World Rose Day

On every September 22, World Rose Day is observed by offering the roses to the cancer patients as an effort of spreading smiles, love, happiness, and good energy around.
World Rose Day
World Rose Day!





World Rose Day is a day of bringing smiles, indeed 'exchanging' joy of being together no matter what. On this day, the offering of roses joins all the cancer patients with the fragrance of love and care. The roses beautify the blessings that are being incorporated in the messages and notes given to the cancer survivors. They amazingly lighten the associated aspects, highlighting the harmony among humans.

Let's know more about this smiles-spreading World Rose Day along with its history, significance, and ideas to celebrate!

World Rose Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Rose Day
Spreading smiles around the cancer-patients
Event Type
Observed at
International level
Visiting the cancer patients and offering them roses, organizing awareness drives and programs
Legend of the Day
Melinda Rose
Date and Time
September 22
The Event in Various Years
22 September 2020, 22 September 2021

What is Cancer: A Tumor or Something Else?

Cancer is a type of lump that comes into existence as a result of uncontrollable abnormal cell growth that incorporates the potential to spread or invade the other body parts as well.

  • In this incurable disease, the normal control mechanism of the body stops working properly.
  • Instead of dying, the old cells start to multiply themselves and grow in an out-of-controlled way, forming the new cells that are abnormal in nature and may grow exponentially.
  • Generally, these extra cells form a tumor, making a mass of tissues. There are also some types of cancer, such as leukemia, which do not form any type of tumor. The treatment of cancer and the degree of effect of the treatment depends on the stage and type of cancer. The general health of a patient also places a vital role in it.

The oncologists and subject-experts aim at two major goals during the cancer-treatment process:

  • Destroying the cancerous cells
  • Reducing damage nearby the normal cells.

Date of World Rose Day Observance

World Rose Day is observed annually on September 22.

History of World Rose Day: The Real Story of an Inspiring Girl

  • Melinda Rose is the legend of this event. She is a great source of motivation. Despite having a heart-threatening disease, this little girl was full of life and had great goals for the rest of her life.
  • During her post-recognition period, she wrote many poems, verses, emails, letters, and short notes to bring joy to the life of other cancer patients.
  • She touched many lives through her unforgettable and positive way of approaching her write-ups, giving meaning to her all the remaining days.
  • Where the doctors had predicted that she might not survive more than a couple of weeks, this full-of-life girl lived for about 6 more months.
  • World Rose Day is dedicated to all the cancer patients like her who fight this miserable disease day and night.

World Rose Day Celebration: How Do People Celebrate World Rose Day?

The following activities are performed on World Rose Day:

  • On World Rose Day, people distribute handmade rose items and playing cards to cancer patients.
  • Many institutions and organizations also organize special occasions to provide good vibes and energy to all those struggling cancer patients who go through a tremendous state-of-mind post-cancer- recognition.
  • While facing the disease treatment and its consequences the patients go through very tough times physically and psychologically. This day, social workers, officials, and other people visit the patient undergoing cancer treatment to spread cheer and happiness in their surroundings without making them feel unwanted, useless, or sick.
  • People also use this day as an opportunity to spread awareness about cancer and its related aspect as it is not a curable disease but can be treated to an extent if recognized on time at an early stage.

Why is World Rose Day Celebrated?

Rose Day is marked in remembrance of Melinda Rose from Canada, who got diagnosed with an Askin tumor when she was just a 12-year-old girl. Askin tumor is a rare type of blood cancer.

Significance of World Rose Day

The word "World Rose Day" signifies the use of "rose" which is appreciated as one of the most popular and beautiful flowers in the world. It symbolizes concern, love, and tenderness.

Most of us encounter a cancer patient with a long-faced expression and hopeless gesture. Although we hold great concern and deep sympathy in our hearts yet we often channelize hopelessness unknowingly. The idea of sharing roses with cancer patients adds lightness and freshness to the aspect.

How to Celebrate World Rose Day?

  1. To cheer up the cancer patients, one can visit them along with gifts and tokens of love. As it is World Rose Day one can offer a rose or a bunch of roses to the cancer survivors.
  2. A person, socialist, or an activist can organize a campaign to aware people of this disease, treatment, its consequences, and most importantly, caution and pro-activeness for prevention and early detection.
  3. People can be made aware of the role of their lifestyles in cancer as it can play a major role in getting detected with such a disease.
  4. People can be sensitized to quit smoking, tobacco, and alcohol as a precautionary step for preventing oral cancer, lung cancer, and cancer in the liver. They also can be taught about the cells examination techniques to prevent breast cancer.
  5. An information booklet can be distributed among the people to make them aware of the cancer-related facts and figures.

    Very few people know the actual facts related to cancer and there are too many misconceptions that are associated with the disease. They can be broken by sharing eye-opening information such as:

    • A man can also be diagnosed with breast cancer.
    • Around 3% of people are diagnosed with cancer because of passive smoking or continuous direct contact with a smoker for a long period of time.
    • Cancer is curable to a great extent if detected at an early stage.
    • Medical science and technology still fail to claim the exact cause of cancer. However, the improvement in lifestyle can be a milestone in the case of this disease.

Such precautionary ideas, steps, and methods can play a key role in reducing the rate of cancer detection.

Where the cancer treatment is too harsh on the body, the facts of death rate, stigma, and the after-effects associated with cancer and its treatment are too horrible for the mind. The medical processes cause a great loss on both psychological and physical health.

In such a scenario it is not less than a challenge for the medical experts, relatives, and the patient himself to ensure happiness, hope, and positivity in the air.

A significant day of observance such as the world rose day:

  1. Increases the sensitivity of the general mass towards the cancer patients
  2. Encourage people to come ahead and support the cancer patients in a new way that has hope, cheerfulness, and positivity
  3. Spreads awareness among a huge number of the population about cancer
  4. Infuses passion through awareness drives to sensitize more and more people, so that through early detection and prevention, the mortality rate due to cancer can be decreased
  5. Controls and manages the stigma and fears associated with the cancer disease.

An Appeal

Encountering the cancer patients arouses the sense of realization that:

When many great efforts to seek contentment fail, try to bring happiness in a survivor’s life and see, how it adds the pool of sheer bliss into your life. One can taste triumph by a small branch of rose too, doesn’t matter how great the battle is.
Even a single rose is so powerful that it can bring that smile on face which demands great efforts.
If one Rose Day can bring so much contentment in lives, how about making every day a Rose Day for a survivor?! The key to the greatest joy is often found in small uncountable efforts.

Taste the above yourself and do share your experiences below to inspire someone out there.

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