World Food Day

World Food Day is annually celebrated on the 16th of October to honor the founding date of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Many organizations such as the international fund for agricultural development and the world food program, which belong to food security, observe this International event.

World Food Day creative illustration of globe eating the food-plate, depicting the food consumption by the world
World Food Day illustration of food consumption by the globe!


International Day for Food


They say the first pleasure and happiness is — to own a healthy and disease-free body. 

Food is not just an important aspect but an essential requirement of life that ensures sustenance.

A person can survive without the other two basic needs such as clothes over the body and shelter over the head but there is no survival without food.

Food is the catalyst for expansion transformation and development. Good proper and nutritious food is the basic requirement of any human being. It makes food safety e an important issue and World Food Day a significant event to observe.

World Food Day: Quick Glance
Aware people about the importance and state of food around the world
Event Type
Awareness campaigns, Donation programs, Food arrangements for needy people
16 October
World Food Day in Various Years
16 October 2020, 16 October 2021

Date of World Food Day Observance

16th of October.

History of World Food Day

World Food Day was established as an international day by the member countries of the Food and Agriculture Organisation in November 1979 at the 20th general conference.

Dr. Pal Romani, the former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food actively participated along with other Hungarian delegations and proposed the idea of observing World Food Day globally around the world.

The first World Food Day was observed in 1982.

Since then, the event is marked by over 150 countries of the world.

As the FAO of the United Nations was founded on the 16th of October in 1945, World Food Day is also observed on the same date to honor the establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organisation.

World Food Day Celebration

On and around World Food Day, the delegates and officials of the organizing committee pull their sleeves up for raising awareness about various aspects and issues related to hunger and poverty.

The general mass is lead towards the awareness campaigns related to the food and its related aspects such as earth, climate, and changing scenarios.

Significance of World Food Day

The World Health Day events focus on:

  1. Highlighting the agricultural and food-related aspects
  2. Creating mass awareness among the general public about the food shortage
  3. Surviving worldwide food systems
  4. Spreading awareness about important issues such as food security
  5. Inputting endeavors in preserving the food resources and promoting the importance of food
  6. Rising good food for proper nourishment to growth and sustainability
  7. Striving to eradicate the suffering because of Hunger around the world

Dealing with the challenge of global hunger with more realistic and actionable World Food Day comes as a great opportunity to combat various food-related issues through raising awareness among the general public.

How to Celebrate World Food Day?

Starvation is one of the greatest challenges around the world. In such a scenario, World Food Day can be observed by providing food to starving people. The best way to celebrate this day can be raising such issues in the nearby communities and in front of the authorities.

The communities and organizations can also raise funds to extend the helping hand towards a particular area.

WFD in Various Countries


Alike the United States and other countries, India also marks is the World Food Day events.

United States of America

About 450 private and national voluntary organizations sponsor together, the activities of the United States. One such example is World Food Day Sunday Dinners that are collaboratively sponsored by Oxfam America along with other various non-profits.

The author Francis Mori Lape and emeritus Ark Bishop Desmond Tutu also team up with them for promotional purposes.

Since 2007, the World Food Prize also organizes the lower hunger Summit on or near the events of World Food Day.


In Italy, the following come together to organize many conferences, symposia, and exhibitions:

  • Universities
  • Ministries
  • International Agencies
  • Research Agencies
  • NGOs.

The following entities also join hands and what their significant roles through media broadcasts, press conferences, event broadcasting, and other observations:

  • Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policies
  • Spanish television
  • UK food group.

Other than the above events and activities, many proficient experts also present their presentations.

Many renowned personalities also mark their contribution through their annual messages on World Food Day.

The well-known experts are also awarded the medals.


The following type of events and activities have taken place in Africa to observe World Food Day:


Celebration through the forum of rural women


Plantation of potatoes to give a glance of food protection

The Central African Republic

Inauguration of a bridge at Boda to provide a more accessible agricultural production area


Performance and attendance of thousands of people in conferences debates films theatre and folk dance

Visitation by the agricultural companies and general mass to project sites


The hosting of food security conference and organization of awareness campaign through officials and national media by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture


Exhibition of services and products by the National Food Technology Research Centre


The hosting of forums related to issues regarding nutrition

Tunisia and Morocco

Exhibitions and seminars


Feeding programs to address the food security challenges and connect with Agro-allied industries, community-based organizations, and stakeholders and wholesalers associated with the food production

Programs to address the experiences of acute food insecurity among over 1.5 million Northeast Nigerian people

Collaborations with the local and national agencies for capacity building to fight against malnutrition and food insecurity related issues

Latin America


Local communities' exhibitions to showcase indigenous food products


Participatory contribution of the officials and delegates of international organizations, government, academicians, and the press


Drives and campaigns such as 'Mexico without hunger' by the students in Civil Society people


Exchange of experiences and views in agricultural fairs

Media supported awareness campaigns


Campaigns initiated by the agriculture and irrigation ministry to support the consumption of high protein foods such as Legumes, Kiwicha, and Quinoa


Activities that are covered nationally



Organization of food festival by the government of Bangladesh


Extended helping hands by the government's senior officials for various minorities living in Qujing city.


Seminar and visitation to project sites


Participation in World Food Day ceremony by the officials from Non-governmental organizations, Ministry of Agriculture, donor communities, mass media, Armenian State Agriculture University, and international organizations


Contribution and support to the World Food Day ceremony by the representatives of UN agencies, embassies, Ministries, National NGOs, International Financial Organizations, and International NGOs


Special ceremonies in secondary and primary schools and learning sessions by the teachers about the importance of the World Food Day


Facilitating the food packages to needy and poor people along with organizing the workshops for making people aware of the importance of food


Presenting the gifts and threats to urban poor families along with providing the free dental optical and medical services


Research conferences on food security by the Ministry of food agriculture and light industry.

Supporting and promoting the opportunities for the research workers

Strengthening and building the collaborative opportunities between NGOs research institutions and public organizations that deal in food-related aspects. This effort helps in transferring the findings of researches into the industry so that research-based regulations and policies can be developed.


The authoritative panel of the organizing organizations decides a theme before the arrival of World Food Day. All the awareness in promotional material is designed as per the pre-decided theme with a unique message concerning Food Day.

The key message revolves around agriculture farming food production social protection climate changes world feeding and other aspects regarding caring for the earth and the health of the consumers.

An Appeal

There cannot be a better or a sincere approach to show love to humankind than offering food to a starving person.

If you are capable and blessed, be a medium to curb the hunger of someone.

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