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National Sunscreen Day is observed annually on May 28 to talk about the dangers of sun rays and use of balanced SPF in sunscreen lotions. Although no one likes to get drenched in the sweat that comes as a result of encountering the sun-rays. Yet we can’t deny that sea beaches, swimming pools, markets, and that backyard area are some of our prime spots where we love to spend our leisure time. But do you know what it might cost to one? Let’s know how these traditional ways of soaking the sun might prove to you harmful! The International Agency for Research on Cancer suggests that the sun rays are one of the highest risk factors when it’s about getting cancer. Where we see just the fun side of these sun-bathing spots and related events, the National Sunscreen Day warns us against the side-effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays of sun. They can put one not only in the risk of ill-effects but also might cause the deadly diseases such as skin cancer. Here comes the rational and importanc

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