World Standards Day

The world standard day is celebrated on the 14th of October annually for paying tribute and showing honor towards the collaborative efforts of all those experts and scientists who contributed to the standards development organizations by developing the voluntary standards.

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World Standards Day

World Standards Day is observed by raising awareness about the significance of standardization in the global economy. The event targets regulators, consumers, and industries.


International Standards Day


Before we gather some information about the world standard day let's know what the term 'standards' is all about.

What are Standards: What Do Standards Mean?

Standards are the methods of measurement and standardized protocols.

Standards are those voluntarily developed parameters and agreements that may be both technical and non-technical. They are developed, agreed upon, published, and at last, followed.

Throughout the world, companies, industries, and organizations establish a set of standards that are agreed mutually as a part of their participation.

Standards set a guideline for the sizes, composition, shapes, frequency, weight, and all those fiddly bits that shape our world into an easier place to exist.

World Standards Day: Quick Glance
Also Known As
Standards Day, International Standards Day
Appreciating the experts of this field
Event Type
All around the World
Awareness drives
Date and Time
14 October
World Standards Day in Various Years
14 October 2020, 14 October 2021
Occurrence/ Frequency

Date and Time of World Standards Day Observance

14th of October

History of World Standards Day

In 1946 many officials and delegates gathered in London from about 25 countries and agreed on establishing an international organization to work around the facilitation of standardization.

Later after one year was also formed. However, the date on which the first World Standards Day was celebrated came in 1970.

World Standards Day Celebration

The day is commemorated around the globe by observing various activities

The national bodies choose various activities to commemorate the day around the globe.

People and organizations appreciate and celebrate the efforts of all those experts who voluntarily develop the standards within the guidelines and parameters of the standard development organizations such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization), ASM (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), IECEE (International Electro-technical Commission) IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force International Telecommunication Union).

Although the worldwide Nations follow the internationally set theme for the World Standards Day, however, the worldwide countries mark this day with various different activities and ways.

In India, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is a national standards body that actively organizes, supports, and contributes to the celebrations of world standards Day.

Why is World Standards Day Celebrated?

We all are brought up with getting introduced to various standards on different stages events and courses of our lives. We are raised with the standards and concepts integrated into various aspects of our lives. However are we truly Cognizant of how critically and vitally these standards can be important?

The importance of these standards can be realized through the following examples:

When we go to buy any machine, device, or technical supplement, we set a bar in our minds before purchasing anything.

Even when we go to replace anything, the replacement part also needs to fulfill certain parameters to meet the requirement. Whether you set a bar parameter or any other instruction that sets a frame, limit, fit, fix or circumference for your requirement, it belongs to the standards.

What would fit or fix your requirement is defined by the standards.

Every instrument, piece of machine, or equipment is manufactured under the guidelines of a standard that defines the:

  • capability
  • capacity
  • competency
  • quality
  • criteria
  • utility.

For everyone and everything, there are certain criteria that fall under the category of standards.

Any best fit or proper fix requires a set of standards to work by.

When many people find the Fire man's most vital invention it is a kind of standardization.

Whether we go to purchase a router, the fuel for the car, or simply a displacement screw, it is the efforts of experts who have worked hard to make the standards come into appearance. It has utterly contributed to shaping the world that we have right now.

Significance of World Standards Day

The World Standards Day events that are observed on World Standards Day aware people of the necessity of the standards and their impact on our day-to-day lives. These standards help in driving the industrial revolution and the advancement of all the Technologies in different sectors such as telecommunications and automotive.

The objectives behind marking the day also revolve around making daily life easier, leading people towards a healthier life, and even saving the planet with standardization.

Standards incorporate all the aspects of the quality of water air and energy savings.

The use of standards helps in minimizing the environmental impact of the production processes of industries. They used the reuse and recycle of limited resources. They also help in improving energy efficiency.


Every year, a specific theme is decided to celebrate World Standards Day. Set an innovative and different theme Unites the countries across the world to highlight the importance of the standards.

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