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Learn About Composting Day on May 29 is all about giving a treat to your backyard soil by feeding it the compost. What is Compost? Alike humans, the soil also need the nutrition. Compost is an organic mixture that improves and fertilises the soil, making it rich in nutrients for the plants. We can use food waste, organic materials, leaves, organic kitchen scraps, shredded twigs, and decomposing plants as the ingredients of a compost. We can use the following types of organic stuff as the ingredients of a compost: Food waste Organic materials Leaves Organic kitchen scraps Shredded twigs Decomposing plants Lawn clippings Leaves wood chips Newspapers Coffee grains Any food product participates well in making the compost but do not use the processed food such as: Meet Fish products The process of composting decomposes the organic solid waste material into a rich humus-like matter which is known as the “compost”. Gardeners address the compost as “black gol
If you are also one of those who feel dramatic after bidding farewell to Christmas trees in holidays, Houseplant Appreciation Day might prove to be a saviour into your life.

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