World Deaf Day (International Day of Deaf People)

World Deaf Day celebrates the immense potential and achievements of the deaf community.

The International Day of the Deaf circulates a straight message that deafness is not a disability and the people who are deaf can also contribute to the society and economic growth of the country in a great measure.

Along with promoting the self-esteem, respectability, and the works of the people who are deaf, the day also draws attention towards the:

  1. Healthy lifestyle
  2. Educational challenges
  3. Aspects related to the teaching and learning of sign language
  4. Building and understanding with the issues of hard of hearing or deaf people
  5. Connecting with the Heritage and Culture of the Deaf community
  6. The importance of awareness regarding deafness.
World Deaf Day illustration logo of hands portraying sign language around the ear drawing, a beautiful cute deaf girl with ear machine, Hearing Aid device to listen (multicolor abstract graphics with floral background)
World Deaf Day: A floral illustration of hand-logo and the girl with hearing-aids!

Deaf people are often seen as disabled or physically challenged people where the only difference is the medium of communication.

Other than using sign language instead of spoken language, they are just like any other normal human being in means of talent, capability, and productivity.




This Snehpost aims at highlighting the three major objectives of putting the foundation of the World Deaf Day and celebrating worldwide, which are:

  1. Drawing the attention of global, national, and local organizations and general mass towards the issues concerning deaf people and their community, culture, and challenges.
  2. Making people aware of causes, signs, symptoms, and treatment of deafness along with available external medical and technological help.
  3. Celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of the deaf people.
World Deaf Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
International Day of the Deaf, Day of Deaf
Creating general mass awareness about deafness and issues and achievements of deaf people
Event Type
Awareness drives and workshops, sign language training programs (teaching and learning sessions)
Legend of the Day
Granville Richard Seymour Redmond
Award functions for facilitating deaf people,
Last Sunday of full week in September
The Event in Various Years
27 September 2020, 26 September 2021 (celebration in various organizations and intitutes), 23 September 2021 (International Day of Sign Languages),
Other Correlated Events
International Week of the Deaf People (September 20-26, 2021), International Day of Sign Languages

What is Deafness: Causes of deafness

The Meaning of Deafness

When a person's ability to hear is lost compromised from one or both ears, such a state or condition is called deafness.

What are the Possible Reasons and Causes of Becoming Deaf?

The root causes or the most common factors behind deafness can be as follows:

  1. Inhabitation
  2. Complexities at the time of birth
  3. Encounter with infectious diseases like meningitis
  4. Consumption of ototoxic drugs
  5. Continuous and long-term exposure to loud music, excessive noise, or loud sound
  6. The trauma of the head

In certain cases, contact with the extremely loud noise can also harm the hearing capabilities permanently.

Date of Observing the World Deaf Day

The International Day of the deaf is celebrated every last Sunday of the week as an important day of the International Week of Deaf People which commemorates on the first day of the last full week and goes on till the last day of the week.

History of the International Day of Deaf

Let's know about the history of World Deaf Day by knowing about the establishment of its related organizations.

World Federation of the Deaf, an international organization which foundation was led in Rome, Italy in September 1951, is a UN (United Nations) recognized entity. This leading authoritative association is supported by more than 130 countries.

It is a prominent international and non-governmental organization that ensures the welfare and human rights of deaf people and works with the support of many other national and international agencies. It works as the central organization for all those national entities that work for the rights and welfare of deaf people.

It initiated the drive of celebrating World Deaf Day in 1958. In accordance with the UN charter's principles and objectives, it supports the human rights of the people who are deaf.

Celebration of the World Deaf Day

The world deaf day, which was originally and initially celebrated as a one-day event, is now observed as a week of celebration. Let's know how people, communities, organizations, and institutes celebrate this Internation Day of the Deaf!

Awareness-Raising Events

People try to raise awareness about the reasons, causes, types, signs, and symptoms of deafness or hearing loss by throwing campaigns and workshops.

Honor of Deaf-Achievers

People also celebrate the achievements of deaf people by honoring them in public events. The award distribution function is being held for the people who are deaf and have contributed through their skills talents or achievements.

Eye-Opening Programs

Many programs are being held in schools colleges Institutions and organizations to make people aware of the problems and issues which are faced by the people belonging to the deaf community.

Learnings and Teachings

The officials and organizers arrange camps to teach people about good eating habits and healthy lifestyles to prevent hearing loss. Many people also try to exchange and spread information about deaf culture.

Why is World Deaf Day Celebrated?

The following objectives are being targeted and highlighted through/while observing the World Deaf Day:

  1. Spotlight issues of daily life
  2. Focuses on the education of deaf people
  3. Mitigating the discrimination in the areas of qualitative education, career opportunities, jobs, and social status
  4. Accentuating upon an equality in rights, status, opportunities, and respect regardless the nationality, sexual preference, age, religion, gender, and other parameters of differentiation.
  5. Creating more educational and training related opportunities

Significance of World Deaf Day

Recognition to Deaf Artists, Workers, and Achievers

The International Day of the deaf is considered as an opportunity to give recognition and respect to the deaf people and their works. It aims at bringing such notable talents into the consideration of the belonging authorities and general mass by publicizing their works and bringing forth the concerned request and the demands.

Better Understanding on Deafness Related Causes and Information

Many universities, colleges, schools, and organizations conduct campaigns and activities to educate the general public about deafness and the issues related to deaf people. Such events also aim at generating awareness about the:
  1. Root causes of the techniques
  2. Availability of the vocational options for the hearing impaired
  3. Information regarding teaching and learning the available Sign Languages which number is more than 300.

Spotlights the Issues and Problems of Communication

Although the existence of sign language is older than millions of years yet it is the most challenging aspect for the hearing impaired. It is researched and observed that deaf people find difficulty in communicating with normal fellow beings. Where this is an obvious issue of today's era, in many cases, it is found challenging to express among themselves too.

Encouragement to Sign Languages

Simultaneously, this issue is also raised that sign language is not for deaf people only; it can be learned by normal people also. The community of deaf people has also got its own cultural heritage. If teaching and learning Sign Languages is made essential for people, it can enhance understanding of the hard of hearing and the deaf. The whole practice leads the world to become a better place for deaf people.

The Story of World Deaf Day: The Legend behind the World Deaf Day

World Deaf Day is celebrated in memory of Granville Richard Seymour Redmond who landed on this planet on 9 March 1871 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

When he was just two and a half or three years old he suffered from Scarlett fever and got found with deafness after the recovery.

His story of life didn't end here and his deafness was no barrier as he had taken birth wrapping some extraordinary artistic talents and skills in himself which were yet to manifest.

The entire family of Granville Richard shifted from the East Coast to San Jose California. The bright future of Granville started to take shape when he started to pursue his education in the Berkeley School of the deaf. He polished his skills of drawing and painting along with learning pantomime that is a form of musical comedy stage production. His artistic works achieved notable encouragement.

The boy completed his graduation in painting from San Francisco's renowned California School of Design. He got recognition as a bold colorist and a landscape painter by the year 1905. His life became an inspiration drawing the attention of all those who are deaf and also those who ever saw that person with inferiority.

Interesting Facts about World Deaf Day

  1. Approximately 30 to 40% of the population faces a definition of old age.
  2. The population of deaf people has reached 70 million around the world. About 80% of this number belongs to developing countries.
  3. In the United States, about 28 million people are suffering from hearing loss


In many regions, these people helplessly face bullying, teasing, and tribulation because of the absence or lack of legal support from their society.

An Appeal: How to celebrate World Deaf Day?

Better Approach

We should not observe World Deaf Day as an event to sympathize with deaf people. We should take it as an opportunity to bring new developments and positivity into their lives to make a real difference.

The Journey Towards a Better Place for the Deaf People

We should realize that deafness is not a disability and a deaf person can also be intelligent, talented, and skilled like a normal person. People who are not challenged with this difficulty should also try to learn this language so that we can create a better environment to express for deaf people, bringing ease of communication for them.

Raise the Voice for the Deaf

We can arrange informative programs, fun activities, and awareness drives in our own areas to raise the issues of the deaf community. The information and news about the International Day of the deaf can be shared through the local media social media and eye-catching drawings, pamphlets, and posters.

Spread the Knowledge

The knowledge-impartation programs can be organized by arranging the teachings and workshops on sign language. The general mask and be attracted and motivated to learn the Sign Languages this way.

Help with Honor and Humbleness

Instead of just showing concern towards the hearing impaired people, we can promote them in our own fields and workplaces. A better lifestyle can be given to them by giving opportunities so that they, their status, and ultimately their respect can be uplifted in society.

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