Breakfast Myths: 5 Untutored Facts

Good Morning to all the breakfast-skippers who repel their morning meal! Do breakfast habits contribute to weight loss or weight gain? Know here, break breakfast myths!
Breakfast myths: Guide on breakfast related facts by Sneh Post (For those who skip meals for perfect weight)
Breakfast Vs Weight Myth: Skipping Meals for Perfect Weight?!

Debunk 5 Breakfast Myths: Burst Breakfast Vs Weight Myth


Breakfast has always been the talk of the town while discussing dieting or weight loss/gain. The popularly aired disputes during this debate are: breakfast helps in weight gain or weight loss? Who needs this morning meal more- kids or adults? What are the basic or must-have elements of an ideal breakfast? After endless discussions and in-depth studies of researches, here are the summarized notes that unveil the facts and throw light on breakfast myths. Have a glance!

Good Morning to All the Breakfast Skippers Who Repel Their Morning Meal!

A healthy breakfast needs to incorporate high protein and low carbohydrate eatables such as bacon, eggs, and sausage.

Fact: The healthy breakfast contains fruits, milk, cereal, sprouts, and nuts.

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Night sleep causes hunger and everyone must follow the ‘King-sized Breakfast’ rule.

Fact: Heavy breakfast rule works only when:

  1. The rule of ‘dinner before sunset’ is followed. If a person consumes dinner before 8 pm, only then a heavy breakfast is recommended.
  2. The habit of natural, clear, and satisfactory bowel is exhibited in the early morning, i.e., at 5-6 am.
  3. Exercise, morning walk, or heavy physical work is performed regularly.

Breakfast can be skipped as it only makes one tired throughout the day.

  1. Breakfast is an imperative element of the full-day course as it maintains the blood sugar level that is lowest in the morning time.
  2. It also provides glucose to the mind and central nervous system, which is the basic fuel.
  3. The intake of breakfast keeps mid-morning irritation at bay.
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Breakfast is for children only, not for adults.

  1. Breakfast is an essential meal for everyone at every age. Skipped breakfast can make one gaining even more pounds because after controlling the hunger for a long time, one tends to overeat and insensibly eat.
  2. After a long gap, when hunger turns to the craving, then fast food, chilly, frozen, and oily stuff attracts more. It shows adverse effects.
  3. Teens, especially girls commit this mistake and find it perfectly logical to skip breakfast, following their dieting agenda in a desire for weight loss. Wake up the teens! Breakfast is indeed an imperative element that will help you in getting your goals.

Children become lethargic after taking breakfast and give poor performances.

Fact: Both kids and adults need to take breakfast to recharge them up for performing the daily activities; kids need to take it more as the growth of their body and brain relies on regular intake of healthy food.

When kids skip breakfast, they own the potential of controlling hunger for a long period; sometimes kids do not realize that they are hungry and keep skipping the meal. This scenario and semi-starvation period can lead them to face physical, behavioral, and intellectual problems.

The Bottom Line: Do Breakfast Habits Contribute to Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

Breakfast for weight loss: Debunk 5 Common Myths about Morning Meal and Burst the Breakfast Vs Weight Myth
Taking Breakfast for weight loss or weight management?: Burst the Morning Meal Vs Weight Myth

If you are also among those who remain concerned about their weight, below are some facts for you!

  1. Eating breakfast neither peels away the weight nor works as a magic ticket to weight gain. The quality and total calories that you consume throughout the day are what affect your weight.
  2. A healthy breakfast maintains a healthy weight; it plays a role neither in weight gain nor in weight loss. It doesn’t boost or improve metabolism but keeps it running. The research or facts give no evidence of any effect of breakfast on metabolism.
  3. Morning meal habit restrains the late morning craving and helps to avoid binge eating or unhealthy foodstuffs like high-calorie junk food and other vending machine products or fast food.
  4. The habit of king-sized breakfast and prince-sized lunch reinforces portion control, saving from overeating or insensible eating that is performed while making up for a lack of calories.
  5. Breakfast is an essential element for performing the best morning and early afternoon workouts.

Eat the healthy! Live the healthy!

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