World Maritime Day

World Maritime Day is marked annually on the Thursday of the last week of September for addressing and appreciating the contribution of the Global Maritime industry towards humankind.

It highlights the economic support of the shipping industries to the world.

It also focuses on raising the awareness among public about:

  1. Supply systems
  2. Maritime environment
  3. Maritime security
  4. Shipping safety.
World Maritime Day
World Maritime Day


World Maritime Day


The observations of the World Maritime Day educate the general mass, addressing the global problems on various political and mobilizing related issues concerning:

  1. Maritime
  2. Uses of Oceans and seas.
World Maritime Day: Quick Glance
Highlights the maritime-related aspects
Event Type
Thursday of the last week of September
World Maritime Day in Various Years
30 September 2021

Date of World Maritime Day Observance

24th of September (2020).

History of World Maritime Day

On 17 March 1978, the first world Maritime day was marked. It was held celebrating the entry of the IMO convention into force which took place in 1958.

Initially, IMO was named IMC that is an intergovernmental Maritime consultative organization. In 1982, it got changed into IMO. The IMO membership system involves almost all the worldwide nations that belong to the coastal states or shipping industries and have a keen interest in maritime affairs and maritime environmental protection.

Why is World Maritime Day Celebrated?

When it comes to international transportation, shipping has been the most cost-effective dependable, and efficient method for promoting the economic growth of peoples and nations.

The international days such as world Maritime day come as an opportunity to ensure the cooperative, peaceful, and well-defined legal system for using the oceans and the seas for promoting the benefits of the entire humankind in both common and individual perspectives.

Such an observation significantly highlights:

  1. The sacrifice and professionalism of seafarers who belong to the world's merchant fleet and serve as a collective force of about 2 million
  2. The laws of the seas and oceans
  3. Issues related to Ocean usage
  4. The International Law extension
  5. The laws related to sharing the water resources with humankind and for planetary usages
  6. Resolving the issues related to the above.

Significance of World Maritime Day

Sustainable economic growth highly relies on a Global shipping industry that has all the following components in place:

  1. Efficient
  2. Secured
  3. Safe.

The bright future of Global Green economy demands highlighting the following issues on priority for IMO:

  1. Promoting the sustainable Maritime development
  2. Supporting the growth of sustainable shipping.

It asks for a committed framework and program for developing a sustainable International Maritime Transportation System that covers the following issues:

  1. The creation and implementation of global standards
  2. Innovation and new technology
  3. Maritime training and education
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Maritime traffic management
  6. Maritime security
  7. Maritime infrastructure development
  8. Ideas ways and mediums of sustainable green maritime transportation.

The Role of IMO

IMO is an authorized agency that belongs to United Nations and specializes in setting the Global standards of security and safety of international shipping. It ensures the favorable environmental performance of the global shipping system.

It is responsible for creating and developing the proper frameworks of regulations for the shipping industry. It facilitates the universally implemented and adopted system that is effective, fair, and sustainable.

Most importantly, it ensures that do not compromise with the environmental performance security and safety while addressing their financial concerns and issues.

Interesting Facts about World Maritime Day

The contribution of the shipping medium and team is more than 80% in:

  1. Supplies of medical facilities, basic goods, and food
  2. Facilitating the commerce
  3. Global trading
  4. International goods transportation
  5. Helping nations and people in the generation of the prosperity.
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