About Sankranti Festival | List of All 12 Sankranthi Days

The word Sankranti brings the breeze of festive mood and celebration, reminding of those sky-kissing kites and tasty Sankranti dishes.

Where kids start to miss their kites, the Indian ladies scroll their Sankranti recipes, and old people think of those river baths and charitable activities.

We know how to celebrate Sankranti, but do you know "why" we observe the Sankranti? Let's take a quick tour of information about the Sankranti festival and scroll the complete list of 12 Sankranti days which are signified one by one. One comes each month throughout the year.

About Sankranti festival and all 12 Sankranthi days events such as rice cooking by Indian lady below sugarcanes, kites flying by the boy and gird, Indian saint monk baba performing Surya Namaskar after nadi snan or river bathing, and a brahmin with a cow; Cartoon illustration by Sneha
Sankranti-related events and rituals!

Festival of Sankranti


In the first section of this Brisk Post, we will know the literal word meaning of Sankranti.

In the second section, we will know what is Sankranti and what is the rationale and significance of Sankranti in Hindu culture and mythology.

In the third section, the article will unfold the complete Sankranti list.

Sankranti Festival in Quick Look
Also Known As
Also Spelled As
Sankranthi, Sankramanam
The transition of the Sun from one Rashi (zodiac) to another Rashi (zodiac)
Event Type
Indian, Religious, Astrological
Observed By
Hindu(s) (Followers of Lord Surya or God Sun)
River bath, worship of Sun, charitable activities
Kite flying, get-together
Date and Time
The first day of the month as per Hindu Solar calendar (Time of activities differs as per the Panchang Muhurat)
The Event in Various Months
Once between the 13th to 18th date of the month (The Western calendar dates differ as per the Hindu calendar Panchang tithi or date)
Occurrence/ Frequency

About Sankranti: Meaning of Sankranti

The literal word meaning of ‘Sankranti’ is ‘transition’ or ‘transmigration’.

When it is about the Hindu festival ‘Sankranti’, it means the planetary shift of the Sun from one Rashi to another Rashi. It is the time or activity marking the transition or shifting of the Sun from one to another Zodiac or Astrological sign.

What is Sankranti?

Sankranthi is a religiously observed Hindu fast and festival day that has great values in Indian culture and traditions.

There are twelve Sankranti(s) in a year. They are observed as the very auspicious days for Dan-Punya (Donation/ Sadka).

However Note: Where Sankranti is believed to be sacred for religious activities, the auspicious events are being avoided to celebrate during this day.

The Hindu priests find out the Muhurats, that is, certain auspicious time-durations for performing the Sankranti-related rituals and religious activities.

Mostly it is certain Ghati(s) (period) before or after the Sankranti muhurta when the time is considered to be propitious, favorable, and fortunate to offer the offerings or performing the righteous activities.

List of 12 Sankranthi

Though Sankranti is observed as per the Hindu calendar called Panchang and falls once a month, yet if you will check out the date in the English calendar, then also it falls once a month. It means that there are about 12 Sankranti(s) in number, which are observed with different names and each of them has a different significance.

The monthly Sankranti (as per Panchang tithi) falls between 14th to 18th days of the English calendar.

Here you are the 12 Sankranthi days in the year 2021 which are known as ‘Sankramanam’ or ‘Sankranthi’ and mark auspicious timings for righteous activities such as Daan-Punya, etc.

Sankranti in the Year 2021

Sankranti Name
Date (2021)
Makar Sankranti
14 January
Kumbha Sankranti
12 February
Meena Sankranti
14 March
Mesha Sankranti, Solar New Year
14 April
Vrishabha Sankranti
14 May
Mithuna Sankranti
15 June
Karka Sankranti
16 July
Simha Sankranti
17 August
Kanya Sankranti, Vishwakarma Puja
17 September
Tula Sankranti
17 October
Vrischika Sankranti
16 November
Dhanu Sankranti
16 December

In the case of Makar Sankranti, the festival is celebrated with distinguished names and rituals in different states of India. Such as- Makar Sankranti is marked as the same name in Rajasthan, but it is famous as Lohri in Punjab, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Bihu in Assam, and Pongal in Tamil Nadu.

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