweet fragrance.

Leave It to Your Love

Let your passion make you meet your joy. Be it cooking, singing, dancing, photography, make-up, or simply donning your favorite dress, do what you like.

Why is the International Day of Happiness Celebrated?

Life is all about living happily and peacefully. Whatsoever we do — eating, singing, dancing, or playing — the ultimate goal remains the search for contentment.

The International Day of Happiness reminds us of our prime goal in life while boosting us to do some activities that make the heart smile from its core.

Significance of International Day of Happiness

As we deserve happiness and being happy is indeed our right, we all deserve it to be in our lives. Yet happiness and peace are probably the biggest blessings that every human seeks.

We all know that happiness and sadness are two ways of balance in our lives. No one can detach himself from this rule. Despite this fact, one can find people with a kind of default mode in which they remain in most of their time. Some people remain happy, and some sad — surprisingly, without any reason.

Does it mean that some are more blessed than the other ones? No! It is the choice of an individual that what mode does a person choose to carry. Unfortunately, most of us don’t seem to choose happiness as our default mode.

There comes the need of realising this fact and choosing happiness as a companion.

We see happiness and sorrow as a part of a human’s life, regardless a person is rich or poor, healthy or disabled, with or without family. Doesn’t this fact enlightens us about the truth that happiness is not subjected to any specific state or situation?!

The International Day of Happiness beautifully reminds us of this fact and boosts us to don happiness no matter what.

Interesting Facts and Figures about International Day of Happiness

Know the Type of Your Smile

You must have heard about the types of happiness, but have you ever heard of the types of smiles? And even if you have, do you know the number of different types of smiles? It’s 18. As per the scientists, the range of smiles can be classified from contentment to enjoyment to embarrassment, and so on. On and all, there are about 18 types of smiles that a person manifests.

Relation of Happiness and Cold

If you want to remain untouched by the common cold, start living happier. As per the research, happy people are less likely to be caught by the common cold.

Go Closer

Especially if the prime reason behind living an unhappy life is one of the follows, getting closer to your pet can help you like anything:

  1. Insecurities of being alone
  2. The feeling of being unloved
  3. Lower activity level

Land at Finland

In 2018, UNI has declared in a report that Finland is the world's happiest country. Surely, the people living in that location know the secret of joy. Then why not visit such a place and make few friends for sharing the remedy of being happy.

Impact of Ambience

They say that a perfume holds the power to impress someone; try to use this information to impress your own mood. Floral scent, strong perfume, or the natural fragrance of roses, whatsoever appeases you, use that to lift up your level of happiness.

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