Holashtak Announces the Arrival of Holi: The Festival of Colors is Back!

Holi and Holashtak
The Holashtak Announces the Arrival of Holi: The Festival of Colors is Back!

Welcome to the festival of spring, colors, and love! Yes, Holi is back with loads of joy and every heart has excitement to celebrate it. The colors are going to get brighter; the grudges are going to fade or will get lighter; the love is going to reside deeper. Because 'Holi hai'! Holi celebration is special in its own way, which starts from Holashtak.

When Holashtak Begins?

The first day of the Holashtak period comes on Ashtami (eighth day) of Shukla Paksha in Phalgun (according to the Hindi calendar) month. The day announces the arrival of the festival of colors- Holi.

Some believe that Holashtak had begun when Lord Shiva got annoyed from Kamdev and became the reason for his death.

This year, 14 March 2019 is the date that has marked the welcome note for the colorful festival.

What is Holashtak?

The period of eight days is said Holashtak that has started on March 14, 2019. These days come as a probation period for any auspicious event or ceremony like housewarming function, Mundan-Sanskar, or marriage.

Rituals to Be Performed on Holashtak

People decide the place for Holika Dahan this day and clean that location using the pure water of the holy river Ganga. In order to accomplish the rituals, people start to gather the dried woods, dried cow-dung, and grass.

Rationale and Importance of Holashtak

The festive days depict the joy of the upcoming season as the winter season gets ready to bid farewell and spring looms around. The season comes with the fragrance of new flowers and freshens up the atmosphere with the grace and beauty of the weather.

The Holashtak (2019): Beginning of Holi 2019

The Holashtak has arrived on 14 March 2019 and will end on Wednesday, 20 March 2019. With Holashtak, Durgashtami is also falling this Ashtami of Phalguna's Shukla Paksha. Not only this, but Khatushyamji's fair is also falling in between on 17 March 2019. People who keep Rohini Vrat, it's a special day for them too. Well, the list doesn't end here and Dadu Dayal Jayanti is also falling the same day.

Thus this day is pretty special with the weight of many auspicious occasions.

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