Healthy Eating Environment: 7 Watchful Stopovers

Check that your eating environment is favorable or not for your digestive system. Ask these questions to yourself and keep an eye on the environment in which you are feeding to your stomach.
Healthy eating environment and watchful stopovers: A happy couple having dinner in a beautiful restaurant and another odd couple seeing them with jealousy: Couple pic illustration by Sneha
Sometimes it is regardless that where and with whom you are sitting. Even the surrounding around can't help. The eating environment becomes happy and healthy just by changing the weather of the heart!

7 Healthy Eating Habits to Check


  • Are you quickly gulping food due to the fear of getting late for college?
  • Is your tie or pant too tight when you are taking your lunch in the office?
  • Are you distressed or annoyed because of your spouse while having dinner due to your pending demand for a new dress or so?
  • Have you ever noticed whether your eating habits are favorable or not for your digestive system?

Never forget to ask such crosschecking questions to yourself and do consider your eating habits and the surrounding in which you are intaking your meals.

People have started taking care of their diet regimen, but they still are unaware of how important their eating environment is. An unhealthy or unfavorable environment influences the mind and leaves adverse effects. It impinges on the digestive system as the mind is connected to every organ and directs them.

Even if you follow a healthy diet chart, it won’t work great if the surrounding is not settled. If you want the maximum outcome of your efforts, then make sure you maintain a few essential norms:

Do Eat in a Calm and Settled Environment

Healthy Eating Environment: Calm and settled environment of home for eating together on one table (Illustration of all family members of a happy family taking food together on dinning table in good atmosphere of dinning room with indoor plants around)
Happy family eating together at the dining table in a calm, settled, and happy environment! Happy eating!

Despite the hectic work schedule and irrespective nature of the job, one must find 20-30 minutes and have the meal in a quiet, relaxed, and peaceful place.

Why Environment Is Imperative: How Beneficial to Health

  1. If we take our meal hastily in unsettled surroundings, it causes stress instead of nutrition. A settled environment makes the food a blessing of peace and contentment.
  2. A stable posture allows energy and efforts to focus on eating and further digesting process.

Don’t Take Food at Standing Position: Sit and Eat

Unhealthy environment and wrong eating position: An illustration of a man eating food in hurry at standing position in a huge hall, watching his wrist-watch while gulping food quickly wearing shirt, paint, and a tie
A guy taking a bite of food in a standing position. He has perhaps sold all the chairs of his home on OLX! Uncleji stop! Have a seat first, please!

The upright and well-aligned sitting positions are said to be an idol for better coordination of muscles used for biting, chewing, gulping, and breathing. Early medical literature and conventional Japanese suggest vajra-asana to be the right posture.

Why Not: How Beneficial to Health

Sitting posture relaxes the digestive tract, smoothing the progress of digestive juice secretion.

Say ‘No’ to Tight Clothing while Having Eatables

Unhealthy practice and bad habit of having meal in tight clothes: An illustration of a man eating food in tight clothes with a spoon on a round table with all table manners and etiquettes like using napkin to cover the coat; plants and flowers peaking through the window behind
Ouch! How the food piece will go down the throat?!
Food saying, "Gentleman! Please make some space for me. The way to your stomach appears too small to go!"

High-necked outfits, skinny jeans, ultra-fitted pants, and tight or ill-fitting clothes above the navel or around the waist lead to the disposition of organs.

Why ‘No’: How Beneficial to Health

It also affects the abdominal muscles, resulting in digestive problems such as abdominal distention, indigestion, and heartburn.

Keep Emotional Factors at Bay at Dining Table

Unhealthy eating environment with fiery heating anger in atmosphere: Illustration of an angry lady eating hot food at dinning table and her fiery aggression and anger generating heating fire and smoke around in the surrounding
It seems the lady is set to start "Kung-fu" on the dining table!
"Sip some water; you are burning buddy!"

When you are having your meal, strictly prohibit heated arguments, deep-rooted anger, heavy discussions, hatred, bitterness, and emotions like fear, worry, and nervousness.

Why Prohibit: How Beneficial to Health

Such an aggressive state of body and mind hampers the blood supply to our digestive tract. It not only restricts the movement of the intestine and stomach but also reduces salivary secretion.

Second, it creates difficulty for the inner lining of the abdomen, causing congestion. The problem leads to acidity.

Adopt a Position of Rest after Meal

Healthy post-eating habit of practicing rest: Relaxing mom-son moment while sitting on sofa: Illustration of mother and son taking rest on sofa after having food in a room decorated with a beautiful huge flower vase
A happy and calm mom-son moment!

Give your belly a position of rest after having a meal. Either sit on a cozy couch or lie down on the left side. Relax for at least 10-15 minutes.

Why Adopt: How Beneficial to Health

  1. It encourages easy digestion.
  2. The position arouses a better digestive process.

Close the Doors for Strenuous Workout after Meal

Post-Eating Bad Habits: People doing exercise, pulling weight, and performing heavy workout after taking a meal! Illustration of fastly running boy, exercizing girl, dumble weight lifting girl, man carrying and shifting heavy weight, and a guy doing strenuously heavy workout after taking the food! (Messege: Say No to heavy exercize after having your food)
The workout just after taking food? Say "No" to it! Kids holding heavyweight to shift after food
Post-Eating Bad Habit: Illustration of people doing exercise, pulling weight, and performing heavy workout after taking a meal!

Heavy physical work negatively affects the digestion system.

Why Not to Work: How Beneficial to Health

Doing work distracts the proper blood supply to the organs of the abdomen and disturbs the digestive system.

Eat and Sleep at Rhythmic Interval

Good Eating Habit: Eat and sleep at rhythmic interval (Illustration of a relaxed boy sleeping happily on sofa after having his meal in a room decorated with indoor cactus plants)
"A quick sleep after my afternoon meal is the secret of my smile! Now you know the secret, enjoy!"
The modes of eating and relaxing are the most enjoyable.
Aim for one snack and three meals, giving a break of three to four hours.

When your body and mind feel tiredness and urge rest, dim the light, take your feet up, and take a break of 10 minutes. Take a sound and satisfactory sleep after dinner.

Why Adopt: How Beneficial to Health

Eating and sleeping with the tune of the clock prevents altered digestion.

Convert Adverse to Favorable: Tips to Maintain the Eating Rule Book

Say no to heavy work after food
Say no to heavy work after food
  1. In case you are supposed to perform the physical work right after having your meal, reduce the meal size.
  2. For better digestion, take a sound sleep at night hours.
  3. If you find emotional pressure or high sentiments while your mealtime, close your eyes and relax. Try to be calm and stable.
  4. If all the efforts prove worthless, skip your meal and intake light fruits or drink juice or soup.
  5. Add soothing music to your meal and perk up your eating experience with laughter.
Tune the mood by tuning in good music!
Make eating environment good by listening good music: Illustration of a spike-haired, hoody-sweatshirt-wearing  boy enjoying music; the musical notes and beats floating in the air with messege of adding music to add lightness
Music is the very essence of life. It's magical in making the mood lighter and changing the perspectives!

Eat qualitative food! Stay healthy!

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