Quote of the Day

"Offering someone food is not about charity, it's about justice and love for a brother or sister."
"Offering someone food is not about charity, it's about justice and love for a brother or sister."
"When failures and unfulfilled desires make you mope,
Fight the dark mountain by carving a tunnel of hope!"
Quote on Being Consistent
"Keep performing your actions, and one day you will be a #hero of your beloved ones!" 34
Quote for the Single
"If you are #alone, so is the #sun. But it still shines!" 33
Quote on Building Opportunity
"When #opportunity says no to knock on your door, build the new one!"
Inspiring Quote on Worship
"#Worship comes with beliefs; #belief gives strength; strength motivates; #motivation let the actions happen; actions are the foundation of #success; success brings #happiness. Hence "Worship bestows happiness!" What a #beautiful chain! " 32
Quote on Being Unique and Productive
"Three things that can't be bought or snatched: #imagination, #creativity, and #youthfulness!" 31
Quote on Success
"#Success becomes an #inspiring story when a person builds a foundation from the bricks that were once thrown at him by others!" 30
Quote on Real Richness
"Even a #rich man can be the poorest one if he has 'only' #money!" 29
Motivational Quote on Problems
"#Problems are like clouds which give #rain and pass away, leaving the #brighter day behind!" 28
Inspiring Quote on Success and Hard Work
"When scientists also couldn't discover any elevator for #success and take the stairs of hard work, then who are we common people?!" 27
Quote on Powerful Heart and Success
"A #heart is said to have an #ultimate power. Put your whole heart into every work and ensure your #success!" 26
Quote on April Fool's Day
"1st April is the golden chance to #propose a girl. If she doesn't make you her boy, you can make her #AprilFool!" 25
Quote on Being Unique
"The more you #believe and #love yourself, the lesser you become like anyone else, and you become #unique!" 24
Quote on Power of Dance
"The more you become #wild at the #dance floor, the more your #heart feels calm!" 23
Quote on Dance on Inner Beats
"This #Sunday, learn to #dance on your inner #studio!" 22
Quote on Healthy Body
"#Healthy body is like a #vehicle gifted by #parents, which maintenance depends on our #wish and will!" 21
Quote on Doing What You Love
"You are alive...really? If you say 'Yes' and your heart 'No'...
Then follow your #heart and do what you #love! Who says there are no shortcuts?! Discovering your #joydoesn't ask you for many efforts! " 20
Quote on Smile
"You are never fully dressed without wearing a #smile! " 19
Quote on Mistakes
"Some of the best things in #life are #mistakes. They make you learn more about the way to #success." 18
Quote on the Book of Life
"Yes, some pages are difficult to understand and turn, yet the #book of #life is both #beautiful and #interesting!" 17
Quote on Maths
"#Maths may not teach how to add #joys or subtract #sorrows, but it gives #hope that every #problem has a #solution." 16
Quote on Positive Approach
"Keep your approach #positive for every #critic; one day you will realize that a legless man has taught you how to #run. " 15
Quote on Reading
"#Reading is the morning walk to mind, as important as exercise to the body. Keep reading! Keep exercising!" 14
Quote on Music
"Say #life a 'Ghazal' or 'blissful chorus', it is always beautiful like #music; our #mood makes the rhythm joyful or sad." 13
Quote on Happiness
"#Happiness is not in having everything, it's in making the best of everything! So, make the most of everything and keep spreading happiness! " 12
Motivational Quote to Become Winner
"A quitter never wins; a #winner never quits. " 11
Quote on Celebrating Today
"#Smile, #laugh, be yourself, and do what makes you feel alive! #Celebrate#today!" 10
Quote on Being Ready
"Your #ability or #inability doesn't matter while facing a #challenge; your #availability does!" 9
Quote on 'Make Your Day' (Daily Mantra)
"#Live, #Laugh, #Love!
Select any two for this #day and you will see, the two words made your day!" 8
Quote on Life
"#Life is #beautiful! Let's ride it with #joy!" 7
Motivational Quote on 'You can'
"When people say 'you can't', look into their eyes and say, "watch me". If you feel the same after trying hard, repeat it in front of the mirror because there is nothing that 'You' can't!" 6
Quote on Redefining Adventure
"He is not just a pirate who is given adventurous lines in his palm. God has given some adventures to everyone's life, we just need to change our perspectives and perceptions." 5
Quote on Our Thoughts
"The depth of a sea is a manufacturing machine of thoughts!" 4
Thought on Our Mistakes
"Mistake is not when you execute a wrong #idea. It is when you learn nothing and let yourself #follow the same idea again!" 3
Thought on Adventure
"It is whosoever's life, it surely contains adventures in it. If you are not able to find it, you definitely need to redefine your definition of an 'adventure'."

"Let’s Redefine Adventure!"

Motivational Thought on Reading Holy Books
"The sea is always deeper below the surface, very akin to the verses of a holy book! The deeper you dive, the closer you go to the treasures. Just like the sea, the holy book is also a source of precious Words of God (more valuable than any jewel, stone or gem) which enrich your soul making you richer intellectually and in every other way." 1
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