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Stop Food Waste Day

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Do you know how much food goes waste in our planet? It’s one-third of what we produce. Isn’t it a crazy fact that where so many people are dying from hunger, this huge amount of food goes to oblivion?! Thanks to Stop Food Waste Day on April 28 which not only reminds us of the shocking data but also present to us some amazing ideas to reduce food wastage.

It creates awareness by raising the issue of food waste and making us learn some easy ways to save food that goes bad or is lost.

Stop Food Waste Day cartoon illustration of a boy throwing food to dustbin while saying after overeating, I can't eat everything; another poor hungry boy child searching food in dustbin and saying I will eat anything. Best drawing depicting rich vs poor psychology!
Stop Food Waste Day illustration!


Stop Food Waste Day


I wonder on the thought process of some people who think that if they will not leave some food in their plate, it will be considered as an ill-mannered act.

I think, taking an extra amount of food and not consuming it fully is indeed an insensible and irresponsible act when we know that there are many who might be sleeping hungry in our same planet.

The fact scatters even more in case of non-vegetarian food items. Think how insane it seems to slaughter an innocent animal for throwing it into the dustbin later!

Stop Food Waste Day: Quick Glance
Motivation to stop food waste
Event Type
Observed at
World level
Creating awareness about food waste and hunger related facts and aspects
April 28
Stop Food Waste Day in Various Years
28 April 2021, 28 April 2022

Date of Stop Food Waste Day Observance

28th of April.

History of Stop Food Waste Day

The Earliest Era of Respect

Centuries ago, when the English or Europeans had not migrated to America, the term “food wastage” was not even conceptualized. When people started to introduce the industrialization to the east coast by setting up their shops along it, the scenario begin to change gradually.

Before this all, during pre-1700s, the native American tribes used to use the edible to the fullest without letting any usable go to waste. They knew the value of what they got after the rigorous process of hunting.

After gathering the meal out of the slaughtered animal, they used to use the rest of its parts for other purposes. Such as:

  1. Bones for digging holes and making tools for sewing
  2. Hides for shelter and clothing
  3. Brains for tanning the hides.

Pioneers During 1800s

The early pioneers followed the footprints of the earlier ones.

Mid to Late 1800s: No to Food Wastage

The settlers of the late 1800s, who shifted to the new continent of westward, also appreciated the same practices to avoid the wastage of food because of challenging conditions and scarcity of the resources.

Where at one hand they used the lard of soap and made the most of the body parts of the hunted animals using even the head and feet, they also donated food.

Late 1800s to 1914: Just before the First World War

The industrialization and development before the First World War introduced many changes to the food practices. This is the era when the today’s concept of food waste was brought into existence.

Earlier when people used to hunt animals for curbing the hunger of their stomach, they knew the value of food because of the hard work and tough situations associated with the process.

When industrialization before the World War 1 expanded its feet around, the challenging food-obtaining-process turned to the easier one. The food that used to be expensive to get earlier was processed with such a speed that it lost its importance and precious value.

Food and goods remained no more a challenge which made people accept the concept of food wastage easily.

When food became available at affordable price on daily basis, people started to take it lightly and for granted.

The respect for food never got lost completely from its roots though. And whenever it was possible, people choose to recycle the food instead of wasting it.

Post World War 2 in 1945

The Second World War ended, so ended the scarcity, depression, and — rationing.

The use of new materials flourished. Along with industries, waste disposal practices also boomed.

The concept of buying the new one, forgetting the old, began to take off. Even the idea of recycling or repurposing also contracted to the perfectly good resources only.

As food production became less expensive, food waste easily got incorporated into the habit.

Food Waste Today

Anyone of us is a pro in it. Especially when we visit any restaurant or attend any ceremony, we all as it ensure that we must not consume what we have taken in our plates. It is a shameful act though and while performing it, we all should remember the pain of the poor and needy who sleep with a hungry stomach every night.

Stop Food Waste Day Celebration Ideas

Know How to Stop Food Waste

If you are also someone who is wondering how I can stop the food paste, start from your home.

You can do it by being watchful at three stages:

  1. While shopping: Buy the needful, not anything and everything just because u can.
  2. While cooking: Prepare considering the number of servings unit
  3. While dealing with the extras: Remake, reuse, donate, or store, but do not waste it by throwing into the dustbin.

Manage Your Time

Hectic schedule often results in buying extra products to save money by postponing the next shopping.

Organize your time in a way that you can focus on the importance aspects of life such as — food.

Plan Your Shopping

Lack of planning before going to shop the food or food products might end up to wasting the food. Along with planning what you want to shop, also think about where you are going to store it after buying. If you are buying something lying on your refrigerator, make sure it has that enough space as well. If you’re purchasing something in bulk, think twice that whether your family members will be able to consume it or not.

Make a To-do List

Every time you plan to shop grocery or other food items, check out your containers for knowing the current quantity and plan accordingly. Don’t forget to make a to do list with the number of products and their quantity mentioned in it.

Overcome the Laziness

Many of us love to appreciate good physique but do not like to do exercise. We love the cleanliness and organized stuff around us but do not want to invest time for getting the results.

If you also belong to this category, tune your willpower, set-up your mind, and roll up your sleeves to make it done now.

Don’t Be Ignorant

This is the worst case when you have got good containers and the skills too. You know how to organise things and manage them smartly but you often remain ignorant about the spoiling stuff.

Just remember one thing that you do it now or tomorrow, you will need to spend the same amount of time and energy. So why not gather some energy now and do it now for saving the spoilers.

Use Refrigerator Smartly and wisely

Make sure that the product that you are buying relying on the refrigerator, it is supposed to store in that or not. Many food items such as garlic, onions, potatoes, and spices are not meant to store in the refrigerator. If you’re thinking of buying them in bulk, keep in mind that as you are not going to place them in the fridge, you have to shop them accordingly.

Many of us often tend to store our fridge just for the sake of filling it up. The reasons might be business, lack of planning, laziness, ignorance, or any other excuses.

Before filling your refrigerator to the fullest, do not forget the fact that vegetables lose their nutritional value to some extent as they get old with time.

Surely, make the most of the technology, but if it is possible, use as fresh vegetables and fruits as you can.

Keep a Check on the Expiry Dates

One of the prime reasons why a fresh food turns into the food waste is not using them before their expiry dates. Be vigilant and make sure that you use a food product before its expiry date.

You can fix a date to revisit all your food items and products whether they are in the containers, refrigerator, or the freezer. It is the best way to save the food produced from getting expired.

Donate the Extra

If you have got extra food, instead of throwing it to trash, donated to a needy person. If you are not able to find one, you can also donate it to a street dog, cow, or any other nearby wandering creature.

Especially when you organise a grand party, get together, or arranging any other functions such as marriage or inauguration ceremonies, take help of some external teams who are pro in managing such foods.

Let them pick up the extra products after your ceremony or event is over and make it reach to the needy family, organization, orphanages or institution.

You can also tie-up with hostels or people who cook for their paying guests.

Why is Stop Food Waste Day Celebrated?

Food Management is a Worth Learning Skill

Food or food waste is not a one-day issue to deal with. We have to manage it every day.

Considering the demand of food of those who are unable to get (or earn) it, if you think about them being empathetic, food management does seem an important skill to learn.

If you know it, let others also get benefited.

Extra Might Give You Something Extra

Sometimes, what you find a waste, that emerges as something filled with the nutritional content.

Do you know that the inner part of the bananas covering is highly rich in potassium?!

Do you know that there are many vegetables and fruits who is covering can be used as an organic fertilizer?

There are many more nutritional stories that we do not know. Do enhance your knowledge about them.

And next time when you are just about to throw something to the dustbin, ask yourself twice, whether it is indeed a waste or not.

It’s Cost Effective

The way the purchased food incorporates a price, the saved food also incorporates the cost effectiveness. You might not find a huge impact while seeing it on daily basis, but its results are worth noticing if seen considering a long period of time.

It Promotes a Mighty Cause

You go to any religious scripture; you will get enormous words for the respect to food. You will indeed find more for food donation.

There can’t be a better way to gather some blessings by making food available to a needy person.

After pondering upon it and its associated aspects, you will realise that one cannot separate the management of food waste from serving.

If you are giving the extra, it’s a direct service. Even if you are not, then to you are serving to the nation. Here is how!

You cannot find food without the efforts of a great team behind. Any food or food product reaches to you after going through a long chain that incorporates the farmers, distributors, transporters, suppliers, government, and many other private and local entities.

It’s a complete process after which the products are made available to you. If you use them wisely intelligently, you can save a lot of cost to the nation.

Significance of Stop Food Waste Day

It is not so that people are not aware of the issues and situations of the poor and needy; yet ignorance and insensitive behavior is witnessed every now and then.

Causes, events, and observations such as Stop Food Waste Day not only aware or remind, but also shake us sometimes. They motivate us to tune our behavior, sensibility, habits, and practices.

Food is an aspet of life that we can't ignore. Wasting food is unwise. The issue of food waste needs to be pondered upon from global perspective as well.

Our daily fuel "food" deserves respect, so the one who is deprived of it.

Interesting Facts and Figures about Stop Food Waste Day

Food Waste in 2020

Can you imagine the quantity of food that goes into trash in the United States? It’s over 80 billion pounds. It means — about 40% of food that is produced is thrown away to waste in the US each year.

You say it crazy, foolish, or insensible; it’s a brutal truth that points towards a rampant problem.

It’s shocking that there are millions of people who are suffering from starvation and hunger on daily basis, and on the other hand, the amount of food that is wasted by a single person is about 219 pounds per year.

The Impact of Saving the Food Waste

It is another eye-opening fact. As per a report from the United States, if we start cutting the amount of the wasted food, just a quarter of its supply will also be enough for everyone.

What If We Stop Wasting the Food

As per the estimations by the exports, if we manage to halt the food waste, about 3 billion people can be fed from the saved food. Astoundingly, it’s much more than 925 million —the number of people who live hungry.

What about the Wasted Water?

About a quarter of our water supply is stressed with an eaten food waste. It costs about $172 billion which is a whooping data.

Which Type of Food Items Go to Trash the Most?

Do you know which food items are wasted the most? They are fruits and vegetables. Well, tubers and roots are also nowhere behind.

Only Good-looking Glorify the Shelves

Many grocery store owners waste a considerable portion of food because of its appearance. Only that which looks appealing in the shelves is saved from becoming a part of the waste.

Global Warming Because of the Rotten Food

This might make your ears stand up that the routine food in landfills is responsible for producing methane — the greenhouse gas. No need to mention that this dangerous chemical affects more than carbon dioxide gas.

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