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National Sunscreen Day

National Sunscreen Day is observed annually on May 28 to talk about the dangers of sun rays and use of balanced SPF in sunscreen lotions.

Although no one likes to get drenched in the sweat that comes as a result of encountering the sun-rays. Yet we can’t deny that sea beaches, swimming pools, markets, and that backyard area are some of our prime spots where we love to spend our leisure time.

But do you know what it might cost to one? Let’s know how these traditional ways of soaking the sun might prove to you harmful!

The International Agency for Research on Cancer suggests that the sun rays are one of the highest risk factors when it’s about getting cancer.

Where we see just the fun side of these sun-bathing spots and related events, the National Sunscreen Day warns us against the side-effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays of sun. They can put one not only in the risk of ill-effects but also might cause the deadly diseases such as skin cancer.

Here comes the rational and importance of SPF (sun protection factor) in the products that we use. Pour, rub, and absorb the SPF rich sunscreen lotion, spray, or cream and you are good to go. After applying such a product, you can enjoy the bright of summer with much relaxed sighs.

National Sunscreen Day
National Sunscreen Day


National Sunscreen Day


Who doesn’t like to let their feet be kissed by the water waves on the sea Beach?! And when it comes to spend some time in a swimming pool, we start to become playful even before landing into it.

Thanks to the researchers who introduced SPF to our daily creams and saved our moments of enjoyment and playfulness!

However the story of the sunscreen creams doesn’t end here. Many people complain of their tent skin even after applying the sunscreen lotion.

Where now we all know the use of SPF in a cream, we also need to understand how to apply it. Once you learn the right and balanced amount of SPF that one should use, this is all you need to become a pro of using a SPF cream.

National Sunscreen Day: Quick Glance
Promotes beauty, wellbeing, and skin health
Event Type
Observed at
National level
Learning about the importance of sunscreen and guidelines about using it
Awareness about skin care and skin related issues
May 28
National Sunscreen Day in Various Years
28 May 2021, 28 May 2022

Date of National Sunscreen Day Observance

28th of May.

History of National Sunscreen Day

1980s: The Era without SPF

It is tough to believe that SPF, that is appreciated by all the professionals, was not even in the existence during 1980s.

It is not so that people were not at all using the creams, lotions, bronzers, or even suntan lotion. But the difference was — they were not blocking the UV rays; many of them indeed were enhancing the adverse effects of the sun-rays.

We kept getting out and the sun kept giving us a deep tan even when we contacted it for a very short span of time.

However, we didn’t stop enjoying the atmosphere fearlessly being carefree.

A Waking Alarm from the Scientists

It was just in 1974 when we got to know that the ozone layer had been thinning with the passing time.

This was the year when the scientists discovered and declared for the first time about the thinning or depletion of the ozone layer of our earth.

It came of as a great concern that the natural component of our atmosphere which was responsible for the UV-inhibiting was at severe risk.

We began to think how can we get it back in its primary state when it used to be thicker. This aspect was given an ample amount of attention, but still there was no buzz about identifying the ways to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays.

Till this point, SPF didn’t come up as a warrior against the UV tanning beds.

The Prime Melanoma Prevention Factor

In 1992, a follow-up study that was based on the randomised trials proved the significance of the sunscreen. The residents from Queensland, Australia collected the data-based evidences.

It proved that melanoma can be prevented by the regular use of sunscreen. The study made the sunscreen lotions shine.

The results of this study was published after many years in 2010.

Cancer-Causing Factor Got Identified!

In 2009, the International Agency for Research on Cancer identified UV-emitting tanning beds as the prime factor behind causing the cancer.

A Study on Sunscreen Use

In 2013, the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology published an interesting study on the use of SPF 30.

It suggested that in spite of the guidelines about SPF 30 usages, people either do not use SPF 30 sunscreen in adequate amount or even avoid it most of time.

Such a practice doesn’t give you full benefits. Considering this fact, it was advised to use the above SPF 70 sunscreen lotions, creams, or sprays for ensuring the full protection.

We, Nowadays...

Now we know that what we need to do for taking proper protection and keeping the dangers of sun rays, melanoma, and carcinoma at bay.

For keeping this word of awareness in air, the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention decided to dedicate a special day — the National Sunscreen Day. It aims at making people learn about the ways to protect from the harmful rays of the sun.

Not hard to guess, sunscreen is the best available solution today which you can use to fight against the skin cancer that causes because of the UV rays.

If you are someone who remain in contact with the sun rays every so open up or a large amount of time, choose SPF 30 or products in shoulder-to-shoulder with it.

Once you have covered yourself with a layer of your protective guard, you can enjoy the fun of summer to the fullest.

National Sunscreen Day Observation Ideas: 7 Ultimate Ways to Protect the Skin from Sun

It’s not practical to state that we should never expose our skin to the sun. Once we step out of our home, it’s there. So instead of halting the life and the essential events, it’s better to find ways that can protect us from the problems of sun-exposure.

There are two prime factors ways to minimise the harmful effects of the sun:

Avoid the direct contact of sun Take breaks from getting the continuous exposure.

Here you are some ultimate ideas that can save us from getting the continuous or direct exposure of sun rays!

Choose Shade

As we all know that any contact from the sun rays causes harm to your skin, seeking shade is a great idea to follow wherever you go.

Your Protection in Your Own Hands!

If you pass by the same way on a daily basis and you know that you do not find the shade on the way, try to carry an umbrella with you.

Join Hands with Public Transport

Choose public transportation mediums instead of picking up any personal vehicle. Opting for the mediums such as local buses or trains will not only protect you from the direct sun rays, but also protect the environment.

Go Eco-friendly!

If travelling from any bus or train doesn’t suit to your health, you can also hire a cab or auto on sharing basis. Again, it is also an eco-friendly idea which will save both the petrol and the environment from the pollution.

Wrap Yourself in a Cover

In case of having no option other than taking your own personal bike or scooty, don’t forget to wear the summer coat.

Don a Hat

Our head and face are more prone to get attacked by the skin cancer in comparison to other body areas.

If you are supposed to walk the distance, while being occupied with a lot of stuff in your hands, make a hat your personal assistant to protect your eyes and facial skin from the sun.

For getting the most effective UV protection, choose the right hat! Which means — the brim of your hat should be:

  1. Wide
  2. Downward angled

Why is National Sunscreen Day Celebrated?

It Saves from Burning

Many of us do not care about sun rays much. We do complain about the scorching hot and the burning heat but do not take any action to prevent our skin from the attack of UV UV rays.

Observing the National Sunscreen Day motivates us to develop new skincare habits which are essential nowadays when there is too much pollution and adverse effects around.

It always us about the importance of sunscreen creams and the need of their disciplined and consistent use.

It Prevents from Early Ageing

Skin ageing causes various types of skin issues such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, worst texture, etc. The right amount of sunscreen works like a perfect block for:

  1. Red veins
  2. Premature wrinkle development
  3. Blotchiness
  4. Brown spots on the face.

The SPF lotions not only reduce the appearance of the the above unwanted processes, but also slow them down.

It Protects the Skin

Who doesn’t like to look beautiful?! Who would not want to consider the ideas of boosting the skin protection?!

It doesn’t matter you are a beauty freak or not, everyone of us do care for the health of our skin. No one wants that their skin gets affected and get those acne, scars, or tending.

Thanks to the sunscreens! They give us protection from both burning and ageing.

The availability of SPF 30 and above in the sunscreen not only protects but beautifies as well.

Significance of National Sunscreen Day

Do you know that product with SPF 30 or more gives the protection in coverage from about 97% of UVB rays? Search for water resistant products take about 15 minutes to get absorbed. Once your skin absorbs it, the whole sunny day is all yours!

Other than SPF, don’t forget to check out your tube for the term “broad-spectrum” as well. It ensures that the product can work as a shield against both UVA and UVB rays. Here, UVA denotes ultraviolet ageing and UVB — ultraviolet burning. Which means, your product is able to protect you from both type of UV rays.

Interesting Facts and Figures about National Sunscreen Day

Sun Vs Stars

The moment we think of the sun, the first line that comes up in our mind is — “it’s scorching hot”. Anyone who doesn’t belong to the polar regions of our earth, we agree on this fact.

Very few of us know that our stars are also nowhere behind. If measured on the Fahrenheit scale, the stars carry the temperature of about 9940 degrees at their core.

The Light: From Sun to Earth

We all know that light is the fastest one when it comes to travelling the distance with speed.

But are you aware that even this fastest-travelling light also takes about eight minutes in reaching from sun to the surface of the earth?

The sun whom we witness shining in the sky every day is about 93 million miles away from our planet ‘earth’.

Formation of the Sun

As per most astronomers, the sun was formed about 4.6 billion years ago. They believe that it was made out of a solar nebula — a rotating, giant cloud of dust and gas.

The Beautiful Sunset!

Do you know what causes the sunset to look so mesmerising and beautiful?

It’s the scattering effect. It makes the sunlight pass through more gases of the atmosphere. After this travel, the sunlight arrives to the vantage point.

The scattering effect causes sunset to offer more colors of the light. The whole process gives a beautiful twist to the blue light, making the sunset visually stunning.

And what do you say about those beach sunsets! Witnessing that beauty is a million bucks of show!

Red Sky is the Green Signal!

You might have heard that the red sky during the night time indicates the safe and clear weather for the upcoming day.

Do you know why? National Geographic gives an interesting reason for backing the above theory. It says that the red-like sunlight signs that a large area to your west has got the clear air.

Where we all consider the red colour as a halting sign during a busy traffic, the sailors find this red colour as their green signal for proceeding ahead for the journey.

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