World Students' Day

World Students' Day is celebrated annually on 15 October, the birthday of the former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam.

World Students Day illustration of studying children: A glasses wearing girl writing notes on a paper, a boy reading a book while laying on the floral ground, and a boy sitting on table and chair and learning from the laptop.
World Students' Day!
Illustration: A girl and two boys studying in their own spaces!


International Day for Students


Knowledge is the foundation of the growth and development of human society. And students are the future of our human society who decide fate and fortune by learning and exploring innovative ideas. This is the basis of going further and achieving new milestones.

A student is a potential learner who can transform the future of the planet, people, peace, and prosperity.

World Students' Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
International Day for Students
Event Type
Legend of the Day
Dr. APJ Kalam
15 October
World Students' Day in Various Years
15 October 2020, 15 October 2021
Occurrence/ Frequency

Date of World Students' Day Observance

15th of October.

History of the World Students' Day

In 2010, the United Nations had decided and declared to mark the 15th of October as World Students' Day for paying a tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam on his birth anniversary.

World Students' Day Celebration

World Students' Day celebrates not only the students but also so the enhancement and sharing of knowledge which takes one to new Heights and give Wings to their dreams.

Significance of World Students' Day

The World Students' Day observations reaffirm the importance and role of education. It is indeed considered a fundamental right that aids in sustainable development.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: An Inspiring Man, Scientist, and Teacher!

Dr. Kalam was not just a president or scientist, he was also a dedicated teacher. His love for students was not hidden from anyone.

Not only the great works or achievements, but the quotations of APJ Kalam have also inspired many students learners, professionals, and even philosophers. The philosophy and one-liners of Dr. Abdul Kalam have given Wings to the dreams thoughts and actions of many.

He also had believed that dreams shape thoughts which eventually result in two actions. He believed that teachers play a vital role in building society; however, it is still cannot be built without making the students proficient in their own subjects. He also suggested that the students must be provided division for their lives along with practicing the fundamentals of the values.


Every year, the day is celebrated by deciding a theme to highlight the central idea of the message.

It focuses on the development-related ambitions that centralizers human society with humanitarian objectives.

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