Celebration of Life Day

We celebrate days, possessions, and relationships but how many of us remember to celebrate life? The Celebration of Life Day every 22 January reminds us of the most important aspect of life, that is— “being alive”.

Initially, the day was designated to celebrate the children who make our lives significant and meaningful. Later on, the day started to mark the celebration of life.

Celebration of Life Day illustration cartoon of a couple singing and dancing during a fire camp under the moon and stars filled sky during a beautiful night: The boy playing guitar and beautiful girl dancing on the stones near the sea beach landscape!
Happy Celebration of Life!


Celebration of Life Day


There come very few incidences in life when we realise that how fortunate we are to have our breath. Life is worth celebrating every day, indeed every minute. Every life counts; every person is important; we all add to each other’s lives.

Let’s appreciate and praise our creator for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to live this beautiful life! Also, spare some time to realise what is needed to be done and what you need to avoid.

Let this day shape your life towards the new directions which are more purposeful and thoughtful.

Don’t forget to celebrate this most precious gift that you have— your life.

Celebration of Life Day: Quick Glance
Healthy to the soul, mental health, and lifestyle
Event Type
Observed at
The United States
Activities that boost happiness. This National Holiday also honours children.
Singing, dancing, expression of art forms, encouragement to deal the life issues with a different take, aids in finding out the more important aspects, ultimately — a lead towards happiness!
January 22
Celebration of Life Day in Various Years
22 January 2021, 22 January 2022
Other Correlated Events
Another such observation is held on Children’s Day that falls in June on the 2nd Sunday.

Date of Celebration of Life Day Observance

22nd of January.

History of Celebration of Life Day

Roe v Wade: The LandmarkAbortion Case

The case closed on 22 January1973 but was used after 11 years to mark as a significant day for a cause. It was labelled as the National Sanctity of Human Life holiday.

The Message of ‘Choosing Life’Floated

This day was first celebrated by Ronald Reagan as a holiday to spread the anti-abortion message. Eventually, the Celebration of Life Day got instituted for celebrating ourselves along with the lives of children.

On 13 January 1984, Ronald Reagan proclaimed the National Sanctity of Human Life Day which later on got established as the Celebration of Life Day.

President Regan revisited the case of abortion Roe v Wade by marking its decision’s 11th anniversary as the National Sanctity of Human Life.

It also echoed and expressed the rationale of the Anti-abortion groups by realising the value of human life at every stage.

The Bumpy Road

Some organisations that support the ‘Right to Choose’, denounced the day. Those who championed the causes such as Planned Parenthood, they found the cause as a limiting barrier of woman’s rights. They believed that the woman should have the right to autonomy over their own bodies which is violated and tempered by observing such a day.

The path to observe the Celebration of Life/National of Human Life Day remained rocky during the presidencies of different authorities.

Celebration Hiatus

Where Bush presidency is observed as a holiday, President Bill Clinton discontinued the celebration of the day for about eight years.

Allotment to Monday

When Donald Trump sat on the chair of the President, he chose to continue the holiday throughout his tenure. Many churches marked this day as a holy day. Although the day is celebrated on a Sunday because of its religious significance, Donald Trump let it be celebrated on a Monday in 2018.

In 2019, Donald Trump also presented his belief that revolved around it through his statement.

Nowadays, many people find the day as a great opportunity to spend some good time with their children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and other kids whom they babysit.

Celebration of Life Day Celebration Ideas

Open YourPersonal Bank

Have you ever tried opening a bank account for saving positivity for your time of need?

We all plan for saving money and physical possessions for our bad times. If material things are so important, think about how important is your mind and mental well-being!

No one can ensure happiness for a lifetime. If we enjoy the moments of joy, the phases of dark are also sure to come.

Cultivate a habit of writing down the good incidents and happenings that ever gave you the joy.

Gather such beautiful memories in the paper chits and save them in a jar bank. Whenever you feel sad or hopeless in life, open the jar and read them.

Realise what life has given to you in the past and use this information as the shining lines. It will help you in gathering your strength and hopes for a better future, shifting your mind from the trial times and adverse situations.

It will also help you in seeing the beauty of life.

Maintain a Diary of Gratitude

If stress, mental tension, and gloom catch you very soon, this is going to help you like anything.

Whenever you get caught in such a situation next time, write it down in your diary. When your phase changes and you get rid of that pain, sorrow, and gloomy situation, make a note of gratitude as well.

Such a practice will give you an understanding of how our creator helps us in the time of our needs and pulls us out of the bad conditions.

It will not only strengthen your faith and hopes in your Almighty for future events but also enable you to maintain a different relationship with your heavenly Father.

Once you have regained your positivity and revived your strength, don’t forget to celebrate.

Soak the Nature

Can nature be soaked? Yes, it can be — through experiences.

  • Soak the sun forgetting the warmth of nature.
  • Let your legs soak the water flowing in a stream for experiencing the softness of nature.
  • On a fine morning, wake up early and go out for a walk. You can also go on the terrace to soak some freshness from the air.
  • The water to the plants and let the smell of that wet soil fill in your nostrils to make you sense one of the most beautiful fragrances of this world.

Nature has got unimaginable treasures that give you ultimately rich experiences. We are made beautifully, so nature. Love yourself; also, love nature. It will perk up the level of your positive energy and spark.

Give Your Feelings a Check

Do you know you can keep an eye on your state of feelings and mood by assessing your choices and preferences?

The Parameter of Colours

Have you ever noticed that most of the drawing art pieces, that intent to depict depression and anxiety, are made in black-and-white colours? You can observe a noticeable use of greyish hues.

If you are also liking the grey colour a lot these days, ask yourself once about your state of feelings.

On the other side, happiness is depicted with yellow colour. It is observed that people who are joyous love this colour. Remember the connection of yellow colour with sunlight and sunlight’s connection with positivity?!

The Parameter of Music

Alike colours, music has also got a huge connection with one’s moods and feelings.

A happy person tends to listen to joyful and party music more.

On the contrary, a person living in a gloomy state is more prone to listen to sad music.

There is one more fact that Music has got some powerful wife’s that it can shift your mood from one to another state.

If you are happy and you still listening to sad music, it can turn your mood from happy to sad. In the same way, if you are sad, try listening to good, happening music. It will perk up your mood.

Why is Celebration of Life Day Celebrated?

It’s a GameChanger

There come some days when nothing seems good around:

  1. The food doesn’t taste toothsome.
  2. Roommates suck.
  3. As soon as you open your mouth, people seem to attack you.
  4. Your closest people don't understand you.
  5. You feel as if no one cares about you and your feelings.
  6. It’s job or home, professional or personal affairs, physical health or mental well-being, everything around you seems to throw negativity and hopelessness.

The Celebration of Life Day pushes you to take a sigh and see:

  1. Different perspectives
  2. Broader views
  3. More important aspects.

When you sit gathering your calm and rethink, you observe that:

  1. Food is one of the greatest blessings. When nothing works, beloved ones seems against, even then too, your favourite dish tastes the same — mouth-watering and mood-uplifting.
  2. You might not like your roommates sometimes but they are the ones who accompany you when you are away from your family. They truly play a family member. When you are confused about what to wear, they are the ones who help you get out of the dilemma. When you are sick, they bring you food and sometimes pamper too.
  3. Even if your beloved ones mess with you, they still love you and care for you.
  4. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In the same way, if you want to see the positivity around you, the same eye will show you good things around you. What do you need to do is — seeking that like anything.

It Reminds Us What’s More Important

Life is not as messy and tough as it appears.

If we let those negative things come upon our heads, they beat you, consuming all your spark.

If we learn to ignore them, overpowering them with our inner positive vibes and willpower, we emerge as a winner.

On this day, ask yourself:

  1. Aren’t our family, friends, and relations are also there in our lives?
  2. Don’t we have our passions to follow?
  3. Isn’t our dreams more important than silly worries?

Also, realise:

  1. If you are blessed with prosperity, think about those who don’t get enough food to curb their hunger!
  2. If you have got good relationships, think about those broken hearts who deal with heavy, painful tidings with no support!
  3. If you have got a healthy body, think about those who are physically or mentally challenged!

Try to become someone who can help indeed others instead of complaining about your daily life challenges.

Take this day as an opportunity to analyse and understand what is more important and what is supposed to be ignored.

It Inspires to Peak into Your Soul

Your soul is very much responsible for your mood.

If you have been delaying to fix certain issues which have been bugging you, this is the day to take an action and get rid of them.

If you are not able to see the broader vision, be grateful that you have got this day to rethink. Don’t let it go in vain. Don’t allow this time to pass until and unless you draw a line between important and crap things.

What doesn’t deserve your energy and attention, keep them at bay, maintaining a happy-soul-era around you?

While celebrating life, don’t forget to celebrate your spirit as well. Without a healthy, sound, and righteous spirit, life is meaningless. Grow in life, and spirit as well. Practise spirituality, meditation, and healthy habits to celebrate the real meaning of life.

Significance of Celebration of Life Day

The importance of celebrations in our life signifies this day.

Celebrations are festival official, they are the fields of life. They are like a shower of happiness — the essence of our life.

The situations might bring ups and downs, but if we know how to celebrate life, even those bumpy rides can also be turned into a happy journey.

Interesting Facts about Life

Life and happiness are two inseparable aspects.

Happiness allows us to live. Living allows us to manifest happiness.

Realising this great mystery, let’s try to dive deep into the list of happiness facts in order to celebrate Life Day.

Key to Happy Sleep

If you want real sleep, real resting time, and ultimately real happiness, make “being grateful” a part of your life.

The secret of a Happy Immune System

Do you know that if you are a happy person, you are less likely to get the common cold? This fact is supported by psychosomatic researches.

The Mystery of Gratitude

Living gratefully helps you in:

  1. Enhancing your self-esteem
  2. Increasing the ability to live happy for others.

Experiences Multiply

People who tend to spend a positive, happy, and pain-free life, they encounter less painful situations throughout their lives. So does it mean that you are happy and enthusiasm attracts the same for your future too? How about giving it a try and experience ourselves whether it is the truth or not?!

Celebration of Life Day Challenge: Encounter Your Inner Child

As originally this day was established to celebrate children, how about celebrating the child that resides in you.

After getting mature, we tend to hide our inner child. Open the shells and let the child come out. Have forgotten how to manifest the child in you? Here are some ways to give your childhood wings again:

No More Wait!

If you have been postponing one of your wills for a long back, this is the day to accomplish your long-awaited wish. Just take your first step and see how easy it was.

It’s Time to Treat

If it’s winter and just because of that you are not eating your favourite ice cream, give yourself an excuse for the Celebration of Life Day. Order your favourite flavour and give yourself a treat.

The Fuss is Healthy Sometimes

If there is a job that is dependable on someone else, make a fuss like a child and get it done.

Experience how doing something different in a different manner gives a different kind of happiness.

Go Colourful

There is an unbreakable relation between children and colours. It is making about making a virtual drawing or wearing colourful clothes, children know how to enjoy them. Where something colourful today, leaving those boring colours behind.

Don’t Hesitate

Are you still feeling short of an appropriate idea? Spend some time with the child and get some real-time ideas from them.

Learn from whom you have been teaching!
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