Rishi Panchami (2023)

Rishi Panchami is observed by Hindu women as a fasting day to revere Sapta Rishi (Seven Sages). It is believed that paying obeisance to seven saints by fasting on Rishi Panchami day leads one to set free from the impurities of Rajaswala Dosha.
Rishi Panchami: Saptarshi yagya
Rishi Panchami!
Quick Look: Rishi Panchami
Also Known As
Saint Panchami, Sage Panchami
Also Spelled As
Rishi Panchmi
Freedom from Rajaswala dosha
Event Type
Observed By
Worship, Yagya, Fasting
Legend of the Day
Sapta Rishi (Seven Saints or Seven Sages)
No, Just fasting
Date and Time
Bhadrapada Shukla Panchami (The fifth day of Bhadrapada Month in Panchang Hindu calendar)
The Event in Various Years
Thursday, 20 September 2023
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All About Rishi Panchami


Rishi Panchami Date and Time

As the name suggests, Rishi Panchami fast is kept on Bhadrapada Shukla Panchami. Here Bhadrapada is the Hindi Panchang month; Shukla denoted the bright side, and Panchami is the fifth date.

The day of Rishi Panchami usually marks after two days of Hartalika Teej and one day of Ganesh Chaturthi.

People in some regions end their three-day-long fasting of Hartalika Teej on the day of Rishi Panchami.

Who Follows the Rishi Panchami Day?

As per the traditions, all Hindu women are supposed to keep Rishi Panchami fast, yet this day is more popular among the Nepali Hindus.

Significance of Rishi Panchami

The Hindu traditions and culture give great importance to the high level of purity. People follow strict principles and customs to maintain the purity or divineness of both the body and the soul. Rishi Panchami fast is kept to get rid of the Rajaswala Dosha which is considered to be a kind of impurity.

Rajaswala Dosha

In Hinduism, women are believed to be impure during their menstrual cycle and so contaminated. They are restricted to enter the kitchen and participating in cooking activities. They are also not allowed to be entering in the temples or be a part of any religious activities such as worship, etc. They are not even allowed to touch any family member.

However, if one knowingly or unknowingly avoids or skips the guidelines or rules, it creates the Rajaswala Dosha. The Rishi Panchami Puja (worship) and fast are followed to remove the sins generated from the Rajas Dosha impurities.

It is believed that no human can perfect or can follow all the guidelines perfectly. When a person knows that the mistakes may be committed and one can fall into sins knowingly and sometimes unknowingly, this mindset makes one humble and leads one towards asking for the forgiveness of the committed sins. Considering the above, all those ladies who believe in this, keep the fast.

Celebration of Rishi Panchami

Rishi Panchami is not famous as a Hindu festival; it is marked as a day of fasting only.

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